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With this 12th Newsletter the series completes a revolution. We began in June, 2009 with the aim to relate the news of the month with astrology and to bring astro thoughts, classical dictas and ideas that emerge from analysis of events to the fore in a modern, debate format. daha fazlasını oku..daha fazlasını oku..
Next to the 10th, the house of karmas, the 7th is the most challenging house in today’s context. Here’s why. Our basic instincts and sensuality attract us to many opposites, including, most importantly, the opposite sex. This natural stirring of love and passion, brings joy, often changes lives in fundamental ways.

daha fazlasını oku..daha fazlasını oku..
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I felt sorry but the tragic death of Benazir death today (6/50 pm of 27 December 2007 was discussed at least four times by us in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan and Manoj Pathak had told me many times of the danger he saw for her. Sonia Mehdiratta also had hinted about it.

KN RAO 12 October 2007, 6:38 PM
All over the world the year 2007 has been becoming important for women in democracies or in their fight against dictatorships. If in the process some of them killed or become martyrs, it may not surprise anyone as Venus in the Hindi New Year horoscope of 2007 has double affliction of Mars and Saturn.
1. Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar
2. Hillary Clinton, USA
3. Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan
4. Mayawati, India
5. Jayalitha, India
6. Uma Bharati, India
Benazir Bhutto is "benazir" in the truest sense of holding the world record of being the only prime minister dismissed twice and is wanting to make a big comeback in the uncertain, terrorist-ridden politics of Pakistan to become what ?---a martyr ? Her horoscope discussed so brilliantly by Manoj Pathak first and then Sonia Mehdiratta, does show Benazir entering the den of wolves, lions and terrorists.

KN RAO 22 October 2007, 8:49 AM & 10/19/2007 2:17:47 AM
13 October discussion
On 13 October we had discussed her horoscope in our astrology class and students had said along with me that proximity of Venus to Saturn and Ketu did show danger to women particularly to Benazir because it was the pratyantara dasha of Jupiter in the eighth house. The clearest danger is between now and 23 March 2008 in the Chara dasha of Karka and the antardasha of Kumbha. From Kumbha Atmakaraka, Saturn falls in the eighth house and receives the aspect of Mars the Putrakaraka and Sun Gnathikaraka (Jaimini aspect) .

30 October 2007, 11:14 AM
Respected Sir K.N.Rao.Ji,
I Am Also A Student Of Astrology From Karachi. Its Strange That None Of Your Student Have Taken Any Bother To Find The Correct Birthdate Of Benazir Bhutto,Where Hours & Even Minutes Can Lead To Wrong Predictions. If One Google Searches Would Know That Its 21June1953 And Not 23 June Which Has Been Posted Your In Your Article. Her Correct Date Of Birth Is 21 JUNE 1953 AT 20:15. Now According To The Horroscope Which I Have Its Of Dhanu Lagna And Tula Rashi She Is Going Through SAT-JUP-SAT Period. More Over If One Has Taken Note & Watched Her Interviews Carefully Would Know That She Is Wearing A Yellow Saphire In Her Index Finger Which Is Her Accendent Stone(Lagnesh)
And Her Forth House Stone Of Comfort.

We all had our prediction on the basis of the horoscope passed on by Benazir herself through Natwar Singh to me in early eighties of the last century. On this basis I had made many correct private prediction. This prediction about danger to her was made thrice by be on the website also as can be seen here. Forget stupid controversy about Chara dasha calculation. Once again you can see how precisely it had worked here.

(27 December 8/54 pm)

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Dr Mrs Chandra Rekha Gogna Ex Research Student BvB (Konuk)
Rao sir's prediction came true
I had read women becoming prominent in democracies and mentioned my husband sir has given prediction about Benazir Bhutto in this article. When I came to know about her assassination, I saw her horoscope with Tula lagna and as per Vimshotri she was runnig Ketu\Mer|Mer w.e.f 12\12\07 to 01\2\08.Mer is the lord of 22nd dreshkon/64navamsha\85th Dwadansh all three.
In transit Mar 2nd and 7th lord ( Markesh) aspecting Mer transiting in 3rd house of longevity.

Lagna rising in eastern horizon was Gemini.

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