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Kamini Kumari Das (Guest)
A good information related to rahu
I am satified with the correct information as it has as authencity.
Ritesh (Guest)
Excellent piece of research
When saturn is in 5th house in Navmansh and also 5th house in dashmansh is it also called vargottam? although it is in 8th house in lagna chart.

Pls. reply.
Magesh (Guest)
Excellent Article
One thing to note that US economy is currently manipulated. It would be interesting to analyze how Obama and US economy does in 2013-2014.

A. Krishnan (Guest)
Astrological events leading upto Ausut 6, 1945
Very illuminating article. You've mentioned about the planetary positions on August 6, 1945 @ 8.15am leading up to the insane act. But then to reach that
stage, there had been a culmination of events beginning with Hitler being born in the 1890s, his reign in Germany in the 1930s, beginning of WWII and finally
Japan making the blunder of joining the AXIS. So what I'm trying to imply is that
for that final insane event to occur on 8.6.1945, there were a series of events which had to occur earlier on beginning almost 60 years earlier. So my question
is - Isn't the whole chain of events pre destined from 1890s to 1945?
Bhawna (Guest)
Some clarity on Rahu finally! Very very interesting piece on Rahu!
Pradeep (Guest)
What will be the future of Rahul? It's not given unlike Obama. He is being groomed as the next PM or congress party leader, though I seriously doubt about his capability. Looks like congress will not win in the next elections and so does BJP. Just wondering what will be in the off-ing for India for coming 1-3 years with no leadership and strong government (having internal disturbances and border issues). Fear of MNCs coming and manipulating the policies at thier will by bribing and getting their things done. Already the pharma sector is witnessing it with lot of drugs with out approval are being sold at the cost of public health. Very serious policy lapse and monitoring mechanism. I dont see this as a independence in the coming days. Every ones life will be enslaved with the MNCs through softer policies either be food, drugs, insurance etc. Owing something is going to be a big problem as no means will be available. This is slavery through new colonialism by consumer market (MNCs) forces. Will we ever be Indian again pre-british/muslim era? or people has to suffer through this corruption and ruling by economic/market forces(foreign)?
Satya Kolachina (Guest)
Excellent article, with the exception of author's personal views
Religion is transactional in India. Indians give God cash and anticipate an out-of-turn reward. In June 2009, .... This resulted in our division and often migration to other religions.

The above lines completely contradict Sri K.N Rao's 'Eternal India' articles. I consider these as the personal views of the author and in my opinion should not be part of this otherwise excellent article.

It is unfortunate that the agnani people (those who mis-interpret the vedic knowledge) consider bribing God, which should not be attributed to the religion.

Instead, the Rahu should be seen as gripping the world as a whole, with the evolution of chemical (poisonous & drug) industry - misuse of chemicals/drugs, corruption as rightly mentioned by the author and many other factors (e.g., wasting valuable time & money in unwanted activities, spending time in pubs, etc.) The movies that are coming these days are the worst media spreading Rahu-gripped cultuer across the globe.

Neha (Guest)
Excellent Insight
The article presented a wonderful insight on the mysterious planet Rahu. Truly a Gem!

sriram (Guest)
"more gas" than any statistical vindication of effects of rahu/kethu.
Shankar Hegde (Guest)
Excellent NT

Found: 11
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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