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Tula-Sankranti Issue October-December 1998 (Vol 2- 7)

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Section I

Shree Narayan Lokaaya ( Stotra)


Ramnavmi-Avtar Yoga, an astrological analysis of Shri Ram's horoscope

An Unorthodox view of the Gajakesari Yoga-some more case studies  K.N. Rao

Are you born with a Mission-Astrological Answer, 8 Case Studies K.N. Rao

Gajakesari Yoga of famous Indians, 5 Case Studies  K.N. Rao

Simhasan Chakra-An orignal research, a rare technique useful in predicting the fall of men in power, 13 Case studies and 24 real life examples   Naresh Kumar Sharma

Case Study of Marriage Prediction   Deepak Bisaria

Moscow Musings-Detailed account of the authors first ever visit to Moscow K.N. Rao

Section II

Astrology- A guide to avoid Marital Discord, A Research  ( comparison of horoscopes, muhurta, longevity of spouse, dasha, transit, malefic combinations, role of trishamsha etc.)  15 Case Studies (Guide) Z.A. Ansari

Upapada the Key to Marriage (Upapada is the sign which is as many houses away from the lord of the 12th house as the lord of 12th is away from the 12th house) 25 Horoscopes statistically tested   Deepak Bisaria

M.C. Bhandari - A Multifaceted Personality  Col. A.K. Gaur

The Clinton Crisis, Aftermath Lewinsky, Russia and Predictions made in 1996

Section III (Hindi)

Pita Ka Arisht  Seema Sharma

Late Surya Narayan Vyas  Dr. Shivmangal Singh

Ashtam Chandra Rakshak Ya Bhakshak  Girish Chandra Joshi

Grahan  Chandra Bhushan Prasad

Kis Dasha me Ho sakta hai aapka Vivaha  K.K. Joshi

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