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Guruji respected Rao Sahib has desired my comments on Ram Janam Bhumi that whether PM Sh. Modi will get fame in Ayodhya Case whose case will start for hearing in Supreme court daily from 6th Aug 2019 and my answer is as under. read more...
What is happening between USA and Iran is not a World war but it may develop into a major war and may be later into a World war. What we must always remember is that after the end of second World war in 1945, there have been at least three regional wars every ten years; mostly Asian and African countries have been involved whereas USA and Russia have made lots of profit by selling arms and ammunition.  read more...
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Shalini and Raj Rani both women astrologers were at my place just when the crucial meeting of the UPA and Left parties was being held and was being reported in television channels (English channels mainly who know what is news and what is not news). Remember I had said that Mars will have to retrograde on 15 Nov 2007 for things to happen.

Now the next meeting will be held on 16 November.

But I asked Shalini, author of the famous book Pataki Rista Chakra among many other booklets and Raj Rani to do do a prashna. Here are their findings. (K.N.Rao. )

Possible outcame - An astrological analysis

1 Lagna is the Congress Party

1 Seventh house is the Left.

1. Seventh lord is retrograde in the eighth house with the debilitated sixth lord Sun, aspected by Saturn showing a secret plan of the Left.

2. Mars is aspecting the tenth house showing the unrelenting attitude of the government. In this case Manmohan Singh.

3. Lagna lord is well placed in the ninth house aspecting lagna showing the strong position of the Congress.

Prediction at the begining of the meeting

1. The meeting will be inconclusive.

2. For the moment the government will be protected, because of the strong position the lagna lord.

3. The Opposition will not succeed. See the report

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