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With this 12th Newsletter the series completes a revolution. We began in June, 2009 with the aim to relate the news of the month with astrology and to bring astro thoughts, classical dictas and ideas that emerge from analysis of events to the fore in a modern, debate format. read more...
Cancer is one such most dreaded health malady of modern times. We will try to answer the above questions through a case study of 'Brain Cancer'. It is a typical case of a MBBS doctor who was suddenly diagnosed of a malignant brain tumor in 2nd week of Dec 2009 and was operated on 28th December 2009, now undergoing follow up treatment. His condition is still critical. read more...
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She rang me up and asked me for an urgent consultation. Both in Shillong and Calcutta and later in Delhi I got horoscopes of people who were doubtful about their birth details, having lost their original horoscopes during their migration in 1947 from the riot torn areas of what now are Pakistan and Bangladesh. It was so in her case also. But the memory of someone in the family helped her retrieve her birth details is what she told me.

In the case of women, most people in northern India rarely kept correct birth details those days when she was born. A woman was a “disposable commodity” who would enter her husband’s house and could be neglected unlike
the boy, has been and continues to be the favoured child of the family. It is the view of many even now.

Was the horoscope correct?

Karakamsha lagna is Simha and Putrakaraka is Mercury with Jupiter showing pure inclination towards humanities, not science during her student days.

Before any prediction is given it becomes the primary consideration. In such cases, just note down the birth details as are passed on and do not indulge in exercise of correcting it which can be done

The birth horoscope and the navamsha showed either a bad marriage or no marriage. Not married she said.

What had she studied is what I was interested in finding out myself without her telling me as that is invariably a good starting point of the verification of a horoscope.

Moon, an artistic planet, unafflicted in the eleventh house aspects the fifth house. The fifth lord, Mars is with Sun and Venus. Karakamsha lagna is Simha and Putrakaraka is Mercury with Jupiter showing pure inclination towards humanity in her studies.

What should the predominant influence of fifth house and its lord with artistic planets mean? Education in fine arts ? That was the question I asked.

She had done MA (music) she said.

Was it classical I asked because of the influence of Jupiter on the putrakaraka.

Yes, classical Hindustani music she said.

But does she do any business ? Yes she said, in clothes.

The dashamansha will work. I can proceed to give her some predictions on this horoscope without correcting her
birth time.

( 9 May 2008)

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Sriram (Guest)
Educating Article
Can you please suggest which books to read to find out about Planets and type of education?

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