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What is happening between USA and Iran is not a World war but it may develop into a major war and may be later into a World war. What we must always remember is that after the end of second World war in 1945, there have been at least three regional wars every ten years; mostly Asian and African countries have been involved whereas USA and Russia have made lots of profit by selling arms and ammunition.  read more...
When we were discussing the effect of the eclipse of 2019, the focus was on disturbance due to wars; Iran-USA tension serious enough to grab the attention of the world, we are still hearing that it is the beginning of World War III. The tension is still not over, it is still simmering. At that time it never struck us that there could be an equally potent danger from some disease. We have again and again reiterated that Saturn and Ketu conjunctions are the cause of mass deaths due to wars and nuclear weapons, we have mentioned it for earthquakes also, overlooking that Saturn and Ketu can also be the infections which can spread due to Ketu representing ‘keetanu (insects)’, turn into pandemic and cause mass deaths. Ketu joining five other planets in the eclipse chart clearly shows danger from diseases particularly because Ketu has joined it.  read more...
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 10.57 am 22 July 2007

I got a phone call from Jaipur that in Hindi newspapers there is a report that Pratibha Patil rang up Pt. Nathulal of Karovi and asked him for a suitable time of swearing in on 25 July. He gave her some time between 2 and 23.00 pm is the report, which I think is not a case of accurate reporting.

These days there is big racket of astrologers promoted by television channels which do not mind distorting and perverting astrology
only for the sake of their TRP and commercial gains.

I had written on my website
Bhrigu and Pratibha Patil-1

KN Rao.
16 Jun, 2007 l 0131 hrs ISTl Kirti Pande/TIME S NEW S NETWORK AMRAVATI:
....Pratibha Patil has immense faith in astrology and her father Narayanrao Patil too was an expert astrologer. Citing an incident,
Shekhawat said that an Vedic expert had predicted that she would occupy one of the country's very prominent posts this year and "it
seems that the prediction is set to come true."

It is well known that those who go to an astrologer with respect (shraddha) get right guidance and prediction. The presidential
candidate Smt.Pratibha Patil has all the looks of a traditional Hindu woman with traditional beliefs in which astrology seems to occupy a
prominent place.

He had got a prediction from a Bhrigu Samhita reader, I learn, from a friend in Jaipur and he told me that he was the same person
whom I have praised in my writings. I am not surprised. Those who go to him and grumble are mostly those who have less shraddha and go with skepticism.

I know of a politician whom people mistake for a staunch Hindu and a traditionalist. But he goes to astrologers only to know what will happen to his opponent in his own party whom he wants to see destroyed. If this politician does not get right predictions, it is because he is lacking in shraddha. His heart is full of malice.

Here the reference is to last year. I know that it was in December 2006 because in February 2007 when I visited him, the road leading to his house was beautifully metalled,tarred and the car drive was smooth unlike in previous years. This was got done , it seems, at the instance of Smt.Pratibha Patil, the governor of Rajasthan.

My friend told me that it was this Bhrigu man who had given this reading. It is necessary to know that it was not an astrological prediction as we know but different because sheets are taken out and reading of what is already written is revealed.

( 19 June 2007)

I had written in an earlier piece
Saturn Transit and Presidential Elections 2007


I am writing this on 28 May 2007. ... As soon as Saturn transits into Simha, we will be in the midst of a presidential election which is bound to have major effect on the national political scene.

Who will be the next president ? Shekhawat ? An important person working with the vice president of India Shri Shekhawat passed on to me, long before Mayawati got elected in Uttar Pradesh as the Chief Minister, his birth details and put me under an oath not to reveal it. He asked me whether I saw any chances of Sri Shekhawat getting elected as president. I told him it appeared bleak to me.

19 July 2007

There was a sense of relief on 19 July when the voters of the electoral college who are to elect the next president of India cast their votes and the asphyxiating mud slinging as has never happened before in any presidential election came to a halt.

In the days preceding astrologers too came with their predictions in many newspapers in Hindi and English with unverified horoscopes as happens always. Here one such link. No reference to the horoscopes of any planet made in the report.

20 July 2007

There is eerie silence and the dirt of the election campaign is settling down. Now only results are awaited.

21 July 2007

The counting of votes would start at 11 am and the results will be known around 2 pm. I will be teaching my astrology classes then. I
asked a woman student during the class to find out the results. We came to know while the class was going on that Pratibha won by a
margin of more than three lakh votes.

22 July 2007

The newspapers are full of the details of voting. Shekhawat has done rather badly. Even the vote of favorable cross voting was a false
hope . He has fared badly even in those state where he was expected to be strong.

The day I am giving permission to disclose his horoscope, I will discuss it and show why and how newspapers discussing wrong horoscopes promote scoundrels as astrologers and television channels jump at it at the earliest.

(22 July 2007)

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