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KASHMIR (Updated)
Today, 5 August 2019 has become a historic day in our history as something which could not be done in 70 years has taken shape now. Union Home minister Amit Shah has announced that Article 370 which grants special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir will be scrapped. He also announced that Jammu and Kashmir will no longer be a state and it will be bifurcated into two Union Territories— Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.  read more...
Is ours an ideal democracy!! Hardly so, it is far from being an ideal democracy; where there should be  two equal opponents, like Conservative and Labour party in Britain; like Republican and Democratic party in USA. As for India, for the two major parties here i.e. Congress and BJP there has never been a state of relative equilibrium. There was a time when Congress was all powerful for a long time, BJP had not come into existence then. BJP came into existence and gradually spread its wings and the status now of present election result on 23 May 2019 is that BJP alone bagged 303 seats and 353 seats along with its NDA Alliance. Congress on the other hand could muster only 52 seats; along with UPA, Congress got 91. Other parties won 98 seats. What to talk of equality, Congress party could not win even 55 seats which is the requisite 10 % to become the official opposition. read more...
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Our esteemed Guruji Shri K.N. Rao Sir explained to us that it is imperative to keep the background in mind when we make a prediction. Donald Trump is the President of USA right now. If he starts a war with China in late September or October, there is no way that Americans will change their President in those circumstances. 

It has happened before in the history of USA. First it was Woodrow Wilson who became the 28th President of USA on 4 March 1913, his term had to complete in four years but the first World War (28 Jul 1914 - 11 Nov 1918) had started, so he continued as the President. It was no occasion to change the President. When World War II (1 Sep 1939 - 2 Sep 1945) started, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was running his second term as President; but because of the war he continued as the President till his death in 12 April 1945. He is the only President to have continued into the fourth term as the President of USA. After him the rule came to limit the number of terms of the President to two. Well, at present, if war happens, which can not be ruled out, Trump is likely to continue. But, assuming that war does not happen we are analysing as to who shall win the post of President. 

As the US election is nearing (3 Nov 2020), all and one are contemplating as to who shall emerge the winner, Trump or Biden. I am also trying to analyse the same with an understanding that the horoscopes of the two contenders taken from Rodden are reasonably correct. The details of Donald Trump have been given with AA category whereas horoscope of Joe Biden is A category, though we have observed that generally horoscopes have to be rectified by and large. In the last elections, horoscope of Hilary Clinton was doubtful. Anyways, here is my analysis assuming that the horoscopes are correct. 

Donald Trump 
The horoscope of Republican candidate Donald Trump has many rajyogas and dhanyogas. Many planets are placed in kendras. Lagna lord Sun digbali in 10H; again from Moon, Mars aspecting lagna from 10H and 10L Sun aspecting it. Sun is aspected by Jupiter forming a centre and trine rajyog and also a partial Rajlakshan yog in this Purnima birth chart. 

Donald Trump Horoscope - Journal of Astrology
His dasha chidra of Jupiter started in November 2016 right after he was elected President by the citizens of USA. So much has passed in this term of Trump; he has tried in all ways possible to give a clear cut preference to his own countrymen; there are some situations where he has failed miserably, mainly his handling of the covid situation. He is also one of the three US Presidents who were impeached, the other two being Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, though he was acquitted in Feb 2020. 

Jupiter as the 5L cum 8L, aspecting the 10H had to get some disturbance. This Jupiter is aspected by 6L Saturn and had to show its colour. At the time of elections on 3 Nov 2020, dasha running shall be of JUP-SAT-RAHU. It is the dasha of six and eight lords (though they have the lordship of fifth and seventh house also) for Simha lagna which we should be wary of. Jupiter and Saturn are placed at 3/11 position. Jupiter and Saturn are not forming a direct connect with the 4H or 4L, though Jupiter is in the nakshatra of yogkaraka Mars and it is in the rashi of Mercury which is also the 11L. Pratyantar dasha lord Rahu in 10H with digbali Sun is aspected by Jupiter, but it is also aspected by 12L Moon. From MDL Jupiter, we can see a better picture but when we are comparing the two horoscopes, we should analyse the two horoscopes first and Samudaya Ashtakavarga conclude. 

Trump has completed 74 years. When we check his Sudarshan chakra dasha, we realise that it is the cycle of lagna where he is running TULA-KUMBHA (on the day of election). 

Donald Trump Astakavarga - Journal of Astrology
From Tula, 
- LL Venus and 4L Saturn in 10H 
- This Venus is also 8L in 10H - 10L Moon is debilitated (as per this chart, it is not rajyogkarak) 
- 10L is aspecting 8H, where 11L is placed From Kumbha, 
- LL in 6H with 4L Venus 
- Lord of gains Jupiter in 8H, from where it aspects 4H 

Let’s check his Varshphal (For completed 74 years). Karka lagna is rising. The 10L Mars which is also the 4L of seat in the birth chart, slips to the 8H. There is a conjunction of sixth and eighth lord aspecting the lagna of varshphal. Muntha is in Tula the 4H, aspected by retrograde 8L Saturn. Munthesh Venus is in 11H with Sun (8th from the 4th house) and aspected by Mars from the 8H. 

Some of the plum points on the day of the elections i.e. 3 Nov 2020 when we use the transit on his horoscope:
- Rahu Ketu at his 4/10 axis - Moon exalted in his 10H (Moon is his 12L) 
- 4L (seat) Mars is in 8H retrograde, Mars is also his 9L of dignity taking a jolt 
- Venus (10L) debilitated (over his natal 8L) aspecting 8H 
- Opponent Biden is Saturn (7L) strong in own rashi in 6H of fight, giving him a tough fight 
- Jupiter 5L cum 8L is in 5H. 
- LL Sun and Mercury are together in 3H 
- Venus & Mercury exchange 
- Mars (4L cum 9L) asp by Ven (10L+3L) 

As for ashtakvarga, we can see that Jupiter in Dhanu is transiting in a house with 23 points for Trump and 27 points for Biden. Saturn transit is in 27 points for Trump and 26 points for Biden. Pratyantar dasha lord Rahu is transiting in 34 points in SAV with exalted Moon, 10L Venus is transiting in house with 28 points and 4L Mars in a house with 30 points. 

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden is also running the mahadasha of Jupiter like his opponent Donald Trump. In vimshottari dasha, it is dasha chidra of Jupiter-RahuJupiter. 

Jupiter is vargottam, approaching its degree of exaltation, placed in the 9H, ready to give the results of a very superior Gaj kesari yog. Jupiter is retrograde aspected by another retrograde planet Saturn which is the 4L also. Retrograde planets can give very sudden results, this is the research of my esteemed Guruji Shri K. N. Rao Sir, which he helped me understand and I worked on retrograde planets with many horoscopes, some of which were produced in a series of articles in the Journal of Astrology. 

Joe Biden Horoscope - Journal of Astrology
Now, we see the antardasha lord Rahu placed in the 10H on 4/10 axis. Dispositor of Rahu is Sun i.e. royal, government; Sun is placed in lagna, aspected by Jupiter again. Jupiter, Sun and the 4H, all are aspected by 4L Saturn. It looks like a time for him to have a seat, a simhasan for himself. At the time of swearing in on 20 Jan 2020, his vimshottari dasha will be JupRahu-Saturn. On one hand it is promising a seat but on the other, I can not help but see a retrograde second lord aspected by a retrograde malefic from the 7H; it shall play that part too. From mahadasha of Jupiter, Rahu is at 2/12 position. 

Conditional dasha applicable in this case is Dwisaptati Sama dasha where Mars-Jup-Jup will be running at the time of elections. Mars and Jupiter are in kendra to each other and both are connected with the 4th lord Saturn. 

To cross check, I should use Nirayan Shool dasha which is generally used for Arishta. Makar rashi dasha is on; DK Jup in 7th from it is aspected by GK Sun, AK Mer is in 10H from it. Difficult antardashas of Tula and Vrishchika will come by August 2021, showing some delicate time with respect to health. Dasha is worse in D-30 with Mercury in Tula aspected by GK & DK (8th from it). 
Joe Biden Ashtakavarga - Journal of Astrology

VARSHPHAL JOE BIDEN (Completed 77 years) 
For elections on 3 Nov 2020, we shall use this varshphal, for swear in (if any), next varshphal will be used. Simha rashi is rising in lagna which is the10H of birth chart. Lagna lord and 10L of varshphal are conjunct in 4H. Muntha is in Mesha in 9H, aspected by Munthesh Mars and Mercury indicating prosperity. 

The next varshphal (Completed 78 years) has Dwijanma lagna with Muntha in Vrishabh, in 7H where Rahu is placed. 

Check Sthir dasha of Joe Biden, Karka-Vrishabh is running. Karka is the rashi of 9H with exalted Jupiter in it aspected by many planets. Fourth from it has Rajyog forming combinations and 10th from it has MK Moon. Vrishabh rashi is also aspected by AK, Amk and DK, indicating progress for him. 

When we see his D-4, Vrishabh is the rashi of 4H of ‘simhasan’ (seat) aspected by many planets forming a Rajyog from Karka. The 8L is also involved showing the change. The pratyantar of 8H is not far away. This looks to be stronger horoscope with a better dasha for the purpose of this election.
Let’s check the transit for him on the day of election 3 Nov 2020. 
- Rahu Ketu axis is over his lagna 
- 10L Sun is debilitated here also, transiting in in 12H, conjunct with 11L cum 8L Mercury (in exchange with Venus) 
- 4L Saturn is in 3H, own rashi .. 7H is opponent Rahu is placed there with exalted Moon but Venus is debilitated in 11H 
- LL Mars, retrograde, placed in 5H, aspected by Saturn 
- Jupiter in transit is aspecting his 10H 
- Saturn as 4L is aspecting his LL Mars and 10L Sun 
- Moon in the morning of the election day will be right on his 4L Saturn. 

In ashtakvarga, Saturn is transiting in 26 points in Makar. Jupiter transit is in Dhanu in 27 points. Pratyantar dasha lord Rahu is transiting over his 4L, in 26 points in Vrishabh which is not good. But 4H and 10H from here are very good with 35 points each. Jupiter is transiting in only 27 points, but Jupiter is aspecting the 10H 

CONCLUSION (26 Aug 2020 Radhashtami) 
I strongly feel that Joe Biden will be the winner in this election but I do see a lean period with respect to his health through multiple dashas, it is very much possible that he will not complete his term. 

Mundane Postulate 
I feel that the mundane principles developed after a research of so many years by esteemed Guruji Shri K. N. Rao come in very helpful to analyse mundane events. In the book on Mundane Astrology by Sh. M.S. Mehta, under the guidance of Shri K.N. Rao Sir, there is this byte about Saturn and Jupiter conjunctions which I quote here - “ It has been observed that USA President elected under or about the time of this combination dies in office. The cases cited are of President William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln and A. Garfield. With Leo as lagna of USA, Saturn becomes the lord of six and seven (marak) and hence evil.”

Kamla Harris 
There is a definite need to check the horoscope of the running mate of Joe Biden, she is Kamla Harris; with an understanding that the running mate becomes the Vice President of USA and in case of any contingency, the Vice President is the one to become the President. Well, now if Biden wins, she becomes the Vice President and gets a dignified position. 

Kamala Harris Horoscope - Journal of Astrology
Her dasha running is Rahu-Mercury. Rahu in her lagna is in the rashi of Mercury which is the lagna lord cum fourth lord placed in the 5H of dignity and the antardasha is of Mercury itself. Dasha lords are in trine from each other. 

There are two debilitated planets in this horoscope viz. Sun and Mars but both are covered in the Parashari exceptions and are rajyogkarak. This is a special horoscope with two exchanges. When seen from Mercury, it is an exchange of one & eleven and seven & ten. 

Look at the horoscope from Jaimini angle. Tula-Meena is running, it will be the antar of Mesha in char dasha from December onwards. Tula rashi has PK Sun in it aspected by Saturn MK, Venus Amk and Jup DK. This is making it very strong. The 10H has 10P and AK. 

“If the Matrikaraka (MK) and Putrakaraka (PK) form relationship in the birth horoscope through conjunction or aspect and come under the influence of Mars or Rahu/Ketu such a person, if a ruler,(in any position of authority) becomes very assertive or even a dictator is a question that needs to be observed on many horoscopes. The influence of Jupiter or any benefic tones down the aggressiveness of malefics. To do this Jupiter must not be the Matrikaraka or Putrakaraka. 

My line of reasoning has been: 
Matrikaraka represents the seat of power (like the 4th house) while Putrakaraka its dignity (authority to rule). Influence of Mars or RKA lends dictatorial tendency, rashness, even tactlessness. Often, one of the karakas in this formation is Mars itself. Jupiter joining this combination, not as Martrikaraka or Putrakaraka, makes it idealistic. 

It is like a Parashari rajyoga of the combination of the 4th and 5th lord. In July 2019, Marc Boney wrote about her in an article citing the above research by Shri K.N. Rao Sir.
In the antar of Meena, her 5th house from Meena has 10P and AK Mars aspected by Saturn MK and Jupiter DK, it is very much capable of giving her a position of dignity. 

See the dashmansha, some positions are obtained after the demise of a lead official. There is an exchange of the eight and ten lords. .........


Donald Trump

Vimshottri Dasha

In this chart dasha will be of Jup/Sat/Rahu during election on 3rd Nov 2020. In D-1, M.D.L Jup(R) is 5th/8th lord aspecting 6th, 8th & 10th houses, Lagna lord Sun and exalted Rahu in 10th house. Jup is in the nakshatra of Mars which is the 4th lord Simhasana (seat) of this chart and is in the lagna aspecting 4H. In D-10, Jup is 6th lord debilitated in 4th house aspecting 10th H. In D-4, it is in 11th house of recognition aspecting 11th lord Mer and Lagna lord Sun. It was the dasha of Jup/Jup/Jup along with promising transit when he became the President of USA in 2017.

In D-1, A.D.L. Sat is 6th/7th Lord in 12th house with 10L Ven. In D-10, it is 4th lord in 6th H with Lagna/8th Lord Ven aspected by Mars from 12th H. There is an exchange between 4 & 6 here. In D-4 Sat. is again 6th/7th Lord in 12th H with 10th Lord Ven.

In D-1, P.D.L. Rahu is exalted in 10th H with Lagna lord Sun aspected by 8th Lord Jup(R) and 12 Lord Moon. In D-10 Rahu is in lagna with deblitated 11th Lord Sun aspected by 10 Lord Moon. In D-4 Rahu is in 7th H with Lagna lord Sun aspected by 4th Lord Mars and 12th Lord Moon.

In all the three charts role of 4th Simhasana (seat), 10th Rajya, lagna and 6th competition is there but don't forget the role of 8th & 12th which is in all the charts.

Tribhagi Dasha
It will be of Mer/Ven/Ketu. In D-1, M.D.L. Mer is 2nd/11th Lord in 11th H aspecting 5th H. In D-10 Mer is 9th/12th Lord in 2nd H aspecting 8th H. In D4, Mer is 2nd/11th Lord in 5th H aspected by 5th Lord Jup which is 8th lord also.

In D-1, A.D.L. Ven is 10th lord in 12th H with 6th lord Sat aspecting 6th H. In D-10, Ven is Lagna/ 8th lord exalted in 6th H with 4th Lord Sat aspected by 6th lord Mars from 12th H. In D-4, Ven is 10th L in 12th H with 6th/7th lord Sat aspecting 6H.

In D-1, P.D.L. Ketu is in 4th H with 12L Moon aspected by LL Sun and Rahu from 10th H and 4th lord Mars from lagna. In D-10, Ketu is in 7th H with 10th lord Moon aspected by 11 lord Sun and Rahu from Lagna and Mars from 12th H. In D-4, Ketu is in lagna with 12L Moon and 4th lord Mars aspected by LL Sun.

Role of 6th giving his competitors a strong competition. Is 12th indicating his retirement?

Char Dasha
It will be of Can/Pis/Sco. Cancer is 12 H rashi of this chart with GK Ven and DK Sat in it. 10 th H from this rashi has aspect of PK, AmK and Ketu.

Pisces is 8th rashi of this chart. 10th house from this rashi has aspect of MK Mer from 4th H and BK Jup.

Scorpio is the 4th H rashi of this chart with AmK Moon in it alongwith Ketu. 10H from this rashi has PK Mars in it. And if we look at the Varshphal chart, 10th lord Mars is in 8th H.

Now see the Biden's chart which looks more promising to me.

Joe Biden
Vimshottri Dasha

Biden's dasha will be of Jup/Rahu/Jup on 3rd Nov 2020. M.D.L. and P.D.L. Jup which is retrograde here but vargottama and exalted in 9th H forming a very good quality Gajkesari Yoga here (Jup itself exalted and covering all the trikonas of this chart and Moon being Ucchabhilashi) is 2nd and 5th lord of D-1 aspected by 4th lord Simhasana Sat(R) i.e. masses from 7th H. In D-10, Jup is 6L in his own rashi aspecting 10H and 9th lord Mer in it and is aspected by 4th lord Sat. In D-4, again it is exalted in 6th H and again making a Gajkesari Yoga of very 8 high quality and involved with 6 planets of this chart except Rahu/Ketu.

In D-1, A.D.L. Rahu is in 10H in Simha rashi unafflicted and in the nakshatra of Ketu which is in 4th H. In D-10, it is in lagna aspected by 7th lord Mars from 7th H. In D-4, Rahu is in 7th H aspected by L.L Sat. If we see in both the charts (D-1 & D-4) Rahu's dispositor is with 4th lord.

Tribhagi Dasha
The dasha will be of Ketu/Ven/Jup. In D-1, M.D.L. Ketu is in 4th H aspected by 4th lord Sat. In D-10, it is in 7th H with 7th lord Mars. In D-4, Ketu is in lagna unafflicted and its dispositor Sat is in 10H along with 4th lord Ven and 7th lord Sun aspecting 4th H.

In D-1, A.D.L. Ven is in lagna with 10th lord Sun aspected by 4th lord Sat and exalted Jup from 9th H. In D-10, it is in 11H with 11th lord Ven aspected by 4th lord Sat. In D-4, Ven. is 4th lord in 10th H with Sat and Sun aspecting 4th H and aspected by 10L Mars.

Char dasha
It will be of Sagi/Leo/Sco. From Sagi, AK Mer and AmK Mars is in 11th H.

Leo is the 10th H rashi of this chart with Rahu in it and has aspect of MK Moon, AK Mer and AmK Mars. 10th H from this rashi has BK Sat in it and has aspect of AK, AmK and DK.

Sco is lagna rashi of this chart having PK Ven and GK Sun and 4th & 10th H from this rashi has aspect of MK Moon, AK Mer, AmK Mars and DK Jup forming a Jaimini Rajyoga.

And if we look at the Varshphal chart, Lagna lord Sun and 10th Lord Ven are in 4th H aspecting 10th H and 4th lord Mars aspecting 10th H.

In Trump's chart Saturn will be transiting on his 6th H aspecting 10th lord Ven. One point is notable here that transiting Sat degrees are same as 10 L Ven and close with 4th lord Mars of the birth chart. Jup will be transiting on his 5th H aspecting 8th lord Mars. Jup degrees are same as natal Rahu which is in 10th H. No doubt the transit is very promising.

In Biden's chart Sat will be transiting on his 3rd H aspecting natal Jup, Mer and lagna Lord Mars. Sat is at very same degrees of natal Jupiter, involved in a very fine Gajkesari Yoga and also at close degree with his natal 10 lord Sun. Jup will be transiting on his 3rd H aspecting 9th lord Moon and also close degrees with natal Mer, which is the 8th/11th lord of the birth chart. Not as promising as Trump's.

In my view it's Biden. His stars and dasha running is stronger than Trump


My finding is that Joe Biden will win because dasha is of second and fifth lord Jupiter in 9th house, aspected by 4th lord Saturn, Rahu is in 10th house.

Again in navamsha, Jupiter in 10th house, Rahu in 9th house with 10th lord Moon, 4th lord Saturn, 9th lord Mercury. In D-10, Jupiter in 6th house, Rahu in Lagna and Saturn and Moon in 9th house.

When result will come dasha is Jupiter-RahuJupiter, again Jupiter and Rahu are at 4/10 position.

Trump's dasha is good. In comparison, Biden's horoscope is better. In Sarvashtakvarga, comparing the points in 10H and 11H, Biden has 35/35 and Trump has 34/30.

My conclusion is that it's Biden for the win.


US Presidential Elections 2020: Discussing the charts of Joe Biden, Kamla Harris and Donald Trump

Joe Biden
Joe Biden’s Scorpio Lagna chart is running the vimshottari dasha of Jupiter-Rahu-Jupiter. Though Jupiter is exalted in the 9th House in Cancer, the Jaimini Char dasha running is Sagittarius and transiting Jupiter at the time of elections will be in Sagittarius. From Sagittarius Jupiter is in the 8th House. Jupiter Rahu Jupiter are shadashtak (at 6/8 position) in D-10 – the MD to the AD, the AD to the PD are shadashtak. 

Rahu the AD Lord is aspected by both the malefics, Saturn and Mars in D-9. The AD is Leo in Jaimini, from Leo the 10th house has retrograde Saturn which has the aspect of AmK Mars, nevertheless two malefics affect the 10th House. Rahu would join this retrograde Saturn in transit in Taurus in the last week of September. Though I must add that Leo is strong across D-9 and D-10, with swagrahi (own house) Sun and Venus.

Kamla Harris
Kamla Harris is running the Jaimini Char dasha of Libra-Pisces. From Libra, the 10th house has a debilitated Mars. The exchange of the 11th from Libra, which is the exchange between Sun and Venus, between Libra and Leo is good for this chart. It definitely strengthens the debilitated Sun in Libra. But Libra has the AD of Pisces; from Pisces this exchange of Sun and Venus is happening between the 6th and the 8th House. 

Kamala Harris Horoscope - Journal of Astrology

The vimshottari dasha of Rahu-Mercury does not seem to bestow the right results on Kamla Harris and is also not showing immense rise across the vargas. Mercury conjunct with one malefic and aspected by another in Rahu Ketu axis in D-10 is not noteworthy. In varshphal of her 57th year, the Yogini Dasha of Saturn Venus is not showing exemplary results.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump, is running the dasha of JupiterSaturn-Rahu and the Jaimini Char dasha of Cancer-Pisces, the trikona rashis of AmK Moon. From Pisces, the 4th House has MK Mercury also aspecting the rashi dasha Pisces and the 10th from it. Mercury being the 11th Lord of the chart. From Cancer 4th Lord Venus is exalted in D-10, in Pisces with Saturn. 

The vimshottari dasha Lord Jupiter has AD lord Saturn in the 11th from it and AD Lord Saturn has PD Lord Rahu in the 11th from it. Rahu in transit will be in the 11th on its natal position from AD Lord Saturn and in the 11th house from MD of char dasha, Cancer. AmK Moon is placed in Pisces in D-9 and in the 10th from Cancer in D-10. From the Karakamsha lagna, Virgo, Cancer is the 11th rashi with GK and DK.

In spite of the difficulties that Donald Trump faces as of now, my analysis is that he will be re-elected as the next President of the United States of America. And, in him, India will continue to find a strong ally.

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