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Mesha-Sankranti Issue - April/June 2002 (Vol 6-21)

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Section I

Geeta Dhayana Stuti


A Year we will remember: World is now advancing towards one of its periodical moods of self destruction in which millions will die and there will be nuclear holocaust before 2007. Seeds of that Mahabharata of future years will begin to sprout in May 2002.  KN Rao

Advanced technique of Yogini Dasha: First in the series of articles on Yogini Dasha. Future articles in this series will include Yogini Dasha Progression with Nakshatra Padas and Application of Yogini Dasha in Divisional Charts.  VP Goel  (M.Tech, MICC)

Concept of Time in Indian heritage: The Indian gift to the entire world lies not only in the gift to the world of Mathematics of Zero, Decimal system and Algebra but also Time. Our Sages without any equipment were able to see and record the planetary movements and consequently classify time into various categories which the modern world has been able to achieve only now.     MK Pathak

Pilgrimage - When - Why: Who will do pilgrimage and when he will do it can be seen in the horoscope as there are many classical principles given in books of astrology. 5 Case studies.   Rajesh Chander Dadwal

Pilgrimage: Testing classical principles. 4 Case studies.  Col. RR Singh Nara VSM

Princess Margaret - Irrelevance of royalty: Full length astro-potrait of Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth. Many subtle principles of astrology brought to light. Model delineation of a horoscope.   KN Rao

Astrology and Mughal Emperors: Astrology during Mughal times   Manoj Kaushik

India in 2002: Detailed Analysis and predictions using Horoscope of India, Hindu New year chart, Snghatt Chakra, Sankranti charts. A must read for students of astrology.   Col. AK Gaur

Saudi Arabia, What awaits it? : Future predictions for Saudi Arabia. As usual KN Rao's detailed and methodical analysis.    KN Rao

Reka Yoga: A critical appraisal of this yoga using numerous case studies. Reka Yoga is a combination of planets that nullify the results of the beneficial Yogas present in the horoscope and bring about misery in their wake. 6 Case studies.  Group Research - RC Dhadwal, A Radhika Rao, Ambica Gulati, Preeti Kapoor, Pooja Srivastava. Guide KN Rao

The Good of 6th House: The Sixth house is called the "Ari Bhava”, the house of enemy. The house is called "Ripu", another name of the enemy. The Ripus are defined in Hindu scriptures as Kama (Desire), Krodh (Anger), Mad (Pride), Moha (Infatuation), Lobha (Greed)and Matsarya (Envy), these are six in number and they go and reside in the house bearing the same number (i.e. 6). How this malefic house becomes a house of material growth and good. A new look at this oft maligned house. Detailed analysis with 12 Case studies. Group Research - RS Panwar, Dr. SR Mishra, Dr. CN Ghosh, Meera Srivastava, HP Sharma. Guide and Editor Col. AK Gaur.

Astrological references in Akbar Nama of Abu-I- fazal: A vivid account of the astrologers and astrology used by the Mughal Emperor Akabar. A brief Astro portrait of Akbar by KN Rao is included in this article. The Akbar Nama, Abu-i-fazl, translated from Persian by H.Beveridge, published by Rare Books, Delhi 1972.

Balarishta Bhanga: A case study -  Balarishta means ill health or fatality during childhood. Bhanga means cancellation. Arishta Yogas are planetary combinations which cause such misery. According to Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, the malefic houses 6th, 8th and 12th may play an important role whenever lagna lord and Moon is afflicted by these houses or the lords of these houses, causing ill health or sometimes even death if cancellation of Arishta Yogas is not present in the birth chart.  Urmil Bhargava

Lyrical Krishna Pilgrimages: A visit to Dwaraka, where Shri Krishna's ruled as a king. The group also visited Somnath Temple. The article talks about the history and mythology associated with these revered sites. An astrological account of the journey including the analysis horoscope of the time of departure from Delhi with reference to the planetary combination for pilgrimages.  RS Panwar

Role of Mahadasha in Education: A Case study    Ms.Hansa C. Shrotri

Crime and Yogini Dasha: A Case study   Radhe Shyam

The 'Radu' effect: A Case study of Marital conflict using Jamini Chara Dasha.   Prathap Menon

Eye Diseases: A Case study   RK Jain

Jamini and professional changes:  A case study using Jamini Chara Dasha   Bhavna Chabbra

Hindi Section

Israel Ka Kya Hoga   KN Rao

Bin Laden Ki Kundali: Jamini Chara Dasha dwara Draupadi Rai

Dwisaptati Sama Dasha    Manoj Pathak

Nakshatra Purush   Chandra Bhushan Prasad

Jyotish evam Adhyatmaik Jeevan    Naval Singh

Kundali me 6th Bhava ka mahatva    Meera Srivastava

Unmaad ke Peecha Rahu   KN Rao

America ke shakti sheen ho jaye gi   KN Rao

Yogini Dasha ka Rahasaya   Draupadi Rai & Chandra Bhushan Prasad

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