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KASHMIR (Updated)
Today, 5 August 2019 has become a historic day in our history as something which could not be done in 70 years has taken shape now. Union Home minister Amit Shah has announced that Article 370 which grants special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir will be scrapped. He also announced that Jammu and Kashmir will no longer be a state and it will be bifurcated into two Union Territories— Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.  read more...
Is ours an ideal democracy!! Hardly so, it is far from being an ideal democracy; where there should be  two equal opponents, like Conservative and Labour party in Britain; like Republican and Democratic party in USA. As for India, for the two major parties here i.e. Congress and BJP there has never been a state of relative equilibrium. There was a time when Congress was all powerful for a long time, BJP had not come into existence then. BJP came into existence and gradually spread its wings and the status now of present election result on 23 May 2019 is that BJP alone bagged 303 seats and 353 seats along with its NDA Alliance. Congress on the other hand could muster only 52 seats; along with UPA, Congress got 91. Other parties won 98 seats. What to talk of equality, Congress party could not win even 55 seats which is the requisite 10 % to become the official opposition. read more...
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There is always a historical cause and a sordid past to be traced in understanding the reason for the conflicts that take place all over the world, in any country. If the Paris attack took place on 13 November 2015 there is a reason behind it immediately traceable to the ghettos where the migrant populations of former French colonies live, unassimilated, with an aggressive religion of their own and suffering poverty and unemployment. And these carry with them the echoes of the unholy crusades of middle ages. And remember the same BOOK is quoted by those who call Islam a peace preaching religion and those who justify blood spilling Jihad. Also remember that Muslims will be looked upon with suspicion in most of the countries of the world creating in them a greater attraction for the brand of Islam ISIS stands for.

There is that law of karma---the deeds done in the past must come to haunt you sometime or the other be it the life of an individual or a nation. Imperial powers of Europe must remember it when dealing with the people of the colonies they exploited for centuries and now talk of their democratic system and enlightened societies with their so called high values they want the world to remember. In this process the Christian Europe forgets its own villainous past of vandalism and its present economic imperialism. Then there are the west Asian countries with their sordid past of similar vandalism, mostly religious with large slices of Wahhabism of Saudi Arabia of the recent decades, dreaming of Islamic world on the globe we inhabit.

It is a gloomy picture promising no peace for the world as such conflict are bound to spread. If the terrorists of ISIS succeed in getting nuclear weapons they will not hesitate to use it against some countries, mainly European and ofcourse, USA. Then there is that terrorist country called Pakistan where ISIS can penetrate easily, if not already penetrated, and create serious trouble for India mainly in Kashmir and even in Afghanistan.
Ill educated astrologers
Astrologers who do not know mundane astrology and do not predict about nations and its leaders are ill educated and neglect a very important aspect of modern era and dangers visible. Samhita astrology along with Hora astrology is the complete scheme is what these astrologers should remember.

Arms Markets all over the world
Arundhati Roy had written an article some years ago in which she showed how USA promoted and intervened in at least three wars in each decade after the end of the second world war and created a lucrative market for its arms. US foreign policy has always aimed at creating a slow motion disasters promoting local wars for the purchase of its arms and armaments is the central fact we must always keep in our minds. Oil rich countries of West Asia have been its markets for many decades now and ofcourse, India.

What have USA and European nations been doing in the last sixty years is to sell their arms and armaments to these countries and to increase the demand for it promoting wars in these regions. Read a recent report”

UK could be prosecuted for war crimes over missiles sold to Saudi Arabia that were used to kill civilians in Yemen
James Cusick | The Independent | Nov 28, 2015,

Britain is at risk of being prosecuted for war crimes because of growing evidence that missiles sold to Saudi Arabia have been used against civilian targets in Yemen's brutal civil war, Foreign Office lawyers and diplomats have warned.
Advisers to Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, have stepped up legal warnings that the sale of specialist missiles to the Saudis, deployed throughout nine months of almost daily bombing raids in west Yemen against Houthi rebels, may breach international humanitarian law.

Then we have the well known NGOs funded by the same countries, mainly USA directly or through some European countries to destroy the markets of other countries to create a demand for its own business and create unstable governments to suit it economic imperialist interests.

Against this background see why France will never be safe from further attacks resembling the Paris attack of 13 November and even some European countries will also not be spared.

First read about the past and present historical colonial sins of France in some excerpts of a report here.

14 African Countries Forced by France to Pay Colonial Tax For the Benefits of Slavery and Colonization -By: Mawuna Remarque KOUTONIN
Tuesday, January 28th, 2014 at 3:41 pm.

Africa-France-relationship Did you know many African countries continue to pay colonial tax to France since their independence till today!
When Sékou Touré of Guinea decided in 1958 to get out of French colonial empire, and opted for the country independence, the french colonial elite in Paris got so furious, and in a historic act of fury the french administration in Guinea destroyed everything in the country which represented what they called the benefits from french colonization.Sylvanus Olympio, the first president of the Republic of Togo, a tiny country in west Africa, found a middle ground solution with the French. He didn’t want his country to continue to be a french dominion, therefore he refused to sign the colonization continuation pact De Gaule proposed, but agree to pay an annual debt to France for the so called benefits Togo got from French colonization. It was the only conditions for the French not to destroy the country before leaving. However, the amount estimated by France was so big that the reimbursement of the so called “colonial debt” was close to 40% of the country budget in 1963. As these numbers demonstrate, France is quite desperate but active to keep a strong hold on his colonies what ever the cost, no matter what.

In March 2008, former French President Jacques Chirac said:“Without Africa, France will slide down into the rank of a third [world] power” Chirac’s predecessor François Mitterand already prophesied in 1957 that: “Without Africa, France will have no history in the 21st century”

At this very moment I’m writing this article, 14 African countries are obliged by France, through a colonial pact, to put 85% of their foreign reserve into France central bank under French minister of Finance control.

Now see how it is reflected in the horoscope of France.Journal of Astrology - Horoscope of France
Saturn Mars combination repeating
In the birth horoscope
- Here Mars in the third house and Saturn in the ninth aspecting each other shows clearly the religious tension France will continue to face.
- Besides Mars as the second lord and Saturn as the twelfth lord shows the colonial tax France gets showing that as far as France is concerned, its colonialism has not ended.


- In the navamsha, it is much worse as both Saturn and Mars are conjoined in the lagna with Ketu repeating the story and rather aggressively .

- Here it is occurring in the ninth house with Mars as the ninth lord also aspecting the twelfth house.

- It is quite sinister in the Chaturthamsha where Mars and Saturn again combine in the ninth house with Mars aspecting the eighth lord Moon in the fourth house.  - In future attacks the terrorists will target buildings also is a clear indication.

Venus Mahadasha
- It must be seen that France is passing through the mahadasha of Venus the third and the eighth lord which will continue for many years.
- It is a period of confused policies and extreme vulnerability.

France has a long and confused battle to fight even in future as with its largest Muslim population in Europe this country is unable to think how to tackle this problem. Always remember that the same BOOK is quoted by those who call Islam a religion of peace and those who justify all the Jihadi activities of the bloodiest nature by relying on the same book.

Then do not be misled by the recent survey of Pew survey showing that majority of Muslim majority countries disapprove of ISIS and its activities as only six months ago Al Jazeera had done a similar survey six months ago stating “Huge majority SUPPORT Islamic State in Arab world, shock poll finds“.

Decide yourself which survey you will accept and let, France, still a colonial power through its colonial tax, decide whether it accepts the Pew survey or that of Al Jazeera for its own sake. In any case the sins of the colonial past of France must visit it.

( 28 November 2015)
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