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With this 12th Newsletter the series completes a revolution. We began in June, 2009 with the aim to relate the news of the month with astrology and to bring astro thoughts, classical dictas and ideas that emerge from analysis of events to the fore in a modern, debate format. read more...
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Declaration of emergency in Pakistan by Musharraf has surprised none as I have been predicting it since July 2007. Many political analysts spoke about such possibilities recently.

In fact, someone wrote to me saying that emergency which I had been predicting in July had not materialised yet ! Those of us who lived through the Indian Emergency of 1975 in India from 26 June 1975 to 17 January 1977 were least prepared for it and remember what a terrible experience it was and sympathised with those who have spent their lives in totalitarian countries.

When Emergency was imposed in India Jupiter was in Meena the eleventh house of Indian independence horoscope, aspected by Saturn and it was the dasha of Rahu-Mercury.

In the case of Pakistan, Rahu is in the eleventh house aspected by Saturn and it is the dasha of Ketu (in the eighth house) Mercury third and sixth lord in the fourth house and Saturn the tenth and eleventh lord.

Some parallels between this emergency of 3 November 2007 in Pakistan and the Indian one is worth comparing.

Legal tangle
1. There was an adverse court decision against Indira Gandhi by Allahabad High Court which unseated her. She should have resigned and the Indian prime minister should have changed.

On the advice of some of her confidantes, she declared emergency and saved herself.

Compare the parallels as you read on.

Pakistan faced a similar situation and a judgement by Pakistan Supreme Court on 6 November was feared to be against the constitutional validity of the candidature of Musharraf in the presidential election. To avert it, Musharraf did not wait for the judgement to come but after imposing emergency got removed the inconvenient judges and got his own men appointed.

2. Indira Gandhi got all opposition arrested and put them in the jail. If Musharraf has not already done it, he will do it.

New law or amendment
3. Indira Gandhi got the People’s Representation Act amended retrospectively in a captive parliament in which only the members of her party were present with the opposition in jail, and made the Supreme Court of India totally ineffective as far as upholding the Allahabad High Court judgement was concerned. Neither the prime minister nor the president of India could be touched easily by courts thereafter.

Musharraf has come out with provisional constitutional ordinance under which he has acted and removed the judges of the Supreme Court eight of whom had declared the declaration of emergency unconstitutional. Where are they now ? In jail, if alive ?

Terrorizing the judiciary
4.A judge of the Supreme Court of India, we know (and a cardiologist has confirmed it) used to call Indira Gandhi “Durga” or Goddess Durga in sheer dread.What Musharraf has done is much worse and is well reported already. But the judges there were not in dread at all is the report.

5. During the Indian emergency of 1975, we did not have private television channels, mobile phones, internet communications etc. Yet, the newspapers and their editors were controlled except two who bold proprietors, came out with sensational stories and suffered at the hands of the government. The media as a whole in India behaved in most cowardly fashion forgetting its freedom of free expression given under the constitution. Fundamental Rights were suspended.

It was the dasha of Mecury in the third house, representing media in two ways and also in transit Mars was aspecting the third house.

Musharraf has had to control mobile, television channels, newspapers, internet communications and even telephones. This is always the worst deprivation of a great democratic right and Musharraf has done it very strictly. Fundamental Rights have been suspended.

It is the antardasha of Mecury the third lord, representing media in two ways and also in transit Mars is in the third house.

Justification of Emergency
6. Indira Gandhi had failed to control prices and in 1973 onwards agitations all over India, starting from Gujarat and later when the great leader Jai Prakash Narayan led an all India agitation, it was clear that Indira Gandhi could be shaken up. So she made it a law and order issue and imposed and justified emergency. Indira had no iota of justification to do it.

In the case of Musharraf, the justification has existed for many months now with the growing strength of Taiban and terrible terrorist activities some of which aimed at the assassination of Musharraf and a terrible situation in north west frontier provinces.

If Musharraf had imposed such an emergency in July, it would have looked justifiable to some extent. But imposing it, two days before a crucial judgement against him was to come, possibly unseating him and declaring his candidature in the presidential election unconstitutional, he has clearly exposed himself to the charge of making his emergency a skin saving measure.

I will watch the situation as events unfold in Pakistan and Musharraf becomes very unsafe inspite of emergency and write more as India is going to be affected by it.

( 4 November 2007)

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sreeram_srinivas (Guest)
One of the qualification parameters mentioned by rishi Parashara in his magnum opus - BPHS, that the astrologer should be aware of political happenings and the general society around him.

The fact Sri K.N. Rao's posting on website - almost immediately - drawing astro centered correlations between the "two emergencies", reflects the depth of research that has been down by him, settling an example on astro_research guidelines for all aspiring modern day astros.

Surely, Sri Rao K.N. fully compliance to the stated qualities of an eminent astrologer and my sincere appreciation of the same.

These articles are also lessons for all astro_writers in focussing their articles more on astrology than on event{or even self boasting}, yet communicating both in a subtle manner.
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