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Shankracharya Jayendra Saraswati and KN RaoThe news of the death of Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati did not surprise me as for six years at least, as I personally know, his health had been bad, his diabetes was not under control. The three women who had conspired against him, Sonia Gandhi, Jayalalitha and Shashikala each suffered in her own way. Jayalalitha won elections after being defeated for one term, became the Chief minister but suffered from bad health and died a mysterious death. Shashikala is in jail and her claims of leadership is not accepted in AIADMK. It makes her a weak politician. Sonia Gandhi, now suffering from some disease has retired from active politics, has handed over the presidentship of the Congress Party to her son, in the usual familiar Nehru way---dynastic succession. Sonia’s role in the sinister plot to arrest Shankaracharya Kanchi has been mentioned by the former president of India Sri Pranab Mukherjee (See appendix I).
Mouni Baba ( 3rd March came the news of the death of Mouni Baba, three days after the mahasamadhi of Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati on the last day of February. Jayendra Saraswati, born in 1935, was 82 years when he took samadhi. In the case of Mouni Baba we never knew his age as no one knew it and it was guessed that he was ninety three years old when he took samadhi though some newspapers said that he was 108 years old then.

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Back from a two day pilgrimage to Vrindavan where we had no newspaper available to us (though in the morning some are available) and had no time to view television news as we had no time to sit glued to it, questions were asked  will we have some respite from all this disturbance?

Sometime in the last decade of the last century when I did not know how to use the computer, an Indian living in USA met me and told me that internet had provided a forum to many upstarts who had contributed nothing to public life, had no contribution in any field be it politics, social issues or astrology. They get a forum to show their vulgar upbringing and pour their vulgarity into the net. If there is anything they had to contribute, they would show the attitude and grace of cultured debaters. They will continue as pests and if one vanishes, another one springs and then a group also. But I also found some exceedingly cultured men, and many women whose attitude is gracefully winning.

Then an Englishman came and showed me, after I had learnt the use of the computer, how to become a member of a jyotish group which I found was run by that great gentleman Ben Collins whom I had met in my US tours. Soon his website too was invaded by a swarm of such pests. I stopped participating in it. I now learn from others that some of these fellows are banned from these groups, one after another and then they, after collecting some emails keep pouring their vulgar abusive mails to some group.

I am referring to this because in the context of the movement of Anna Hazare I have read such vulgar pieces that I am shocked. Why can they not work hard and contribute something useful. Like what someone asked me and I explained.

In a democracy, when a cause exists, students do agitate. Take the example of USA in 1968-69 when Saturn and Rahu were in Meena and Jupiter in Kanya, there was an agitation against the conscription for Vietnam war and in India the Telengana agitation.

Again the Saturn Jupiter opposition has created this agitation in India.

Again some of the people who are comparing it with such agitations in West Asia forget that in India, a democracy, it is not for a regime change , but against corruption through an effective Janlok Pal Bill and such an agitation is not a threat to parliament but a disgust against the failure of parliamentarians failure to pass such a bill since 1969.

Fortnight from 29 Aug

Before we left, I got three emails from young astrologers who are very enthusiastic researchers in mundane astrology, predicting that the fortnight beginning from 29 Aug was goving to prove difficult.

Yes, it has so far. Some members of the Team and Anna are in news for a wrong reason.

1)The cd involving Bhushans and Amar Singh is genuine says Delhi. Earlier the story was different.

2)Kejriwal has been asked to pay income tax etc. which is the hottest subject of debate now.(2 September night 9/46 pm). Why has it come up now only ?

3)Kiran Bedi has been served a notice to appear before parliament. Was it really so serious or is it because she is a prominent member of the Anna Team?

4)Anna Hazare hits back and both Kiran Bedi and Prashant Bhushan are hitting back in television debates. The government is planting stories in the press , they say. Anna Hazare is hitting back hard.

The Times of India
P Chidambaram is a mischief maker, says Anna Hazare
PTI | Sep 2, 2011, 07.30PM IST

5)A former cabinet secretary says it is shameless that a director of enforcement directorate first meets Baba Ramadev and now serves a notice on him for violation of foreign exchange regulations. But Baba Ramdev says that he has not received any notice.

There is no respite. Open a newspaper and you find it there open a television channel and you find it being discussed.

6) for vote scam: Amar Singh charge sheeted  »  News »
7) Team Anna conspired against me: Agnivesh
Team Anna conspired against me: Agnivesh
Last updated on: September 2, 2011 20:04 IST

8)WikiLeaks cables expose Washington’s close ties to Gaddafi
Bill Van Auken
02 Sep 2011
US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks on Wednesday and Thursday [24-25 Aug. 2011] expose the close collaboration between the US government, top American politicians and Muammar Gaddafi, who Washington now insists must be
hunted down and murdered. Washington and its NATO allies are now determined to smash the Libyan regime, supposedly in the interests of “liberating” the Libyan people. That Gaddafi was until the beginning of this year viewed as a strategic, if
somewhat unreliable, ally is clearly seen as an inconvenient truth.

Then, as I said there are such vulgar pieces against Anna Hazare and his team on some website that I must refrain from quoting them or even referring to them. So many vulgar people with vile expressions, no contribution in any field make use of the internet, discussion groups to vent their vulgarity!

But let me warn that fortnight beginning from 27 September is not appearing to offer any relief and will turn out to be more difficult.

(2 Sept 2011 at 11/07 pm)

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