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With this 12th Newsletter the series completes a revolution. We began in June, 2009 with the aim to relate the news of the month with astrology and to bring astro thoughts, classical dictas and ideas that emerge from analysis of events to the fore in a modern, debate format. read more...
Next to the 10th, the house of karmas, the 7th is the most challenging house in today’s context. Here’s why. Our basic instincts and sensuality attract us to many opposites, including, most importantly, the opposite sex. This natural stirring of love and passion, brings joy, often changes lives in fundamental ways.

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Originally written for Journal of Astrology and syndicated to other websites

This article below is based upon Shri KN Rao's article -Jaimini Chara Dasha - My Approach - An Observation and Research - Part-4

At the beginning of his presidency, Bhutto had quoted Machiavelli to Oriana Fallachi while analyzing Ayub’s downfall: Wrong political decisions are like tuberculosis, difficult to detect in the beginning but easy to cure, and, with the passage of time, easy to detect but difficult to cure.” Unknowingly, he had written his own obituary.  Driven by a sense of destiny, Bhutto considered himself a poet and a revolutionary. But his prized collection of books was filled with volumes about Hitler, Mussolini and Napoleon. ( The Enigmatic Z. A. Bhutto - By Dr Ahmad Faruqui Dansville, CA )

The three elements to make up a dictator like personality were present in the case of Bhutto also There was Islam accepted by masses and there he was to usher in Islamic socialism and he had the electoral mandate to implement it.

Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto Horoscope

In the case of ZA Bhutto the Putrakaraka (Mercury) and Matrikaraka (Sun) combination occur with the aspect of Jupiter which shows why he came in power through democratic elections with no help of Mars.          

Bhutto’s rule was for a brief period of four years. He was Prime Minister of Pakistan from August 14, 1973 – July 5, 1977

Mithuna-05-01-1928, Vrisha-05-01-1934, Mesha-05-01-1940, Meena-05-01-1947

Kumbha-05-01-1959, Makara-04-01-1962, Dhanu-05-01-1964,
Vrischika-05-01-1967, Tula-05-01-1979,

His rise to power: Vrischika-Mesha-Dhanu
August-September 1973 
Vrischika has Mars, the Amatyakaraka. Mesha the sixth house in this dasha receives the aspect of Amatyakaraka and Saturn BK and Venus GK, the two karakas favoring army rule and it was an army rule like situation then. The pratyantar dasha was of Dhanu from where the fourth house is excellent.” He became prime minister in 1973, and his government, retaining martial law, began a process of Islamization”

Historical background
historically unwary may not be knowing that Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto, highly educated as he was, had the keenest desire to make Pakistan a socially and economically advanced state and make it a strong military power after the humiliating surrender of Pakistani troops to India on Dec.16, 1971 leading to the birth of Bangladesh. He took the decision to arm Pakistan with atom bombs.           
He came out with revolutionary solutions to what ailed Pakistan in a revolutionary time. Disgraced Yahya Khan, a personal friend of Richard Nixon US president then, transferred power to Bhutto who became the president, army commander in chief and first civilian chief martial law administrator.  All this happened in Vrischika Mithuna period.

Vrischika Dhanu

From here the fourth house is excellent forming two Jaimini Rajyogas. But it is Dhanu, the rashi of rise and fall.
B. Raman, India’s intelligence expert wrote somewhere that Bhutto had appointed Zia-ul Huq as army chief superseding many military officers senior to him as Zia was known as a sincere namazi, doing namaz five times a day.  Once Bhutto also introduced Zia to a foreign dignitary as one who was so obedient that he would get up when asked to get up and sit down when asked to sit down. But what happened?

“Bhutto's authoritarian government came to an end after he was deposed by the army chief General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq. He was hanged in 1979.” There was an American journalist Clark who served as President Lyndon Johnson’s attorney general from 1967-1969 who said “As Americans, we must ask ourselves this: Is it possible that a rational military leader under the circumstances in Pakistan could have overthrown a constitutional government, without at least the tacit approval of the United States?”
Clark pointed to the CIA’s activities in Iran as evidence of its willingness to support dictators over democrats.
On July 5, 1977 Bhutto and members of his cabinet were arrested by troops under the order of General Zia (Vrischika Dhanu and Dhanu is the rashi of rise and fall here fall)
Bhutto was executed by hanging in the early hours of the morning of April 5. 1979
(Tula mahadasha from where AK is in the eighth house and Kumbha antardasha from where Karakamsha is in the eighth house).
“Bhutto was felled by his towering hubris, which caused him to overreach himself. Years of learning in the west failed to subdue the eastern feudal lord inside of him. Underneath the polished Saville Row exterior there remained the mailed fist of a Mughal emperor.” Dr Ahmad Faruqui, Dansville, CA
Those who followed many of his activities and read his speeches may agree with an assessment made by a Muslim writer 

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