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It is unique astrological study which works repeatedly if the astrological rules given here are applied with intelligence. Illustrated with 50 real life horoscopes.

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What do we mean by a single women. We define this as a woman who has remained single till the age of forty five after her life as a housewife or even as mother, even if she does get married and becomes a mother through modern costly medical interventions or through adoption, is not the normal life of a woman as we have known traditionally all through the ages.

We are using the word single women for unmarried woman and drawing a distinction between unmarried women who are mothers and single woman who are not mothers. We are confining ourselves to two essential factors; she should not have married sacramentally or legally and must not have become a mother.

Astrological Methodology
Three horoscopes are being used for our analysis, the birth horoscope, the navamsha and the thrimsamsa.  This will be combined with some Jaimini factors also to double check our researches.

To formulate our parameters we will first look at the cases of some women who are now more than fifty years of age and are single.  A look at their horoscopes gives us some common astrological factors which explain the reason for their remaining single. For example:

First examine a horoscope from the lagna, Moon and Venus and the condition of seventh house and seventh lords and the eight house and the eight lords from here .

There are 8 more important points to analyze in the horoscope including Jamini Karakas. These are all detailed in the book.

This book is a unique astrological study of the Single Women of India which would be most useful in the fast changing society of India of twenty first century.

It is better to see the horoscope of a girl, a marriageable woman from an astrological point of view early enough to advise her parents who want to the future of their daughters.

It is unique astrological study which works repeatedly if the astrological parameters given here are applied with intelligence.
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Dr.Mrs Sarla Prasad, Dr.Mrs Shri Rama Mishra, Mrs. Shalini Dhasmana, Mrs.Draupadi Rai
Guide Editor
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