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Mouni Baba ( 3rd March came the news of the death of Mouni Baba, three days after the mahasamadhi of Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati on the last day of February. Jayendra Saraswati, born in 1935, was 82 years when he took samadhi. In the case of Mouni Baba we never knew his age as no one knew it and it was guessed that he was ninety three years old when he took samadhi though some newspapers said that he was 108 years old then.


As the Lok Sabha elections are drawing closer, corridors of power are replete with political discourses. Against this backdrop, astrologers too are busy making predictions, according to their own calculations. Whatever the political pundits might calculate about the formation of the next government, all the astrologers have one common prediction that Narendra Modi’s stars are shining and still the strongest, and according to planetary position, Narendra Modi can once again become the Prime Minister of the country.

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What awaits the nation then ? The question is pertinent because the coming mahadasha of Moon shows some remarkable achievements in space and other scientific areas but in the socio-economic sphere with huge political repercussions, it is an ill augury for national peace. CASTEIST TENSIONS IN INDIA - DEFINITION OF BACKWARD CLASSES (KN RAO 27 August 2015, 8:58 PM)

It was already hinted that tensions in India would grow.

Now first read some pieces to distinguish between tolerance and intolerance.
'Stand up or get out!' Muslim family forced to leave cinema in Mumbai for refusing to stand during the national
anthem. It was triggered by a video showing a family being thrown out of a Mumbai movie hall for not standing up when Jana Gana Mana was being played.Unsurprisingly, the clip has since gone viral on social media, with a large number of people posting comments for and against the action. - By Mail Today Bureau 22:04 30 Nov 2015

India’s television channels, never reliable for what they cover as news, never showed this piece widely and repeatedly and only one channel debated it--a clear historical echo of invading armies and foreign rules, first Muslims and later the British, the French and the Portuguese who never tolerated anything Hindu and Indian, ancient here, pure and spiritual. The hypocritical politicians of opposition forgetting the carnage in communal riots of Bhagalpur, Muzaffarnagar and of Gujarat of 1969 all under either Congress rule or of other non BJP governments have now suddenly that intolerance has increased in India now with the clear aim of embarrassing the Modi government.

Must one refer to Darul Islam, Darul Harab, Darul Suleh etc concepts codified many centuries to inspire Muslims never to identify them¬selves with a nation where they are not in majority and ruling ? Behind the incident reported above is this poison and visible in India. It is a case of extreme intolerance and dangerously unpatriotic. Did anyone in the Indian parliament ever refer to thousands of such incidents in India mostly reported and unreported but well known and Darul Islam or Darul Harb ?
Now read it to know what actually is intolerance.

Raymond Ibrahim
The Logic of Islamic Intolerance by Raymond Ibrahim on December 1, 2015

A sermon delivered by popular Saudi Sheikh Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid clearly demonstrates why Western secular
relativists and multiculturalists — who currently dominate media, academia, and politics — are incapable of understanding, much less responding to, the logic of Islamic intolerance.
During his sermon, al-Munajjid said that “some [Muslim] hypocrites” wonder why it is that “we [Muslims] don’t
permit them [Western people] to build churches, even though they allow mosques to be built.” The Saudi sheikh responded by saying that any Muslim who thinks this way is “ignorant” and wants to equate between right and wrong, between Islam and kufr [non-Islam], monotheism and shirk [polytheism], and gives to each side equal weight, and wants to compare this with that, and he asks: “Why don’t we build them churches like they build us mosques? So we allow them this in return for that?” Do you want another other than Allah to be worshiped? Do you equate between right and wrong? Are Zoroastrian fire temples, Jewish temples, Christian churches, monks’monasteries, and Buddhist and Hindu temples, equal to you with the houses of Allah and mosques? So you compare this with that? And you equate this with that? Oh! Unbe¬lievable, for he who equates between Islam and kufr [non-Islam], and Allah said: “Whoever desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted from him, and in the Hereafter he will be among the losers” (Koran 3:85). And Prophet Muhamad said: “By Him in whose hand is the life of Muhamad (By Allah) he who amongst the Jews or Christians hears about me, but does not affirm his belief in that which I have been sent, and dies in his state (of disbelief), he shall be of the residents of Hellfire.”

Then remember the attempt of Sonia Gandhi to get passed the communal violence bill. 

Communal Violence Bill: A Conspiracy by NAC - by Manohar Seetharam
Many of the readers might be already familiar with the constitution, functioning and the orientation of the National Advisory Council (NAC). NAC is an extra-constitutional body that was constituted by an executive order in the year 2004. In this regard it is similar to the Planning Commission of India, which has acquired almost an indispensable role for itself when it comes to economic policy. The crucial difference being that the Planning Commission is chaired by the PM, where as the NAC was peculiarly designed to suit the politics of UPA,i.e to portray Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson of NAC, as the saviour of the poor and oppressed. Despite being an outcome of national politics NAC has off late come to represent and position itself as a government within government, allowing the ruling party to position itself both with and against the government.

An Italian Christian woman , a power behind the government from 2004 to 2014, wanted Hindus , the majority community to be victimized and put squarely all the blame for communal tension in India on the majority Hindus and not Muslims and Christians belonging to those two violent and proselytizing religions who still continue their activities under some pretext and garb, and terrorize Hindus as has happened for one thousand years in Indian history.

All that happened was a Dadri incident when a Muslim was killed in UP under the rule of the Samajwadi Party, compared to thousands killed during the Congress rule. The official report of the UP government said that it was not a communal incident but the opportunists are still using it in their debates.

Did any of the hypocrites who returned their awards do it when deadliest communal riots took place under Congress rule so many times ? It is well known that some of these award winners had participated in the elections of 2014 by canvassing against Narendra Modi. Some of them had congratulated Indira Gandhi when she had throttled Indian democracy by imposing the National Emergency of 1975 to save her position as the prime minister of India after an adverse High Court judgement against her by the Allahabad High Court. Is it not clear that a foreign espionage agency has been advising these Indian politicians to raise this debate to embarrass the government and make it look like a big national issue for the first time ?

The rise of ISIS is the result of the acceptance of the concepts of Darul Islam, Darul Harb etc . which Muslims all over the world accept wherever they are. So a Muslim family not standing up insulting the national anthem is only an indication of the acceptance of such concepts by Muslims all over the world. And Christian missionaries receiving huge monetary aid to convert Hindus in India do not miss the chance to insult Hindu gods and mislead masses in some areas of India even today.

Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Shashi Tharoor among hundreds belong to those dangerous anti Hindu voices who have suddenly discovered that intolerance has increased in India now. This hypocrisy had started with Jawaharlal Nehru who attacked only Hindus and Hinduism when he talked of secularism and never referred to other religions and had buried the Neogi Commission report on the dangerous activities of Christian missions in India. Jawaharlal Nehru had never believed in a Common Civil Code for all Indians but got passed the Hindu Code Bill !!! He wanted to join the exclusive European club in Allahabad after his return from Cambridge and when refused, he became a patriot !!! What 
would have been the Indian history if Jawaharlal Nehru had been allowed to join it ? English rulers would have used him as an Indian Macaulay to condemn everything Indian and he would have done it willingly. Jawaharlal’s grandson Rajiv got banned Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses and has done a permanent damage to Muslim women by amending the constitution to cover the results of Shah Bano case of the Supreme Court to please the conservative mullah led Muslims.

Will such hypocritical debate about intolerance stop or is there a greater danger to India? Is it not obvious to everyone that the Congress party, TMC and the communist parties are indulging in it to recover or keep in tact the bank of Muslim votes in future elections---and at the cost of the unity and harmony of the nation ? Few people in India know that the pro Pakistani fanatics had joined the communist party of India after Indian independence.

Against this background, examine the Moon dasha of the Indian Independence horoscope. But before that see the Solar Ingress chart of January 2015.

Vimshottari dasha - Begins in Sept 2015, Chara dasha Begins from August 2015

Journal of Astrology - Solar Ingress Chart India 2016
Sun in the fourth house aspected by two malefics is clearly showing:
a) Serious internal disturbance in India, violent in nature and sudden.
b) Twelfth lord Mercury in the third house aspected by Jupiter the sixth lord is clearest indication of taking
seriously the warnings about such attacks origination from neighbouring countries, which we know to be the rogue state, Pakistan.
c) Tenth lord Moon in the sixth house is indicative of the difficulties of the government and the possible
attack on important people in power in India. A warning to that effect has already been given according to newspaper reports.
d) More dangerous is the danger of earthquakes for which we are not prepared. Seismologists in India or for
that matter all over the world have no technique of forecasting earthquakes while astrologers do not have sound enough research to pinpoint the time, the direction and the latitude and longitude of earthquakes.
e) These earthquakes will be more frequent when Mars joins Saturn in Vrischika and stays there for some
f) This Mars Saturn combination will create a war like situation in the world with ISIS creating more menace
though it is under attack from so many sides at the moment.

The navamsha is showing the more dangerous possibilities of earthquakes. Worse is the twelfth house with sixth and ninth lord Mercury also the sixth lord with Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu.

Add to it the Hindu New Year horoscope, not given here, and see the dangerous indications for the central government in India.

It is against this background that the horoscope of each country can be seen. India has entered the mahadasha of Moon aspecting the ninth house along with Mars along with all the planets in the third house, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Sun. That shows serious ethnic, communal problems apart from attacks from neighboring countries.

There are enough mischievous elements both in India and abroad to instigate groups to create such troubles is what the government must remember and be prepared.

Moon is in the sixth house of the navamsha under Rahu Ketu axis aspecting the twelfth house pointing to the foreign source of troubles.

Journal of Astrology - Thrimshamsha
In the dashamansha it is aspected by the third and eighth lord showing isruption.

It is the Thrimshamsha that is worrisome here as both Sun and Mars aspect Moon in the ninth house or religion.

Then remember that in Chara dasha it is the dasha Meena with Mars, the Gnathikaraka in the fourth house and aspecting the seventh, tenth houses and the lagna.

Without sounding to be an alarmist, anyone will see it as a tumultuous period starting with the year 2016.

(6 December 2016)
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