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Those who are watching the nuclear deal issue troubling the government of Manmohan Singh in India, which gets poor coverage in the television channels, will keep wondering what should happen and is likely to happen.
appears inevitable to me is a mid term poll which will essentially be triangular, UPA, NDA and Third Front battling it out with some regional parties like BSP gaining spectacularly. But hard news is scarcer in India now.

One television channel is showing which cricketer of India is in love with which cine celebrity and others are showing how Sanjay Dutt, the actor, is being taken to Yervada jail (23 October). One news channel is showing a fat woman reading out her tarrot cards. Another channel is showing three sparsely clad women reeling off predictions for the entire world. And they are described as news channels.

Ram Jethmalani, the famous lawyer, did say candidly in a television interview (23
October) that Manmohan Singh should have the courage to dissolve the parliament and get back through a mid term poll. It is what every anti communist feels.

But what is happening with the allies of UPA government of Manmohan Singh ?
MANMOHAN is Morose.
LALU (RJD) is Lost
SHARAD (NCP) is Shying away
YECHURY CPM) is Yelling
BARDHAN (CPI) is Barking
But the timing and the nature of the Bite will be the decision of Prakash Karat who will decide whether to deal the final Karate blow or not. But he has his Chinese bosses whom he must please according to a newspaper (the Pioneer).

But what is Deepavali, falling on 9 November, revealing ?
1. Here the eighth lord, (also the third) is falling in the tenth house aspecting the fourth house which can mean dissolution of the parliament in the context of the political developments.
2. The tenth lord, Mercury is with the twelfth lord Sun and also with Moon aspected by Saturn from the twelfth house. Is Chinese inspiration visible here ? The combination of the tenth and twelfth lord aspected by Saturn confirms the dissolution of parliament.
3. Jupiter is neither aspecting the tenth house nor its lord. See the horoscope of Independent India and see the Chara dasha. It is the dasha of Karka and the antardasha of Kanya with Gnathikaraka in the tenth house and that
Gnatikaraka is Mars.

The hostility between the UPA, particularly the Congress party and the Left is real, bitter and a fight to finish.

The newspaper report is:!-
“The Left parties, for their part, maintained that the nuclear deal was not acceptable to them. They said the committee had covered a lot of outstanding issues since it was constituted earlier this year. They hoped that it would finalise its findings on November 16. They did not rule out more rounds of meet ings of the UPA-Left committee. A source said that there was "no meeting point" despite five rounds of talks and the findings might confirm what was suspected all along: that the UPA and the Left will agree to disagree.”

Yes, the Left did not rule out more meetings because it is afraid of facing mid term poll.

Can the government wait and get deceived by the Left which wants the earlier deadlines for nuclear deal to be overlooked---a deceptive tactical move?

IAEA meeting is scheduled for 24 November. Can the government wait indecisely till then ?

Will Manmohan be bowled by this googly delivered by the Left or boldly decide to disslove the parliament ?

You can draw your own conclusions after seeing the horoscope given here.

And remember Mars is retrograding one day before the crucial meeting. Then Jupiter is moving into Dhanu on 24 November on Raas Poornima day.

The Manmohan we worship vanished after Raas, leaving Gopis remembering HIM with intenser love, pangs of separation making their love sublime.

But what awaits us around this Raas in the jungle of Delhi politics with a turbaned Manmohan in trouble ? What do these retrogression and rashi change of planets indicate ?

Without knowing astrology, a Congress leader supporting the deal and participating in a television debate, is pronouncing NUCLEAR as NOCLEAR deal.

What is the likely outcome ? Manmohan resigning ?

(23 October 2007)

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