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Is ours an ideal democracy!! Hardly so, it is far from being an ideal democracy; where there should be  two equal opponents, like Conservative and Labour party in Britain; like Republican and Democratic party in USA. As for India, for the two major parties here i.e. Congress and BJP there has never been a state of relative equilibrium.

There was a time when Congress was all powerful for a long time, BJP had not come into existence then. BJP came into existence and gradually spread its wings and the status now of present election result on 23 May 2019 is that BJP alone bagged 303 seats and 353 seats along with its NDA Alliance. Congress on the other hand could muster only 52 seats; along with UPA, Congress got 91. Other parties won 98 seats. What to talk of equality, Congress party could not win even 55 seats which is the requisite 10 % to become the official opposition.

(Comparative study of BJP horoscope will be done later)

Now, let us check the situation of the Congress party from its relevant horoscope of 2 Jan 1978. This is the horoscope that my revered Guruji Sh. K. N. Rao Sir has used to give 8-10 correct predictions for the Congress party, so obviously there is no cause to doubt it. Some people are using the horoscope of 1969 which is not right.

Congress Party Journal of AstrologyThe horoscope is of midday and Abhijit muhurat has been chosen for the foundation of this party, looks like it has been chosen after consultation with an astrologer. Definitely it gave a lot to the Congress party. Indira Gandhi became the PM right after in January 1980, continued till her death. Then full term for Congress party with Rajiv Gandhi as PM when Congress bagged the maximum number of seats, then after a few years again a full term of Congress party when Narsimha Rao became the Prime Minister, though that was a coalition government. Congress could never get a complete majority after Rajiv Gandhi, it was always a coalition government hence.

It is a Meena lagna horoscope with LL Jupiter retrograde in the 4H aspecting its own 10H; at the same time, it has the vile conjunction of 6-8 lords in the 10H. In the Journal of Astrology, articles by Kamla Patidar on the six-eight conjunctions, under the guidance of respected Sh. K. N. Rao Sir can be read; where case after case she has illustrated how the six-eight conjunction can be dangerous. See the case of Sanjay Gandhi who has a Makar lagna horoscope with Sun and Mercury conjunction in the 11H and on 23 June 1980 in the mahadasha of Moon in the 8H and antardasha of Mercury involved in 6-8 conjunction he died in an air accident. The same vile conjunction in the tenth house of this horoscope had to do its part. Sanjay Gandhi, who was being groomed to become the future leader in Congress, he met with a tragic air accident and died a violent death. Dasha in the chart of Congress was Moon-Mercury. Moon is placed in the 7H, closely conjunct with Rahu and Mercury is the marak 7L. The same dasha of Moon-Mercury had brought Indira Gandhi to the post of Prime Minister the second time as Moon is in the house of pad prapti and Mercury as the 4L of seat is placed in the 9H of luck; both dasha lords being at 3/11 position.

Mahadasha changed to that of Mars, dasha chidra we all know is a period of major changes. On 1 June 1984 started Operation Bluestar in the Golden temple; dasha was Mars-Mars-Mercury; Mars the 9L retrograde and debilitated and Mercury placed in the 9H of religious places. In transit, Saturn and Mars both retrograde were conjunct in the 8H of Congress in Tula rashi, aspected by 9L Mercury from the 2H; Sun and Venus in transit aspected the 9H and they were also joined by Rahu Ketu axis.

Sikhs retaliated and Indira Gandhi was killed in the morning on 31 Oct 1984; after that followed the massive killings of Sikh community. Vimshottari dasha was Mars-Rahu; Mars retrograde and debilitated marak 2L aspected the 8H of grief; Rahu placed in the 7H in birth chart was placed in the 8H of navamsha. It was a time of massive change. Zail Singh, because of his loyalty to Indira Gandhi, made Rajiv Gandhi take the oath of Prime Minister, the day Indira Gandhi breathed her last.

Then came dasha chidra, Rahu mahadasha had started, Rahu in the 7H of Congress is closely conjunct with Moon and also very close to lagna degree. In Rahu-Rahu, Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated on 21 May 1991. Rahu in transit had entered kodand rashi Dhanu where in sarvashtakvarga, Congress has only 23 points. Congress henceforth came under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi. After Rajiv Gandhi, Congress could never get a clear majority in elections; it was always coalition.

On 19 Mar 1998, when Congress was running Vimshottari dasha of Rahu-Saturn-Mars, BJP led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee got a strong foothold in the centre; Atal ji became PM for the full term. Saturn and Mars both aspecting the 8H of Congress had to bring about a change. Then in 2004, in vimshottari dasha Rahu-Venus, came another turn around for the Congress, they could come to power though with coalition and then actually continued for two full terms. Venus as the 8th lord of change; both Rahu and Venus in kendra from each other had to bring about this change.

In 2014 came another turn around when Congress lost badly and Narendra Modi came up as the Prime Minister. It was Jupiter-Mercury in the chart of Congress, both placed at 6/8 position in the birth chart. Mercury is the 8L of navamsha debilitated in the 5H, which is the 8th from 10H. Saturn(R) in transit was in 8H of Congress and so was Rahu.

The party faced a clear defeat in the elections in May 2019, when the dasha running was of Jupiter-Venus, their performance drastically fell and they could barely muster a total of 52 seats. Such a rueful condition of the party that it did not get enough seats to even become an official opposition party for NDA. In the chart of Congress, at the time of elections, Jupiter-Venus was on in vimshottari. These are peculiar dashas, this is what we have been told repeatedly by our esteemed Guruji Sh. K. N. Rao Sir. Jupiter-Venus and Venus-Jupiter are enigmatic dashas which can account for a complete change in the life of a person, in this case a political party. When we look at the lordships of the dasha lords, we get a clearer picture.

Jupiter is the retrograde lagna lord and 10L; Venus is the 3L cum 8L conjunct with 6L Sun in the 10H aspecting 10L Jupiter. The pratyantar at the time of elections was of Mercury which is the AK in this chart and extending the Jaimini karakas to vimshottari, it can be seen how it is the dasha of fall. Jatak Tattwam says that AK is the dasha of fall, though it does not mention whether it is to be seen in vimshottari or Jaimini dashas.

The horoscope of Congress(I) was given to our Guruji by Ram Chandra Rath who was the President of the Indian National Youth Congress(I), horoscope which was made by consulting an astrologer, so obviously there is no cause for doubting the horoscope. Moreover, we can see the authenticity of the horoscope with all the past events validated. This is the same horoscope using which revered Guruji has given predictions which have come out correct; even death of Indira Gandhi was clearly indicated in an oblique way at two places.

Now, the party is withering away. One after other, the leaders are getting caught up in scandals. Chidambaram is in custody, so is  Karnataka strongman D.K.  Shivkumar. Kamal Nath, one of the longest serving politician of Congress, now CM Madhya Pradesh, has come under the spanner of Income tax in 2019, where the agency claimed detecting about 281 crore rupees in unaccounted cash, including 20 crores paid to Congress Headquarters in Delhi through Hawala; so there are trouble signs for Madhya Pradesh. Mumbai Congress is in no better position. Urmila Matondakar quit the party; soon after Kripa Shankar Singh tendered his resignation. Several party leaders are deciding to resign from their respective posts with an intention of joining BJP.

The conjunction of six and eight lords in the 10H, aspecting the 10L Jupiter is the undoing of this party. Moon so near to Rahu and debilitated and retrograde Mars in the 5H shows the continuous state of phobia that the Congress party lives in. Presently, dasha running is Jupiter-Venus. The forthcoming antardasha of Sun starting on 17 Sep 2019 is no better. In dashamsha, Jupiter 12L placed in 5H in Leo rashi conjunct with 8L Mars shows a rueful picture and makes us wonder if the Congress party will be able to hold itself in the near future.

The transit nowadays is such that Rahu Ketu axis is falling on the 4/10 axis of Congress party; added to it is the presence of retrograde Saturn in close vicinity to Ketu in its 10H. These are hovering over the weakest 6-8 conjunction of Sun and Venus in its horoscope. On 26 Sep 2019, Mars will come in Kanya, will get in mutual aspect with Saturn and Congress chart will have many malefics in kendra, shaking its roots further.

Congress Party Varshaphal Journal of AstrologyHave a look at its annual chart of completed 41 years. Kanya lagna rising, Mars 3L cum 8L and 6L Saturn both are aspecting the lagna and 10H. Lagna and LL are under the impact of 6/8/12 lords. Muntha is in Leo in the 12H of the horoscope. Munthesh Sun is the 6L of Congress chart,  placed in the 4H of annual chart; showing the reason why many leaders are leaving the party, showing the reason why the party is withering away.

Considering the English origin of the Congress party, people can always ask - Does this party which has an English origin, end up with an Italian burial!!

17 Sep 2019

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