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The most comprehensive book on Muhurta (Hindu Electional Astrology) in English we have seen.
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One of the most compreshensive books on Hindu electional astrology written in recent times.  A Book on Fruitful Management of Time Through Muhurta Astrology. Comprehensive compilation from various Vedic sources.

A Book on Fruitful Management of Time Through Muhurta Astrology. Comprehensive compilation from various sources.

Muhurta (election) branch of Hindu astrology has withstood the test of time since the Vedic era. In fact the primary use of Hindu astrology is fro application in Muhurta. All the Hindu theological sacred Shaastras have references to it. Muhurta is the soul of time.

The author has presented a compilation relevant to the Muhurtas from the Vedic Shaastras, Samhitas, Muhurta Shaastras and Swar Shaastras, having a treasure of knowledge blessed by our sages and exponent acharyas.

It is written in a style that beginners in astrology and even follower's of western system can grasp the subject with ease and derive benefits in its practical application. Swar Shaastra (phonetics) has been for the first time written in Roman script.

The compendium includes more than 300 illustrative tables and diagrams to explain the subject and serve as ready reckoner.

Prescriptions of more than 250 elections (Muhurtas) of life undertakings have been detailed (in Part II of the book) with opinions of the exponents.

Theoretical aspects (Part I) of the elections illustrate philosophy inherent in elections and astrological database (Part III) provides valuable assistance.

This book is an asset to the professional astrologers in creative, consultative and curative guidance to the aspirants in the field of astrology.

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VK Shridhar
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