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During the opening ceremony of our new academic session on 11 July 2009, Sri Vinay Gupta,  the controller of examinations BVB, told the audience that the students who had passed the Acharya examination had written in their answers to a question in the question paper on Mundane astrology that in the year 2009 there were would be deficient rain in the whole and north and eastern  India would face drought like conditions. Indian Meteorological Department could not tell the nation this dire fact.

Look at the position till the end of July when half of the monsoon season is over. The IMD will stick to its definition of deficient and scanty even now while the truth is that meteorological sub-divisions will more than thirty percent minus rainfall should be called deficient now. Anyway look at the figures.

Summarised position of rainfall upto 29 July 2009 (Based on the data of IMD)
More than 30 percent minus
1. Arunachal Pradesh (-30)
2. Assam Meghalaya (-41)
3 Nagaland Manipur Mizoram Tripura (-42)
4 Gangetic West Bengal (-37)
5 Jharkhand (-45)
6.Bihar (-49)
7.East Uttar Pradesh (-46)
8 West Uttar Pradesh (-60)
9 Uttarakhand (-35)
10 Haryana Chandigarh and Delhi (-58)
11. Punjab (-30)
12 Himachal Pradesh (-47)
Other than North and East
13. Marathawad (-35)
14 Coastal Andhra Pradesh (-41)
15. Telengana (-51)
16. Rayalseema (-44)
More than (-20 and less than (-30)
17. Sub Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim (-27)
18. East Madhya Pradesh (-23)
19. Tamilnadu and Pondicherry (-27)
More than ((-10 and less than (-20)
20 Jammu and Kashmir (-19)
21 Vidharbha (-17)
22 Chattisgarh (-15)
Country as a whole (-19)
Normal fourteen (14) and excess in three (3) deficient in eighteen (18) scanty in one (1) and no rains zero (-0)

Hindu New Year 2009 Horoscope and Annexures

Like in all years of national crisis created by drought like situation no national leader including Murali Manohar Joshi who had been an important minister in NDA government has ever had the conviction, in spite of so many proofs of brilliant astro meteorological forecasts year after year, to encourage the development of this brilliant ancient method in national interests. Murali Mahohar Joshi is portrayed as the champion of the ancient sciences, I do not know, for what reasons. It is true that during his time astrology was introduced as a course of study in the university but he never had asked the UGC and the HRD ministry to defend astrology in the Supreme Court properly by taking the help of astrologers. I had to do it all by myself as a petitioner in person in the Supreme Court.

Similarly, there was a class room discussion about the Hindu New Year horoscope and it was pointed out that it was going to be a year of epidemics and strikes.

Look at the concentration of four planets in the sixth house including the lagna lord Venus which is retrograde. But a doubt can arise if it will lead to mass deaths. Yes, it will as the year progresses because the Navamsha does show a bad eighth house and worse seventh house.

And remember it is dasha chiddra (ending of mahadasha and beginning of another) in the horoscope of India with Venus dasha ending and Sun beginning. No wonder today Epidemics Act has been invoked in Maharastra and now wait swine flu to spread more.

Remember the dire warning of WHO that in two years it is going to infect two billion people.

Look at the Hindu New Year Horoscope and the two annexures. Along with it remember the research on the transit of Venus in Mithuna in the Indian horoscope elaborated in the book on Mundane Astrology by Mehta and Radhika.

During this period we have heard of the first death through of swine flu in India and it is the beginning which can become menacing after the monsoon.

(4 August 2009)

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