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What is happening between USA and Iran is not a World war but it may develop into a major war and may be later into a World war. What we must always remember is that after the end of second World war in 1945, there have been at least three regional wars every ten years; mostly Asian and African countries have been involved whereas USA and Russia have made lots of profit by selling arms and ammunition.  read more...
When we were discussing the effect of the eclipse of 2019, the focus was on disturbance due to wars; Iran-USA tension serious enough to grab the attention of the world, we are still hearing that it is the beginning of World War III. The tension is still not over, it is still simmering. At that time it never struck us that there could be an equally potent danger from some disease. We have again and again reiterated that Saturn and Ketu conjunctions are the cause of mass deaths due to wars and nuclear weapons, we have mentioned it for earthquakes also, overlooking that Saturn and Ketu can also be the infections which can spread due to Ketu representing ‘keetanu (insects)’, turn into pandemic and cause mass deaths. Ketu joining five other planets in the eclipse chart clearly shows danger from diseases particularly because Ketu has joined it.  read more...
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Acharya Varahamihira says in his Brihat Samhita, well learned single astrologer can do better than the entire armed force by guiding the king properly. In my article “The glittering gold & Hindu astrology”, I had advised our Hon. Prime minister to invest the money of temples on gold. The price of the precious metal touched the target given by me. The famous Tirupati temple earns more than one crore rupees per day! I think at least Rs.10 crore is the income from all temples of our country(per day). Our leaders use 10-20% of this money to send other  religions people to their holy place! Still we have to face the attacks of terrorists. Forget about all these.

Let us concentrate on the depth of Hindu astrology. I am trying to explain it--- the brilliance of Varahamihira with my limited knowledge . He says the gold should be purchasedwhile Sun is in Leo & should be sold after five months to gain more profit. Sign Mesha, planets Sun & Jupiter are the natural significators of gold.

When Sun remains in Leo it is rainy season & gradually gold price comes down because the demand for gold in India, particularly among Hindus, is linked to marriages. When it is a dull season for marriages, demand for gold declines.

When Sun enters Virgo it becomes the 6th house from Aries. Libra is the sign of debilitation of Sun. Scorpio is the 8th from Aries. Dhanu is the ninth house from Aries & a friendly sign for Sun. From this month major ceremonies start in India or better I say the glorious Hindustan of those days of Varahamihira. So the gold price goes up & the profit could be booked as soon as the Sun enters another kendra from Mesha.

But desh-kal-nyay (common sense) is the most important tool of a good astrologer. Keeping all these factors in my mind I gave the margin of Rs.13,500or more per 10 grams around Jan-2009.

The results are in front of you & those who want to book the profit can do the same if they wish.

First of all the astrologer should calculate if at all the gold will be costlier or not in for any particular year by using Hindu New Year chart, which is shown by me in my last article. The next step is to calculate the price by using fortnightly charts.(here I am giving some more technical details & not the complete details as I am still doing research on it)

Give more importance to Sun as Jupiter remains in a sign for a long period.

For September 29th chart :
Atmakarak (AK) Mercury - Amatyakarka (AmK) Saturn - BhratriKaraka (BK) Jupiter - MatriKaraka (MK) Moon - PutraKaraka (PK) Sun - GnatiKaraka (GK) Venus - DaraKarka (DK) Mars

For October 15th chart :
AK Moon - Amk Sun - BK Saturn - MK Jupiter - PK Mercury - GK Mars - DK Venus

If we look at the fortnightly chart cast for 29-9-08, 13-42-08hrs IST, Delhi, we can observe that the lagna is Dhanu the 9th house from Mesha. The Sun falls in the 10th house from fort night lagna Dhanu with an excellent Dharma-Karmadipati sangam rajayoga.

Jupiter being the lord of lagna well placed in his moolatrikona. In navamsha Sun is in exaltation & in a kendra from Libra lagna of D-9. Those who know Jaimini system can observe AatmKaraka & PutraKaraka raja yoga repeated in D-9 as well. So in this fortnight gold price went to high of year 2008 which was Rs.14300 on 9-10-2008.

As I had written in the last article soon after Jupiter becoming direct gold price started moving upwards.

Now let us analyze another F.N. chart of 15-10-2008 at 1-32-33 IST, Delhi. Here the Sun falls in the 3rd house from afflicted Karka lagna along with 3rd &12th lord Mercury. Jupiter falls in the 6th from lagna. In D-9 Sun falls in the 8th house from Kumbha lagna. Jupiter is heavily afflicted in D-9. Except one Jaimini rajayogas each in rashi & D-9 which are very week, other factors are very bad. So in this fort night gold price went down to Rs.11200 on 24th of October 2008 which was the lowest price of last year (2008).

When I wrote the last article on 20-8-2008 the price was Rs.11600 per 10 grams. When it appeared on this website it was around Rs.12000/10 gram. Here one natural question arises. When the gold price went down to Rs. 11200/10 gram why did I write it on a day when it was 11600.

First of all I had written it for the sake of national interest for a moderate terms investment.

Secondly from 11600, it went up to 14300 which price was totally unexpected.Twice in 2008 & now for the third time in 2009 Jan gold prices crossed the mark ofRs.13500/10gm which was given by me. Today it is around Rs.14000/10gm. Those who are well versed in the trade of commodities booked the profit thrice after the date of my article.

A student studying in seventh standard can calculate the percentage of profits (or profit who are going to book now) per year. As you can calculate it is more than what I had given in my last article (25 to 30%). At least Rs.5 billion collected from temples could be invested on gold by our government & imagine about the returns our nation could have enjoyed.

From the day one of Independent India (15-8-1947) two astrologers helped all the Indians by selecting the proper muhurtha within the limited time they had (read Jyothish the Super Science.. by Sh. K.N.Rao for more details). After wards many astrologers predicted a lot but the question is whether they helped people amass in hundreds or thousands? Probably the predictions given by Shri Rao about meteorology could help people in millions. But when he gave perfect predictions about them technology & media were not like this.

I think mine is one of such articles which helped hundreds of people to gain some practical money. Lot of people staying in different countries, including some big jewel shop owners are benefited by my article as many of them somehow traced my telephone numbers after reading my article. About the same subject I had written for Karnataka's No.1 daily & the article was edited in an improper style. So I recommended some people of Bangalore to read the proper article which appeared on this website. They gave my e-mail ID shankar@com to many. Some analysts argued how the gold price can go up when the global recession is affecting the investors? According to many analysts oil & gold prices are interconnected which rise or fall together.

But astrology has given them the answer.

Written by Shankar G. Hegde

(On 2-1-2009)

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