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This is the first book of its kind ever being written in the world. Actual Cases Studies of Cures through Astromedical Diagnosis by Doctor Geeta Kathuria.
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Read the cases presented in this monograph all verifiable and soundly discussed astrologically and even medically wherever possible. But do not accept the claims of fraudulent faith healers becoming better known through television these days in India and in other parts of the world especially USA.

This book contains an in depth study of cases of cures which boreder on the miraculous for the modern man though in all the traditions of religion, prayer is the central core of the spiritual life and cure. Read these case studies and see the power of sincere prayer for yourself or for your loved ones. Prayer cures and heals.

The cases given here are authentic, verifiable and the purpose of them is to tell you that man caught between the two superstitions, of dogmatic religion and the other of SCIENTISM is confused. It is better to try the well known spiritual method, the remedy of honest prayer and increase your spiritual strength.

Doctor Geeta Kathuria, a medical doctor who is also a Jyotish Acharya and who has personally known such cases, seen them herself and has verified some, to collec them and explain them astrologically and also medically.

(10 Case Studies in English and the same 10 Case Studies in Hindi in one volume)

Product Details
Dr. Geet Kathuria
Guide Editor
K N Rao
First 2006
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