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With this 12th Newsletter the series completes a revolution. We began in June, 2009 with the aim to relate the news of the month with astrology and to bring astro thoughts, classical dictas and ideas that emerge from analysis of events to the fore in a modern, debate format. read more...
Cancer is one such most dreaded health malady of modern times. We will try to answer the above questions through a case study of 'Brain Cancer'. It is a typical case of a MBBS doctor who was suddenly diagnosed of a malignant brain tumor in 2nd week of Dec 2009 and was operated on 28th December 2009, now undergoing follow up treatment. His condition is still critical. read more...
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Use and the discard, the distinguishing trait of unspiritual men who seek and pursue success at any cost and have no sense of gratitude, can betray anyone and turn against their benefactors, has been a regular and well known feature of international politics.

In the case of USA, it has been a regularly and widely used basis of foreign policy.

Anyone who has read the syndicated columns of Walter Lippman, the distinguished American journalist will remember his attack on American foreign policy many times. Once he showed how USA supported dictatorships everywhere against democracies. It was a long list.

What was well known was that when
dictators fell out of favour because they had become weak in their countries, could not promote American interests in terms of world domination and economic gains, they could be discarded.

USA had its own way of doing it.
These dictators took refuge in some western countries, even in USA, deposited all their illegal wealth in some American bank and died mysteriously or were shot dead. What happened to their money is another story Americans will never reveal.

Two among many
of such gruesome cases were that Shah of Iran and Marcos of Philliphines. In recent years, we had Saddam Hussein, used by USA against Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran and later discarded and hanged.

We have Osama bin Laden, created, nurtered, sustained and now discarded and either killed already or is about to be killed.

Is Pervez Musharraf now on the top of the “out of favour” list of USA? USA which has well known record of supporting dictators against democracies is now talking of democracy in Pakistan and wants the army ruler, Musharraf, who destroyed it, to promote it!!

Those who have followed these CIA inspired and guided methods of USA can easily guess that USA has already planned for post-Musharraf Pakistan over which it cannot loosen its grip because of Pakistan’s nuclear power which can fall into the hands of fundamentalists anytime.

The clear indication of the final decision to resort to use and discard policy becomes evident when the American press begins, in a chorus, a strain something like this. I am speaking from my experience.

“On Monday, President George W. Bush urged Musharraf to hold elections and give up his army post, though he gave little indication of any real change in American policy, which has bankrolled Pakistan's military with $10 billion in aid since 2001. But Western diplomats and Pakistani political analysts said the general's move may sap his anemic public support and has already diverted thousands of policemen and intelligence agents from fighting terrorism to enforce his crackdown”

President Bush and Rice are fulminating, showing moral indignation over emergency declared by Musharraf. That is the siren call signalling the end of the Musharraf era.

The “use” stage is over. It now is the “discard” stage.

Watch the period upto Mars-Ketu-Jupiter of December 2007 if this horoscope is correct. If this horoscope is not correct, still work on the horoscope of Pakistan and watch dangerous developments.Remember we have to be careful in 2007-2008 period of perils.

I wish I had Musharraf’s horoscope. Someone asked me to work on the following. Try it yourself. If it is correct, Saturn in transit in his tenth house is indicating his fall. Saturn transitting in the tenth house at a time when a politician is fighting a losing battle, is an indication from heavens ----OUT ! HIT WICKET ! using the language of cricket.

Yes, in trying to hit an aggressive stroke on back foot Musharraf has hit his own wickets with his bat. Americans have a way of planning it.

How did Zia ul Haq die----no one can give a convincing answer till now. But have you heard the rumours? I wonder why some adventurous man should not write a history of some nations based only on rumours. Anyway, the horoscope given to me can be tried , the past of Musharraf verified and the future seen. I will give it to some students in any case.

(6 November 2007)

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