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KASHMIR (Updated)
Today, 5 August 2019 has become a historic day in our history as something which could not be done in 70 years has taken shape now. Union Home minister Amit Shah has announced that Article 370 which grants special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir will be scrapped. He also announced that Jammu and Kashmir will no longer be a state and it will be bifurcated into two Union Territories— Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.  read more...
Is ours an ideal democracy!! Hardly so, it is far from being an ideal democracy; where there should be  two equal opponents, like Conservative and Labour party in Britain; like Republican and Democratic party in USA. As for India, for the two major parties here i.e. Congress and BJP there has never been a state of relative equilibrium. There was a time when Congress was all powerful for a long time, BJP had not come into existence then. BJP came into existence and gradually spread its wings and the status now of present election result on 23 May 2019 is that BJP alone bagged 303 seats and 353 seats along with its NDA Alliance. Congress on the other hand could muster only 52 seats; along with UPA, Congress got 91. Other parties won 98 seats. What to talk of equality, Congress party could not win even 55 seats which is the requisite 10 % to become the official opposition. read more...
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Why so many high profile cases are taking place this year was dealt with in an earlier piece WHY SO MANY HIGH PROFILE CASES? 13 May 2017.

The highest profile case in a way because of his solid following of millions, estimated to be seven crores, that of Baba Ram Rahim has kept us all, the police, the administration of Haryana and Punjab on toes with television channels competing with each other to claim best, first hand coverage. Delhi, so near to Panchkula the place of all this tense drama is watching it as keenly as many people in Haryana and Punjab. There is the undecided case of the fanatically dangerous Muslim preacher Zakir Naik and still earlier of Baba Ram Pal and Asaram Bapu but none seems to have made it so sensational and tense as this one. Or may be the competing television channels have made it all so melodramatic.( http:// 60217107.cms)

It is neither the television channels, nor the administration but planets which have made it what it is.

Huge crowds of Baba’s followers gathered in Panchkula inspite of Section 144 imposed, the presence of police constables and even army as a standby, television channels blaring out banalities, Baba’s car reaching the court (1/31 pm of 25 August) has made this case overshadow the more significant and landmark judgement of nine member bench of the Supreme Court on 25th August (yesterday) involving no personality but the most important issue, right to privacy as a fundamental right, pales into insignificance. Is that laughable and ludicrous? But then man bites a dog is news not dog bites a man. That judgement of the Supreme Court has opened a pandora’s box and people will rush to courts if and when they feel that their privacy is being violated on some pretext or the other. But that is not newsworthy for the media. A high profile case involving the charges of rape and murder is news---titillating and morbidly juicy news. Among others, a fat, not good looking, female reporter resembling a balloon is covering it vociferously in fluent English from the field.

Why has the month of August 2017 been such a sensational month of court cases ?

Look at the New Moon chart of 22 August 2017. 

Sixth and seventh lords (Mars and Venus ) clearly a sexual offense case, aspecting the ninth house of judiciary along with Jupiter and Saturn. 

The judge who is to deliver the judgement is a junior one with only five years of service and court is a CBI court, not a High Court or the Supreme Court. (http://www.hindi. specialstories/meet- judge-jagdeep-singh-deliver-verdict-gurmeet-ram-rahim--29495)

Journal of Astrology - Ram Rahim full moon

In the navamsha, Mars , the seventh lord is in the tenth house aspected by the eighth lord, Jupiter, showing the sexual disgrace.

In the dashamansha, the seventh lord Jupiter in the eighth house aspected by a debilitated Saturn , the eighth lord, depicts the case of sexual offence once again.

So August is not so august in the year 2017.

We will have to wait for 2:30 pm to know the verdict. (2 pm)( 25 August 2017)

If Baba is held guilty there will be serious law and order problem as planets indicate. If it is not, Baba’s followers will still make it noisy. A man accused of raping thirty or forty women is being treated like a state guest, his followers having gathered in such large numbers and threatening law and order situation, say a reporter on the spot in a live coverage of this high profile case. It is like a prime ministerial cavalcade as being shown in television channels.(02/ 13pm).

Why are television channels raising the question whther it is going to be a jail or bail case? Sexual offense case is non bailable. (02/23 pm) is what the media should know. But then there is no medical evidence here !!

Two weak and frightened women accusing Baba have never faced the media, afraid of the might of the demi god they have accused.

The judgement came at 3 pm exactly and the Baba is convicted in Dhanu lagna with Mars and Venus in the eighth house.

So August 2017 is the month of courts and high profile cases. Triple talaq case was substantive, right to privacy among the greatest of cases in the history of India but this case of Baba Ram Rahim is the loudest. All bang bang bang and now ends in a whimper.

When Asaram Bapu was convicted his disciples rushed to me, each with a different horoscope. I made no prediction.

Are the disciples of Baba Ram going to give me sleepless nights ? Baba’s disciples have created law and order situation as is being reported now. So my phone will ring for some days and irritate me.

And I know that today is the day of my witty Lord Ganesha !!

(25 August 2017 03/17 pm)

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