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p S (Guest)
excellent review supported beautifully with historical facts
I have Saturn,Rahu in aries ascedant with ketu in Libra in my Navansha chart.
I was born in India(Teus(Barbigha),Bihar)on 25/7/1955;12:55 PM Noon.
What effect the current transit of Rahu- Ketu will bring to me ? I am a Cardiologist working in one of the reputed university in USA.
Could you please answer.
Venkat (Guest)
SOme corrections
I believe the Yuga before the present Kali Yuga was actually the Dwapara Yuga (And not Tretha as mentioned in the article).
And I believe Sri Krishna had Kethu in the 9th house. So how do your observations of such people being "sinful" bear out in this case?


Rajendra Singh Rathore (Guest)
very informative!
As always Rao saheb's and BVB team's articles are very informative and throw light on those astrological aspects which most of us ignore or never come across. Also today the astrological prediction of Obama winning the elections has once again come out absolutely correct!! Thankyou very much for all your efforts!!
Sai (Guest)
Obama or Romney :

Activities around the globe are suspended as the focus is now on the close contest between Obama and Romney. Many unpalatable decisions for the world are waiting to be delivered. As objectively assessed more than a year ago in our Newsletters ,on the basis of astrological parameters, it will be Obama who will be the most powerful person on earth again.

Respected Sir,

Congratulations for your accurate prediction that Obama will get reelected as President of U.S.A.

Thanking You


C.M. Sharma, Chandigarh (Guest)
True once again
Your prediction given a more than year ago proved true again. Besides testifying your insight into the subject, it goes long way in establishing the truth and scientific study of astrology. Astrology if pursued selflessly with a sense of knowing and believing and let others believe not only benefit the person who is equipped with the 'Light of Ishat' but can also enlighten the whole world decimating dogma and pseudo-intelligentsia society.
Renu Prematillake (Guest)
As usual an informative and enlightining article by well versed Deepak Bisaria ji. The beauty of his writing is that he reminds us the futility of this material world. Thanks so much for this piece of writing sir.
Shiva_Bhakth (Guest)
Superb, Enlightening Articles -As ALWAYS!
I have Ketu in the 8th house, with Meena Rashi 8th Lord Guru in the 4th. A student of Jyotisham the 'ulta' way, I learned chart-analysis from the web and other sources. Though a 'madrasi', only prefer DIAMOND charts! A Lord Shiva-bhakth and a proponent of Veda mantraas, cannot stand non-professionals reciting Veda mantraas [Shani in the 5th house].

My Vimsamsa chart has stunning placements -Dhanu LL Guru in the 5th, 9th Lord Sun in the 9th, 2L Sat with EXALTED Mars, 6th and 7th Lords Venus and Mercury having exchanged places. Experienced coloured Vibhoothi many times in my small temple, especially when concentrating on beeja mantras, Nakshatra Sukthas and Rudra Mantram. Have a photograph of an OM sign on Sai Baba's photograph, including the forms of Lord Ganesha. My shastaang Namaskaar at Shri Rao's feet. Om Namah Shivaaya! Om Namo Narayanaaya!!!
siri (Guest)
Interpretations are wrong
Mythological descriptions are not correct..
Rohit (Guest)
Astrology Revisited
I have been an great follower of the articles for a long time now and have seen many predictions coming true while at the same time most predictions failing also. Being open on this issue, I am not sure if my comment will be published or not as it has been left out at times on previous occasions. This is not personality bashing but a polite criticism.
I have just a couple of points to make. Firstly I think (and I may be wrong) that to predict on the basis of vimshottari dasha applies to only humans and cannot be extended to nations. The time span of vimshottari dasha is 120 years which cannot be used for nations. We cannot apply this to say the birth of an elephant or a nation as they have different lifespan.
Secondly, I must state that predictions related to people have come true to a large extent but nation wise predictions have been dismal. Whether it was a national mourning in Nov 2011, then revised to Feb 2012 or Jupiter-Saturn opposition as a big fear mongering event, nothing materialized. Even Mars-Saturn combination in current transits in the lagna of a nation as being aggressive has yielded no result.
However with only 3 months to go to the Mayan date of realignment of solar system with Jupiter and Mercury turning retrograde with Saturn exalted and Mars- Rahu together in coming days, lets see whats in store.
Found: 9
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
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