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Marisha Sharma

4. Education

In 1965, He earns a bachelor's degree from University of Delaware, where he played football and double-majored in history and political science. The dasha at the time of starting the degree was Mercury/Sun and at the time of completion, it was Jupiter/Jupiter.

In birth chart, fifth lord is Jupiter in Jupiter's nakshatra. Fifth house has no influences on it. Fifth lord is placed fifth from itself under the influence of Saturn. Mercury is in the nakshatra of Jupiter, conjunct with Mars and aspected by Moon. The fifth from Mercury is under Saturn's lordship, who is in Moon's nakshatra. Saturn is aspected by Sun and Venus. Over all it is found that the influence are non to semi-technical. In navamsha, fifth lord is Saturn in Moon's nakshatra and fifth from Mercury is Venus conjunct with Sun.

Here, the influences are tending towards non to semi-technical. The repetitive influences are that of Saturn and Jupiter in the non to semi technical field with a touch of Venus and Sun. He has specialized in history (non technical influence of Saturn and Jupiter) and political science (non technical influence of Sun). Jupiters's predominance also indicates strong inclination towards law. Therefore, in Jupiter/ Rahu in 1968, he attended Syracuse University College of Law, graduated & started working.

What is the role of Moon and Venus in the above? The answer lies in Biden's avocation of architecture.


5. Marriage and Children

Marriage timing is determined primarily by the seventh, second and lagna along with the double transit of Jupiter and Saturn. Quality of marriages are determined through the level of beneficence/ affliction of the seventh house/ seventh lord, lagna/ lagna lord, second/second lord and multiple marriages are judged from the connection of seventh house/ lordwith second/ eleventh houses. Looking at the birth chart, a few points are obvious:


(1) Seventh lord is Venus, combust and aspected by Saturn, therefore afflicting it

(2) Seventh house has Saturn and is aspected by Mars and Sun, there by afflicting  it

(3) Lagna is afflicted and lagna lord is ill placed

(4) Second lord Jupiter is retrograde and aspected by Saturn. Jupiter is also fifth lord,therefore, affliction is there for children as well

(5) Second lord aspects seventh lord, multiple marriages cannot be ruled out

(6) since marriages in western countries are predominantly of own choice, therefore not surprisingly the fifth-seventh-ninth connection exists with the fifth lord in ninth house aspecting seventh lord.


Looking at navamsha, the adverse promises of the birth chart are corroborated:

(1) Lagna lord Venus is conjunct with Sun and aspected by Saturn, therefore, afflicted

(2) Seventh and second lord, Mars, is in sixth house aspected by Saturn, therefore,Afflicted

(3) Lagna lord is in eleventh house with eleventh lord and second and seventh lord are one, again multiple marriage may be possible

(4) Fifth lord Saturn is in ninth house aspecting seventh house, again denoting marriage of own choice.


Each of the above promises fructified in the life of Joe Biden.

His first marriage was in 1966 in the dasha of Jupiter/ Venus.In dwisaptati samadasha, second house is potent to given marriage. Jupiter is the second lord and Venus received its aspect. Venus is also placed in the lagna and aspects seventh house. In navamsha, Jupiter aspects the second house,second andseventh lord Mars and Venus is the lagna lord.


Children are born in the dasha's connected to the fifth/ninth house/lords in birth chart and saptamsha. The divisional chart for children is the saptamsha, whose lagna/ lagna lord's dasha is potent to give children.


His eldest son was born on 3rd February 1969 in Jupiter/Sun. Mahadasha lord, Jupiter is fifth lord in ninth house in birth chart. In saptamsha, it is ninth lord aspecting lagna. The antardasha lord, Sun is aspected by fifth lord Jupiter in birth chart and has no connectivity in saptamsha. Since the mahadasha of Jupiter is

potent to give children, he has two more.


A second son is born in 1970 in the antardasha of Moon. Moon is ninth lord of birth chart and lagna lord of saptamsha, aspecting the fifth house.


A daughter is born in the antardasha of Mars, who mutually aspects ninth lord Moonin birth chart. In saptamsha, Mars is fifth lord.


Within 6 years of marriage, Biden's personal life was shattered when on 18th December 1972, in the dasha of Jupiter/ Mercury, when his first wife and infant daughter were killed in a car accident. Two sons had serious injuries but survived. Can we see the death of spouse in this chart? Jupiter's mahadasha is not so malefic.


Considering seventh house as the lagna, Jupiter is eighth (longevity) and eleventh lord in third house, aspecting seventh house. In navamsha, Jupiter is ninth and twelfth (moksha) lord from seventh house in fourth house aspecting eighth and twelfthhouses. The situation is not so bad here till the antardasha of Mercury starts. Mercury is second lord (marak - death/death) like  from seventh house place in sixth house (illness) conjunct with seventh lord Mars (marak).


In navamsha, it is sixth lord from seventhand under heavy affliction from Rahu/Ketu, Mars (aspect)and Saturn. With such affliction,it was a difficult antardasha for Biden.


Considering children from fifth house and treating it as lagna, Jupiter is not so malefic in the birth chart but in saptamsha, it is in the seventh house (maraksthan) as sixth lord. Mercury is seventh lord (maraksthan) from fifth house in birth chart placed in eighth house with another potent marak Mars, the second lord from fifth house.


In saptamsha, Mercury is twelfth lord aspected by seventh and eighth lord Saturn. Thus, he lost one child and nearly lost the other two. But this does leave one obvious question unanswered- did every Mercury antardasha prove to be so adverse? The answer is to be looked at carefully by a deeper study of Biden's life and additional parameters such as other dashas systems, transits and the charts of the wife and children.


However, with the promise of multiple marriages in the chart, Biden married again in1977 in Sun/Venus. Sun and Venus both aspect the seventh house of marriage in birth chart and are aspected by Jupiter, the second lord. In navamsha, Venus is lagna lord conjunct with Sun. Thus, all parameters of marriageable dasha are fulfilled. He has one child with her, on 8th June 1981 in the dasha of Venus/ Jupiter, a daughter is born. Jupiter's potency for child giving, besides its natural signification, has been discussed before. Venus receives the aspect of fifth lord Jupiter in birth chart and is eleventh lord of saptamsha, denoting gain of children.

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