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Tula Sankranti Issuee October-December 2002 (Vol 6-23)

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Section I

Annapoorna Stotram (Hymn)


D.V Subba Rao: A Giant of the Semi-Classical school of Astrology ( 1910-1988). Some reminences   KN Rao

The Indian Drought of 2002 and Hindu Astrology: A detailed account of using Hindu Astrology for weather forecasting. The combinations for Weather, as mentioned in the astrology classics, triumph over the moderm intruments of meteorologists. KN Rao has been working on astrological principles for predicting weather for many years now. His predictions have been very accurate. KN Rao

Images That Haunt:  Some found memories of a visit to Moscow with KN Rao, highlighting the respect and reverence that the Russians have for Hindu Astrology.   MK Pathak

Fifth Visit to Moscow:  KN Rao writes about his visit and the varied experiences he had with people who came to him for astrological predictions.  KN Rao

The Prism of Prediction - I & II:   Use simple and some complex techniques of Hindu Astrology for Mundane predictions. Four detailed case studies of well knon events. KN Rao shows the readers how the mundane/political predictions are made. Some techniques discussed, yearly charts, new year charts, various astrological chakras and astro principles mentioned in scriptures.  KN Rao

Ruminations of An Astrologer: KN Rao writes on some dark and controversial areas of astrology, what is the correct birth time, time of conception in womb, Chaya Grahas, Mrityubhaga, Jaimini Astrology and much more.  KN Rao

Between the Devil and the Deep Sea:  Positive and Negative aspects of the 6th, 8th and the 12th houses ( also called trik or evil houses). Ambica Gulati

Secton II

The Last Surge: The Final Rise and Fall of Amitabh Bachan ( the legend of Indian Film industry). Detailed astrological analysis Bachans horoscope and his future. An excellent article using multiple dashas including Jamini's Chara dasha and barious predictive techniques.  KB Singh, Ujjain

The Dasha Effects of 12th House   Capt. AK Avasthi

Making a Career, a statistical study:  A detailed analysis of 10 Horoscopes to show how common parameters can be applied to predict career making age especially for Indians. Data used was birth horoscope, Navamsha, Dashamsha, Transits of Planets especially Saturn and Jupiter, Jamini Chara Dasha, Yogas, Transit of Saturn with regard to birth Sun. A well researched study to help in effectively predicting academics and professional paths.  Preety Singh & Megha Verma ( Guide KN Rao)

Comparative study of 10th and 11th house through Sarvashtakvarga: A small study  of 13 Indian Prime Ministers, past and present, showing 10th and 11th house strengths using Ashtkavarga method. 

Dasha of Exalted 12th Lord: An astrological case study.  VP Goel

A Curse of Destiny: A detailed astrological analysis of a tragic accident involving a young girl. The study uses the birth horoscope, Navamsha, Trisamsa, transit of planets  and Yogini Dasha.  Urmil Bhargava

Wealth in the Dasha of 8th and 12th lords: An astrological case study  Dr. (Mrs) Rama Mishra

Earthquake in North Western Iran: An astrological study using transit of planets.  Dr. Pushpalata Sharma

Education and Dasha peiod: An astrological case study of 4 students. The study shows how the linking of 2nd, 4th, 5th and 9th houses shows good progress in education. The dasha/antardasha have a pivitol role in the favourable/unfavourable results. Education linked with foreign travel is indicated when 4th and 12th lords or houses are highlighted.   Mrs. Satyamma Bharadwaja

Transit of Saturn eighth from Lagna/Moon:  4 horoscopes analysed to study the positive and the negative aspects of this transit.  Six parameters like dasha/antardasha period, savashtakvarga etc are made use of in this excellent research.  Group research under KN Rao

Elizabeth Taylor: A detailed asto potrait of this Hollywood legend.  Ambica Gulati

Visha, Amrit and Mrityu ghatis of Nakshatras: Certain portions of each Nakshatra are auspicious or inauspicious based upon the ghatis covered by Moon in the Nakshatra. Moon takes 60 ghatis to cover one Nakshatra.  A table of such ghatis in each zodiac sign is provided in this article.  VP Goel

Role of Amatya Karaka in Career: A case study.  Manju Safaya

Wealth in the Dasha of 8th lord:  A case study.  Rohini Sharma

6th Lord's Dasha, good or bad:  An interesting case study using birth horoscope, navamsha, dashamsha, dwadamsha, drekkna and Trisamsha.  RS Panwar

Tragedy on the rails: An astrological study of a girl who was severly injured in a rail accident. The girl's mother died in the same accident.  MK Pathak

Shri Ambica Prasad Vajpai: An Astro-Potrait of  a famous Indian hindi journalist.  KN Rao

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