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Prashna is a branch of specialisation of astrology and is meant for all those whose birth details are not known and especially for the specific queries of immediate importance the chart cast for that moment show immense promise as if revealing the mysteries of the unknown future through a magnifying glass.

To quote Sh.Rao, "Deepak Kapoor has made a good start after a useful introduction, by giving a summary of the 56 Shlokas of SHATPANCHASIKA of PRITHUYASHAS.....which is the subtlest, briefest and the most brilliant book on prashna covering all the aspects of a prashna".

Based on the classical principles, this book not only covers all the techniques generally employed in prashna, but also those research based concepts which the author has tested over a period of time and found to have immense promise.

In addition the book contains elaborate chapters on mook prashna, where the author has shown a lot of originality,karmas and evil spirits,use of chakras in prashna and miscellaneous techniques.

The most notable feature of this book is the method of timing the results of prashna.

The author has shown most methodically all the six types of timing known mostly but not given in one place.

In the words of Sh.Rao," Deepak Kapoor has made a brilliant start....has given ample proof of his success with prashna....Naturally he is in a position to illustrate most of what he is explaining in the book which is a merit".

The chapters in Volume 1 are: i) General principles of Prashna ii) Shatpanchasika in a nutshell iii) Tajika Yogas and Techniques and of Analysis. iv) Mook and Mushti Prashna v) Sickness, Disease and recovery of patients vi) Traveller or Missing Person vii) Theft and Recovery of Missing articles.

Volume 2 : i) Marriage ii) Children iii) Profession, Business and Employment iv) Fights, Litigations, Disputes and Competitions v) Karma and Evil spirits vi) Use of Chakras in Prashna vii) Timing of Events viii) Misc. Techniques in Prashna ix) Results of 36 Dreshkons x) Misc. Prashnas.

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