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ashim (Guest)
Very Logical and Honest
An excellent report on all the aspects of Saturn
vijayprakash (Guest)
all about saturn with a spiritual touch

S P Goel (Guest)
It is so interesting that once you start reading, there is no stoppage till it is fully read.
The flow of the article is excellent One loves to continue reading till is over as it has given so much of information in one place, that one will take months to acchive the same & still it may not be complete.

Thanks for a really dedicated work.
Ashish Agarwal (Guest)
I believe Jyoti-ish is light of GOD on the unknown...thats what Bharti Vidya Bhawan is doing for people.

Renu (Guest)
A very useful and interesting article...Thanks for this.

t.r.rao (Guest)
it is lucid, informative, analytical and enlightening
analysing, understanding saturn is very difficult. only those who r blessed by ketu can give a clear analysis reg. saturn. Mr.Bisaria has given a good narration about Saturn. thank u very much.
Found: 6
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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