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This is a complete work on Astronomy relevant to astrology and scientific study of casting of horoscope and divisional charts with vimshottari dasha, bhavas, upgrahas, panchanga, graha bala and bhava bala.

This book is primarily meant for those who want to learn the techniques of casting a horoscope and divisional charts with clear perception, systematically and scientifically. Each step has been explained logically and the subject dealt in simple and lucid manner.

This is a text book for all those who want to have clear ideas of that essential part of astronomy and mathematical astrology without which astrologers can get trapped into confusions.

This book will be life long companion for astrologers of all levels, the advanced ones who need to refresh their knowledge and the beginners who need to know astronomy related to astrology and how to cast a horoscope and divisional charts.

The main aim of this book is to make available to the students of astrology the kernel and substance of astronomical concepts which astrologers need to know and must know.

This is also a text book of mathematical astrology which not only explains lucidly the method of casting a horoscope and divisional charts but also explains the logic of doing so at each step.

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