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KASHMIR (Updated)
Today, 5 August 2019 has become a historic day in our history as something which could not be done in 70 years has taken shape now. Union Home minister Amit Shah has announced that Article 370 which grants special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir will be scrapped. He also announced that Jammu and Kashmir will no longer be a state and it will be bifurcated into two Union Territories— Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.  read more...
Is ours an ideal democracy!! Hardly so, it is far from being an ideal democracy; where there should be  two equal opponents, like Conservative and Labour party in Britain; like Republican and Democratic party in USA. As for India, for the two major parties here i.e. Congress and BJP there has never been a state of relative equilibrium. There was a time when Congress was all powerful for a long time, BJP had not come into existence then. BJP came into existence and gradually spread its wings and the status now of present election result on 23 May 2019 is that BJP alone bagged 303 seats and 353 seats along with its NDA Alliance. Congress on the other hand could muster only 52 seats; along with UPA, Congress got 91. Other parties won 98 seats. What to talk of equality, Congress party could not win even 55 seats which is the requisite 10 % to become the official opposition. read more...
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Shri Narendra Modi DOB: 17 Sept 1950 Sunday 
TOB: 12:09 
POB: Vadnagar-MehsanaIndia 23N47; 72E38 
Dasha at Birth Sat 10y 2m 25d up to 5-121960 
Mer 5-12-1977 
Ketu 5-12-1984 
Ven 5-12-2004 
Sun 5-12-2010 
Moon 5-12- 2020 

Vimshottari running  Moon AD up to Moon 5-10-2011 
Mars 5-05-2012 
Rah 4-11-2013
Jup 6-03-2015 
Sat 5-10-2016 
Mer 6-03-2018 
Ketu 5-10-2018 
Ven 5-06-2020 
Sun 5-12-2020 

Narendra Modi - Journal of Astrology
1. Lagna is Vargottam 
2. 5 Planets making Raj yoga eg. 
(i) LL Mars with 9L Moon 
(ii) 5L Jup aspecting Kendra lord Venus 
(iii) Jup aspecting Kendra lord Saturn 
(iv) LL Mars aspecting 5L Jup 

(a) Since 5.12.2010 running Dasha is of Moon which is 9L (Bhagya) and will end on 4 Dec 2020. 

(b) He took oath on 26 May 2014 in the major period of 9L Moon and antardasha of 5L Jupiter. 

(c) His Latest work on 5 Aug 2019 of AugustKranti  Divas when J & K is freed from Article 370 is in mahadasha of 9L Moon and antardasha of Venus 7L and 12L aspected by 5L Jupiter and conjunct with lord of 3rd & 4th house Saturn (valour). 
Pratyantar of Rahu situated in 5H  (trine) aspected by Sun 10L, exalted Mer 11L & 8L making an intelligent yoga “Budh aditya” at 5/11 axis of decoration.

(d) Transit chart of running Moon/Ven dasha is favorable on 6th Aug 2019 from natal Moon Here Rahu (PD Lord) is exalted in 8H (sudden) Guruji respected Rao Sahib has desired my comments on Ram Janam Bhumi that whether PM Sh. Modi will get fame in Ayodhya Case whose case will start for hearing in Supreme court daily from 6th
Aug 2019 and my answer is as under.

Mahadasha running is of Moon 9L, which will end on 5.12.2020 (favourable). AD is of Ven 7L and 12L with 3L Saturn (valour), aspected by Jup 5L (Trine) (favourable)

(a) Annual Horoscope 2018-2019 (from 17th Sept 2018 to 17 Sept 2019).
Date of Pravesh 17th sept 2018 Monday
Narendra Modi Varshaphal - Journal of Astrology
Time Ratri 22h-32m
Place Vadnagar Mehsana
Asc 12-25'
Sun 0-38'
Moon 08-50'
Mars 07-24'
Mer 27-41'
Jup 25-36'
Ven 11-13'
Sat 08-31'
Rahu 10-25'
Muntha is in 3rd House and Muntesh Moon in 8H. In 3rd House muntha yields good re-
sults through the native's personal efforts and munthesh Moon is in 8H with yogkarak Saturn aspected by LL and 6L Venus, 8L and 11L (decoration) Jupiter, 4L Sun and 5L Mer (Trine) (favourable)

(a) Dasha Mudda Vimshottari 
Moon 16 days, upto 3-10-2018
Mars 21 days 24-10-2018
Rahu 54 days 18-12-2018
Jup 48 days 06-02-2019
Sat 57 days 03-04-2019
Mer 51 days 24-05-2019

Ketu 21 days 16-06-2019
Ven 60 days 15-8-2019
Sun 18 days 03-9-2019

Balance Moon 14 days 17-09-2019
Our effective date is 6th Aug 2019 when Sh. Modi will face Venus dasha (Varshphal lagna lord).  Sun the 4L in trine 5H and Moon 3rd Lord (Valour) in 8th House with yogkarak Sat aspected by Ven LL, Jup 11L, 4L Sun and 5L Mer (favourable dasha)

Narendra Modi Varhaphal Transit - Journal of Astrology
(b) Yogini Dasha
Sankata (43 days) from 17-9-2018 to 30-10-2018
Mangla (10d) 10-11-2018
Pingla (20d) 30-11-2018
Dhanya (30d) 30-12-2018
Bhramari (40d)  10-2-2019

Bhadrika (50d)   30-3-2019
Ulka (60d) 30-5-2019
Siddha (70d) 10-8-2019
Sankata Bal (37d) 17-9-2019

Here again our query date is 5th Aug 2019 when Siddha ruled by LL Ven and Rahu in 3rd House with Muntha aspected by 4L Sun, LL Ven, 11L Jup and exalted Mars 12L and 7L likely to give favourable results.

(c) Bal-Strength five fold (Panch  vargiya)
Sun 9:32 Moon 12:15
Mar 10:03 Mer 12:20
Jup 7:33 Ven 13:31
Sat 14:54
Year Lord Mars aspected by Venus LL and 6L litigation; Jupiter 8L and 11L udden/decoration; Sun 4L, Rahu from 3H of valour and Ketu gyan from 9H.

(d) Yogas:
(i) Iqbal Yoga (partial): Likely to give benefit in profession, business, gain in status, general comforts and good luck. Sh. Modi became PM 2nd time in May 2019
(ii) Exchange of 5L with 4L
(iii) Poorna Ithasal between Moon (munthesh) and yogkarak 9 & 10 L Sat (different 19')
(iv) Aspect of Ven LL, Jup 11L, Sun 4L on muntha and aspect of 4L Sun, LL Ven, 11L Jup on muntesh Moon with yogkarak Sat 9 & 10 Lord
(v) Ithasal of Moon 3L with Ven LL and of Moon with Sat in 8H (All favourable)

(e) Saham (Ratri Parvesh)
(i) Punya Saham in 10H with aspect of Sahmesh Sat yogkarak, Moon muntesh, LL Ven and 5L Mer
(ii) Guru Saham in 5H with aspect of Sat YK, Moon muntesh, Mars 7L & 12L
(iii) Yash Saham in 4H with aspect of Ven LL & 6L Jup 8L & 11L, Sat 9L & 10L YK, Moon muntesh & 5L Mer.
(iv) Gaurav Saham
(v) Raj Saham
(vi)Pitri Saham
In all the three sahams above, placed in 10 H, aspect of yogkarak Sat, Moon muntesh, LL Ven, 11L Jup and 5L Mer is there.

TRIPATKI CHAKRA    Year 2018-2019
Current year 69
Moon 69/9 = R-6
Mer/Jup/Ven/Sat/Sun 69/4 =R-1
Mars/Rah/Ketu 69/6 = R-3
Vedha-Moon by Sun 4L, Mer 5L (Trine)

Narendra Modi Tripataki Chakra - Journal of Astrology

TRIPATKI CHAKRA    Year 2018-2019
Vedha-Asc by Ven LL+6L
Sat 9L+10L Yogkarak
Jup 8L+11L Recognition

(2019-2020) age  69-70 years

D.O. Parvesh 18-9-2019  Wednesday

T.O. Parvesh 4H 45 m 17 sec (Ratri)

P.O. Birth Vadnagar Mehsana

Asc 6-36' Sun 0-38'
Moon 12-19' Mars 25-28' Mer 12-07' Jup 22-27' Ven 10-05' Sat 19-46' Rahu  20-33'

Narendra Modi Varshaphal Saham - Journal of Astrology
Muntha is in lagna where it yields good results through the native's personal efforts.

Munthesh Sun in 2nd House is beneficial in monetary gains, comforts, satisfaction in respect to near and dear ones and fulfillment of desires.

(a) Dasha Mudda Vimshottari
Mars 11 days 18-9-2019 to 29-9-2019
Rahu 54 days 29-9 2019 to 23-11-2019
Jup   48 days  23-11-2019 to 11-1-2020
Sat   57 days  11-1-2020  to 8-3-2020
Mer  51 days  8-3-2020  to 29-4-2020
Ketu 21 days  29-4-2020 to 20-5-2020
Ven  60 days   20-5-2020 to 20-7-2020
Sun   18 days   20-7-2020 to 8-8-2020
Moon 30 days   8-8-2020 to 8-9-2020
Mars  10 days   8-9-2020 to 18-9-2020

Narendra Modi Varshaphal 69 - Journal of Astrology
(b) Yogini Dasha
Mangla 6 days from 18-9-2019 to 24-9-2019

Pingla 20 days 24-9-2019 to 14-10-2019

Dhanya 30 days 14-10-2019 to 14-11-2019

Bhramari 40 days 14-11-2019 to 24-12-2019

Bhadika 50 days 24-12-2019 to 14-2-2020

Ulka 60 days 14-2-2020 to 14-4-2020

Sidha 70 days 14-4-2020 to 24-6-2020

Sankata 80 days 24-6-2020 to 14-9-2020

Bal Mangla 4 days    14-9-2020  to 18-9-2020

Note: Mudda Dasha of Mars starting for Varshphal 2019-20 on 18-9-2019 and Yogini Dasha of Mangala (Moon) starting on 18-9-2019 will be auspicous when Sat (R) will also be direct which is yogkarak and is 9L Lord while Jup has already become direct on 11 Aug 2019 situated in Lagna and aspecting 9th House of Mandir activites and like works etc.

¶xjy lq/k fjiq dj; ferkbZA
 xksin fla/q vuy flrykbZAA¸

Hearing in Supreme Court for Ayodhya will be on from 6th Aug 2019 and is said to be favourable as shown in transit chart of 6th Aug 2019.

(c) Planetary strength "Panchvargiya Bal"
Sun 6:71  Moon 14:4   
Mars 12:0
Mer 14:6  
Jup   9:30    
Ven 9:22
Sat  10:00

Janam lagnapati and Din Ratri Pati "Mars" with panchvargiya bal 12:0 located in lagna in varshphal chart is “Lord of Year." Even muntha is also placed in Lagna in Leo sign.

Lagna is strong as also being aspected by 5L (Trine) Jupiter. Mars is 9L and 12L Moon is also placed in 9th House which is the running dasha lord of D-1 and Yogini Dasha of varshphal also starting from "Mangla" Moon (auspicious).

(d) Yogas
(i) Iqbal Yoga: 8 planets are located in Quadrant and Panphar while Moon is placed in Trine 9H house
and is the main running Dasha Lord. It will be benefical in all endeavours.
(ii) Ithasal between 12L Moon and 6L Sat is likely to give success in legal matters.
(iii) Ithasal between LL Sun and 6L Sat is again success in legal matters, though not in Deeptansha.
(iv) Ithasal between LL Sun and 3L and 10L Venus in second house with exalted Mercury (2L and 11L) (Neech bhang) with Venus. It will give success in efforts and also in Karmas

Narendra Modi Varshaphal Saham 69 - Journal of Astrology
(e) Saham (Ratri Parvesh)
(i) Punya Saham - In Sagittarius 5H auspicious

(ii) Yash Saham -  In Libra 3H of efforts.
(iii) Asha Saham - In Aries 9H auspicious
(iv) Gaurav Saham - In 12H whose lord Moon is in 9H auspicious.
(v) Karya Siddhi Saham - In Taurus 10H of Karma whose Lord Ven is deb. in 2H with LL Sun.
(vi) Shraddha Saham - In Virgo 2H which is Dhan bhav occupied by LL Sun and 2L and 11L Mercury (exalted) & 3L & 10L Venus aspected by 5L Jup and 6L Sat. (favourable)

TRIPATKI CHAKRA   Year 2019-2020
Current year 70 year
Moon 70/9 = R-7
Mer/Jup/Ven/Sat/Sun 70/4 =R-2
Rahu/Ketu/Mars 70/6 = R-4
Vedha-Asc-Mars-9L & 4L Yogkarak
Vedha-Moon-Mars-9L& 4L Yogkarak

Sh. Narendra Modi will get fame for construction of "RAM MANDIR" in the dasha of MOON/VEN where Moon is 9L and Venus is 7L and 12L and in varshphal 2019-20 in mudda dasha Mercury 2L and 11L of decoration and Yogini Ulka earliest by 31 Mar 2020, when transit Saturn and Jupiter in Direct motion will be in Capricorn (3H) and will aspect 9H of religious activities.

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