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One of the few books we know of that gives a time tested and proven method of chart analysis including how to interpret Vimshottari Dasha. Essential desk reference.

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An Absolute Must have book!This book is a life time companion for any astrologer as a standard reference. It gives time tested principles ecapsulated in sanskrit Shlokas. KN Rao presents them in a tabular form for readers and illustrates their application through many horoscopes. Case studies of successful predictions given in advance have made KN Rao's method of Chart analysis a dependable and an accurate one. 

Read the book and the evidences in it. Even if you do not know astrology, you will understand the true stories with evidences...

If y...ou know astrology, you will add to your own techniques of prediction. We live in an age in which we fined that physical sciences and astronomy have been anthropomorphised into God for moderm man.

Arrogant display of discoveries of physical sciences have blocked the formation of a wholesome holistic attitude to God  and His universe. Only the super science of astrology can destroy these.

It will shock many blind and close minded 'scientism' worshippers and those funny specimens of humanity who describe themselves as rationalists, that truth, nothing but the truth exists in the super-science of astrology.

Astrologers must however acknowledge that their own knowledge of astrology does not entitle them to know the whole truth. And it convinces the astrologer ....that there is cycle of births and rebirths; there is karma and karmaphala ( result of karmas ) and karma samskaras - the psycho-physical-spiritual tendencies generated by karmas of many lives. That there is a Wheel of Time which grinds inscrutably, mysteriously, well-known only to astrologers.

This book will help regain you shattered sanity of mind which blind belief in physical sciences and astronomy  may have destroyed. but the do not turn an astrologer into a demi-God.

Contents: Wheel of Time and Destiny, Tracing the Life-Pattern of "MC", A story from the Mahabharata, Grime and Guru's grace-A case study of a prediction, Meaning of Houses and Planetary aspects, Benefics and Malefics-General and Specific categorisation, Drawable Infrences from the Tables, Rahu and Ketu, Emerging  Principles of Interpretation, Malefic Periods for each Lagna, Exaltation/Debilitation of Planets, Some basics of astrology clarified, Rajayogas, Dhana Yogas, Yogas for Deprivation and Poverty, Benefic Periods, Interpretation of Vimshottari Dasha, Results of Antardasha, Great Principles succinctly stated, Final Picture about Planetary Relationships, What to see from which House, Astrological Analysis, Analysis of Planets, Close analysis of the horoscope, Method of Timing Events with Case studies, Birth Rectification with case study, Use of Divisional Charts with case study, Importance of propitation of planets with case study, Love Making Periods with case study, Timing marriage with case study, Astrolog and Karma, Astrology, Fate and Freewill, Astrology and Psychology, Formulating some Astrological principles, Index

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Guide Editor
KN Rao
Fifth 2005
Beginner to Advance
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