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“Hosni Mubarak has decided to step down as president of Egypt. Vice-President Omar Suleiman made the announcement in a brief statement on state TV.”

Let me reproduce some time scale mentioned in my piece Berlin Movement in Arab World.

Saturn Saturn-Venus 19 Sept 2010 to 21 March 2011

1) Here, as in the case of Tunisia, transitting Saturn and Jupiter are influencing the tenth lord, here Saturn in Kanya. A change is visible and change can mean only the downfall of Hosni Mubarak.

2) The dasha is Saturn-Saturn-Venus; again it is a dasha chiddra like Tunisia’s, the dasha of Saturn having begun from September 2009. The pratyantara dasha of Venus will be over on 21 March 2011 and as soon the pratyantara of Sun begins there should be a new head of state of Egypt if not earlier.

If Chara dasha is to be used it is very critical till 9 February in the pratyantara dasha of Dhanu in the Dhanu mahadasha and Meena antardasha. At any rate, 7 March may be the deadline for a change.

In such cases the horoscope of the head of the state, in this case of Husni Mubarak would be helpful. A risk can be taken here and if his date of birth 4 May 1928 is correct, I will give him Karka lagna and proceed thus.

In the Vimshottari dasha of Venus Mercury his fall is clear to me according to the adopted horoscope. Mercury as the twelfth lord and an absolutely combust Mercury has to show him the exit door.

In Chara dasha it will be Karka from where Atmakaraka Mars falls in the eighth house, the antardasha of Dhanu the rashi of rise and fall and again the pratyantara dasha of Karka not promising his long stay in power.

He has to go in a month or two according to this adopted horoscope. On the combined basis of the foundation horoscope of Egypt and tentative and unconfirmed horoscope Husni Mubarak, his exit may be anytime from now to the end of March.

Were I to insist on the correctness of the lagna as Karka, I would straightaway predict a violent end to his life.”


My second prediction was ( see WITNESSING A REVOLUTION AND THE GREAT ANTICLIMAX) Egypt's Mubarak steps down, vice president says By the CNN Wire Staff February 11, 2011 -- Updated 1620 GMT Hosni Mubarak steps down . Vice President Omar Suleiman says armed forces will run the country. He makes the announcement on state television.

The second prediction was “We were also discussing why like Pakistan, Egypt will always have a boa constrictor like grip of army over its administration.

See the role of Mars in both horoscopes. It is where the horoscope of a nation comes into play most significantly. It will be discussed later.

“In the meantime watch how the Egyptian army will capture power and render even Suleiman powerless.”

The need to refer to the second prediction arises because in the internet someone has been spreading a superstition that nations do not have horoscopes and all predictions must be made only through Koorma Chakra.

(11 Feb 2011 at 22.05pm)

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