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Let me clarify here certain points which are often debated with regard to shanti or upayas or pariharas.

Karma phala
The first point is that no one can escape the results of one’s karma. I have seen in thousands of cases. I have written in my book Karma and Rebirth in Hindu Astrology.
Aveshyameva Bhoktavyam kritam karma shubhashubham,Nabhuktam kheeshayate karma, janmakoti-shatairapi

Prarabdha has to be suffered, both the positive and the negative elements in it. Without it the bondage of karmas does not get exhausted in even thousands of births.

The Yogi accepts it as a wise person and allows it to exhaust itself. The bhogi (the worldly) tries all tricks gets trapped by astrologers, psychics and all other types of occultists and yet does not succeed in averting it. Some yogis who help others overcome actually postpone it to other births. That is not the nullification of prarabdha but only its postponement.

False remedies
Therefore, I never say that one will escape the results of karmas. I know that all those who speak of pariharas are cheats enriching themselves at the cost of a helpless bhogi who has lost all his spiritual sense and does not want to suffer ever, at all.

In my book UPS and DOWNS IN CAREER I have referred to S.S.Srivastava in the piece, Predicting Light Amidst Gloom about a big fortune having been spent on all types of shantis and he died without seeing his case being settled in his lifetime. It was one of the worst cases of cheating I had known more than thirty years ago.

Since then I have met hundreds of Indians, Hindus who spent lakhs of rupees on such pariharas never regretted it, never got relief and continue to be fools ready to be cheated by another crook at the earliest opportunity.

One’s own worship
The second point I want to clarify is that I have found one’s own worship giving some relief. It is because the inner strength to suffer, face life, take right decisions becomes positive. It is known as Atma Bal or the spiritual strength.

The danger is what is the spiritual tradition for the yogi becomes for the bhogi a superstitious belief and there he gets trapped easily by karmakandis.

TV spreads superstiton
If these superstitions are not kept alive the astrology programmes in the Hindi television (may be in other languages of India also) will not have a higher TRP. So one fraud must help promote another fraud.

The gullible fools
Educated mothers are more gullible and, of course those businessmen who can evade and also avoid taxes, adulterate medicines, food stuff, oppose the Health Minister of India in his anti-tobacco campaign through other politicians, whom they help financially. You cannot argue with them.

The mother is stupid because of her moha and the businessmen are crooks who think that they have no time to do their worship and improve their morals. If some pandit is prepared to do graha shanti for them at a price, they are prepared to pay him.

Lord Rama and Yuddhistira suffered
Lord Rama explained in the Valmiki Ramayana why he believed in Daiva (destiny) and accepted fourteen years of exile. Yuddhistira accepted Daiva, did Surya worship at the instance of Dhoumya rishi, suffered with his brothers thirteen years of exile and became the king later.

Which Hindu scripture supports it ?
In which sacred book of Hindus is it mentioned that through paid pandits prarabha can be wiped out ? Scriptures refer to tapasvis doing it, not the idiotic pandit who has no tapasya.

The book under preparation
I have more than half complied first hand experiences of many people who got relief from their pain and were also cheated. The book may come out next year. Here all are first hand experiences with verifiable accounts and the addresses of narrators. I will not state the conclusions arrived at here through honest and astro-spiritual analysis.

As I was writing this came an elderly couple with two sons. One of the sons,the elder one has a troubled marriage, a court case etc. They went to an astrologer who told them that this son of their will have to have three marriages, and after the second marriage, he should be married to a peepul tree and to avert the trouble in the third marriage, he would do japam of an anti-biotic mantra many times for which he would has already charged fifty thousand rupees. There has been no relief.

I asked them to do their own worship.

Modern siddhis
I can reveal it now. Many years ago, may be twenty six years ago two Politicians were sitting at one place and one of them had some important work to be got done. After he left, the other man said that it was impossible.

I told him that his work would be done.

Why and how he asked me.

He has siddhis I said. What nonsense ? No it was not nonsense.

In Hanuman Chalisa, there is a line
Asta siddhi, nava nidhi ke daata
As var deen Janaki Mata
Meaning that Goddess Sita blessed Hanuman with a boon as a result of which he had asta siddhi and nav nidhi which is what bhogis run after in their miserable life to seek material prosperity, at any cost.

What was his siddhi ?”

I said he had the right approach to the powerful R.K.Dhawan, PS of Indira Gandhi, the Indian Prime Minister, who like Hanuman was blessed by Indira Gandhi to bestow favours on people. Knowing R.K.Dhawan personally those days was a siddhi, a modern siddhi.

( 30 November 2007)

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