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Makar- Sankaranti Issue, January- March, 1998 (Vol 2- 4)

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Section I

Soorya Stuti (worshipping the Sun)

Letters to the editor

Editorial - Nature and Value of an Astrological Research

Ketu in the 5th and the 9th Houses I - 5 Full Case Studies  Shiv Raj Sharma

Don't be afraid of the Mrityubhaga I - An Orignal Research (certain degrees in each zodiac sign for each planet can cause hardships, tragic events and even death) Case study using 10 horoscopes. Meenaksh Raut

Composite approach to Predictions and use of Mrityubhaga I  K.N. Rao

Combinations for Ashrams - Combinations that indicate long or short stay in an Ashram, analysis of 180 Horoscopes  Prassnam Herke

Leadership by example- Astro Potrait of Chandra Babu Naidu, a dynamic Indian Politician   Sadhana Rao

Section Two

The Third Lord- the miracle baba, 7 Cases Analysed (3rd House indicates hardwork, courage, heroism and shows whether a person will lead a prosperous or insignificant life. 3rd House is opposite the 9th house of Luck and Fortune) Harjeet Singh

Rahu in the 3rd house-30 Horoscopes Analysed Group Research

Settlement Abroad- Snap Shot Prediction M.S. Mehta

Book review Lalita Kuppuswamy

Moon- A glimpse from the Puranas Lalita Kuppuswamy

Objective Type Questions on Astrology B.S. Goel

Parlimentarian-Vastu Shastri, Architect: Dr. B N Reddy-some principles in Vastu Shastra with real life examples  S.S. Raghavan

Puzzles and Prizes

Idots, the idot box and Astrology -the authors impressions of a TV Programme, Astrology does it work, in which he was an invited panel member.  KN Rao

Section Three (Hindi)

Kya Hai Vastu Purush Satish Sharma

Jyotish Aur Vigyan K.N. Rao

Vakri graha- Kitne vakra Chandra Bhushan Prasad

Punarjanam: Kya yeh sambhav hai Shubh Verma

Congress kendra ki satta me bhaghidari karege

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