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KASHMIR (Updated)
Today, 5 August 2019 has become a historic day in our history as something which could not be done in 70 years has taken shape now. Union Home minister Amit Shah has announced that Article 370 which grants special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir will be scrapped. He also announced that Jammu and Kashmir will no longer be a state and it will be bifurcated into two Union Territories— Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.  mehr lesen...mehr lesen...
But the case of Chidambaram occupied the nation’s attention. Along with Chidambaram is the case of his son Karti Chidambaram. Coming back to the case of Chidambaram, many people remember that during his tenure as Home Minister of India in 2010 he was said to have floated the word ‘Saffron Terrorism’. The image of Chidambaram that got projected was that of a sycophant of a powerful lady in Congress party. The horoscope of Chidambaram available to us is not confirmed as yet. This horoscope explains certain events of his life very well and the present turn of events leading to his fall from grace and the enormous danger that he is facing of legal punishment. mehr lesen...mehr lesen...
Druckerfreundlich Einem Freund empfehlen


In Yogis, Destiny and the Wheel of Time I referred to the incident of Chandi Babu and my Guruji when Guruji told him (in 1948 I wrote but am told that it was in 1952) that he (Guruji), Chandi Babu and his wife will leave this world within a space of six months in one year.

Chandi Babu’s wife suffered from cancer and I had to give him a prediction about his wife in 1978 when he did not expect it. In the first quarter of 1980 his wife died thirty eight or forty two years after the prophecy; Guruji took his samadhi in June 1980 and Chandibabu died about four months later---all in 1980.

That is the vision of a mahatma. India is great, eternal because we have such mahatmas all over the country.

But if Madhuri Dixit who is said to have staged a great come back at the age of 42 is the main attraction, there is no interest or quest to seek true mahatmas.

We do not publicise these facts of our lives in India as Vaishnavas do not speak of siddhis but of surrender to the Lord while performing their worldly duties. And it is strictly applied to us worshippers of Lord Krishna who speaks of avyabhicharini bhakti in the Gita (devotion without aberrations---actually avyabhicharini refers to sexual misconduct)

Therefore, we keep to ourselves such experiences and we die with them without these experiences being disclosed fully in all cases. Manu gurus forbid their disciples of talking about miracles which they witness.

In 1963
In 1963, while I was walking with Guruji, he told me that in old age I will have serious trouble with my legs. In 2000, thirty seven years later, I was nearly crippled and no doctor in Delhi or Lucknow gave me even one percent chance of recovery. They said that I would never be able to walk ever again in my life.

Smt.Bijoya Chakrabarty, the Water Resources minister (BJP leader from Assam) in the cabinet of Atal Bihar Vajpayee had got me examined by big doctors. I had given her a prediction about her victory from Assam and becoming a minister. She came to meet me again in 2006 and when she saw me walking without even a walker, she stared at me with disbelief and describes it all now as the eighth wonder of the world ! No leading doctor had given me one percent change of recovery she keeps saying now. But she had not told me of the gloomy diagnosis of doctors then.

I was one of those fantastic cases of a patient who was given no medicine. I recovered through prayers only. I do not quote such personal examples but here I have to since I emphasise that one must do it, offer prayers, oneself. I did my Guru Mantra, Vishnu Sahastranama, Narayana Kavacham, lying on bed, violating all Vaishanava rules of shuchi or cleanliess. I recovered partly and can walk without a stick, climb stairs but cannot walk now for five miles at a stretch.

In 1957, I had gone trekking to Rohtang Pass in a continuous walk of many hours, covering 36 miles at a stretch !

My students who have seen my condition in 2000 and see me now have started believing in Vishnu Sahastranama and Narayana Kavacham and some of them do it now, having learnt the recitation of these with me.

Again 1963 --a young man
Similarly, Guruji had told me in 1963, about a young man of twenty one years that he was born with a rogi shareera (sickly body) but that would not affect his longevity! By 2007 that young man now sixty five years old has been hospitalised at least fifteen times, excluding the period when he had to remain to confined to his bed at home which may be more than twenty times! Nearly thirty five such attacks of sickness, illness accident etc. in a period of forty years is what I am witness to.

In the Yogis book I did not confine myself to my Guruji only but I wrote about other saints to show how this great spiritual current flows all over India. I revealed only twenty percent of what I have been a first hand witness to

It is my luck that I met such great mahatmas. They have never said that karma phala or results of karma can be liquidated so easily. One has to reconcile to fate cheerfully.

This is what an astrologer can see and prepare people to face life with its enigmas of bliss and pain, that duality of joy and torture which is what human life is.

If an astrologer claims that he can wipe it out, what he is doing is to talk against our own scriptures, the great preachings of mahatmas, and great examples like that of Rama Krishna Paramhamsa or Raman Maharshi.

I know many more such examples and in not a single case of those suffering mahatmas was there any lack of the divine ecstacy which they enjoyed and gave to their disciples experiences of ecstacies in ample measure. They had risen above their body consciousness, that transcendental stage which is a fiction to the stupid western scientist because in their countries they can never see such examples.

Where there is spiritual barenness, atheism needs no fertilizer to grow enormously. It is what I found in my interactions with westerners. Scratch them and comes out like a dangerous devil the somnolent, disbelieving , questioning, challenging atheist in them. They talk of the Bible and do not remember that Christ talked of men of faith and derided “Ye, men of little faith”!

(1 December 2007)

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