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Karaka Sankranti Issue - July-September 2002 (Vol 6-22)

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Section I

Shri Madan Mohanashtakam

In Memoriam - Shri SL Shakdher KN Rao


An Old Prediction: An old horoscope brings to light the accurate use of Jamini, Vimshottari and Yogini Dashas KN Rao

Terrorism and Astrology: An in-depth astrological look at terrorism. Special reference to terrorism in US, US war on terrorism, Islamic countries, and use of atomic bombs during WW II. Insight into predicting terrorist activities using astrology.   KN Rao

Ariel Sharon: a small Hitler, astrological profile   KN Rao

Rahu and Ram Janmabhoomi: Detailed astrological analysis of role of Rahu in this temple issue tracing the origins of this Mosque/Mandir from 1528, when this controversy started to the recent Supreme Court decisions of 2002    KN Rao

Jail (Imprisonment): An Astrological analysis of a man whose yearning to become quickly rich, made him commit shoddy deed - theft and put him in to Jail. Many planetary combinations for imprisonment verified.     Draupadi Rai

Indo - Pak flashpoint: Possibility of war in 2002 and in coming years. Nuclear war is possible.   KN Rao

Predicting Wars: Techniques of Late Shri Hardeo Sharma Trivedi, editor of famous Vishwa Vijay Panchang (yearly almanac). Detailed methodology incorporating Annual Horoscope of a country and use of lunar charts, New Moon and Full Moon charts.  KN Rao

Section II

Group Research on Self Employment or Service:  19 Horoscopes analyzed in this research effort. The main aim of this research is to pinpoint at a very nascent stage of a person’s life about his professional inclinations i.e. self employment or service. This information will be guiding factor for the parents in proper organization of schooling and higher education of the child in harmony with his planetary influences to maximize the gains out of acquired education. Six key Principles are used to help in distinguishing between the horoscope of a self employed person and of a person likely to go for service. The Team of researchers comprises of Raj Kumar Gupta ( IT Engineer), Dinesh Kumar Jain (Chartered Accountant), Ms Manju Sharma ( A gazetted officer with Govt. of India) and Ms Pooja Shrivastav (Self employed)             Guide and Editor Col. AK Gaur

Role of Karakas in prediction: A case study using Jamini Chara Dasha     BL Sharma

Loss of Job: Brief case study of prediction using Yogini, Chara and Vimshottari dashas.   KN Rao

              Matching of Charts for Marriage: Shri Kulkarni of Mulund (Bombay) has a long experience in matching horoscopes for marriage. Shri Kulkarni's method is simple yet novel. AR Raichur has collected 115 charts of married couples and analyzed them statistically. A very fascinating snap-shot method for matching horoscopes.  AR Raichur      

Role of Amatya Karka in Career: A time tested principle using amatya karka in timming rise in career. A case study.  Neena Goel 

Role of Amatya Karka in Profession: Predicting rise and fall in career using Amatya Karka of Jamini. A case study. Megha Verma

Periods of disease, illness and accident: A few planetary combinations verified. A case study.  CS Ravindramani

Role of Amatya Karka in Career: A case study   Hansa Chandra Shrotari

Yogini Dasha, rise in career: A case study using Yogini dasha  RS Panwar

Hindi Section

Balarishta: EK Adhyan   Pammi Bharthwal

Vyavasaya mein amatya karka ka mahatva    BC Mendiratta

Samachar patroon se

Osama bin Laden ki Kundali mein sanyas yog   Dr.(Mrs) SR Mishra

Aaj ki daud bhaag zindagi aur jyotish   Ms Raj Arora

Ashtam aur Ashtam bhava ki mahima   Ms Raj Arora

Ganti Karka aur sharirik kashta  Vishal Arora

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