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Excellent way of learning Vedic Astrology through historical events and famous personalities.
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It is the most comprehensive book Rao has written todate giving some superb techniques and the portraits of historical men of our century who trod this earth and shaped its events.

The book is the author's journey through history which does not only encompass within its ambit the important personalities which dominated the centre stage in their contemporary times but also the pawns which most of the times do not even receive a mention of their names.

Sh.Rao has discussed the horoscopes of important personalities including those of Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Bernard Shaw, Changez Khan, Dhirendra Brahmchari (so called "Indian Rasputin" ), many Indian politicians, Gauquelin and while doing so he has also very effectively explained to his readers some of his long undisclosed techniques of astrological predictions. Horoscopes of most of the famous Indians are authentic as they were given to KN Rao directly by them plus the fact that some of these famous men had been taking predictions from the author over a period of many years and that most of these predictions had come out correct.

The author writes about his tours to America ( Four tours). How and why he bid farewel to America is discussed. How that mercenary way of life and Jyotish can conflict is what one must become aware of. A candid and critical look at American astrologers practicing Jyotish.

Lynda Johnson quoting her woman Guru Ammachi: " I asked Ammachi what she thought of the advent of Jyotish in the west." writes Lynda Johnson in Yoga Journal ( June, 1996). " It is good thing, because so many people can be helped. But at the same time it has a dark side. When a powerful predictive system falls into the hands of a powerful materialistic culture, the potential for abuse is enormous. Jyotish must not be practiced with impure motivation. Astrologers concerned only with making money or gaining fame will not succeed........"

These astro portraits go a long way in retaining the interest of both the astrologer and the layman for the former reads these pieces for learning the astrological techniques and the latter reads them for reliving the history they lived in.

The main aim of writing this book is to show the solidity of India's astrological tradition, excellence of its synthetic craftsmanship and the profound artistry of astrological predictions.

Contents: Jaya Prakash Narain ( the man who "toppled" Indira Gandhi in 1977), The Chain Ends, Raja Saheb Maqsoodpur, Raja Dinesh Singh, Anand Singh, Hardeo Sharma Shastri Trivedi ( the famous publisher of Vishwa Vijay Panchang, India's most respected Hindi panchang), Kanad Rishi Bhatnagar, Changez Khan, Franklin D Roosevelt, Gauquelin, George Bernard Shaw, RN Singh Deo, Dhirendra Brahmachari, American Tour (I-IV), Indian Politics 1996 (I-IV), Gauquelin's failures

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First 1996
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