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KASHMIR (Updated)
Today, 5 August 2019 has become a historic day in our history as something which could not be done in 70 years has taken shape now. Union Home minister Amit Shah has announced that Article 370 which grants special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir will be scrapped. He also announced that Jammu and Kashmir will no longer be a state and it will be bifurcated into two Union Territories— Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.  read more...
Is ours an ideal democracy!! Hardly so, it is far from being an ideal democracy; where there should be  two equal opponents, like Conservative and Labour party in Britain; like Republican and Democratic party in USA. As for India, for the two major parties here i.e. Congress and BJP there has never been a state of relative equilibrium. There was a time when Congress was all powerful for a long time, BJP had not come into existence then. BJP came into existence and gradually spread its wings and the status now of present election result on 23 May 2019 is that BJP alone bagged 303 seats and 353 seats along with its NDA Alliance. Congress on the other hand could muster only 52 seats; along with UPA, Congress got 91. Other parties won 98 seats. What to talk of equality, Congress party could not win even 55 seats which is the requisite 10 % to become the official opposition. read more...
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In examining this horoscope, it must be seen that this is a horoscope in which there is so much struggle involved in attaining the high position of the prime minister and it does not appear strong enough for him to retain this post too long. May be, the Labour Party itself may not do so well in the next general elections after three terms under Tony Blair. ( 8 SEPT 2006)

English translation of an article in Dainik Bhaskar, a Hindi newspaper.

After my sickness in 2000, I lost interest in astrological predictions, in individual and mundane areas. When some journalist friends insisted on my giving prediction on mundane events, I gave them, hesitatingly both for the Star Teller and the mass circulated  Hindi Bhaskar. Fortunately I got the correct horoscope of Gordon Brown on which I made many successful predictions. One of them has been quoted here.

My predictions about UK politics did not go wrong as I got correct horoscopes but in the case of India in the case of both Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi I slipped and ;ater apologized for my failed predictions which other astrologers are not known to do.

When Kush Singh wrote to me expressing his desire to write on UK elections, I encouraged him and he wrote out the piece which contains his accurate predictions. Kush comes from a political family (his father was also in Bihar cabinet once and is still active in politics). He himself went to England for studies and also, later for business which gave him deep interest in the politics of England

More amusing for us was to watch the dirt and bargaining of politicians of different parties, just like India, but on a much smaller scale preceding the coalition. Will it be CC (Cameron and Clegg) or BC (Brown and Clegg) was difficult to decide in the absence of the birth details of Clegg. The dirt in the manourvres and tactics preceding the final decision showed that human nature is the same everywhere. In the mother of democracies, as UK is described by some, the sordidness of it all was like a familiar scene for us Indians experiencing the dirty politics for decades.

In India first in 1967 we had many coalitions in different states known as SVD governments of India which collapsed soon. Then in 1977 the Janata Government headed by Morarji and later from 1989 till today we have not had a single party government except PV. Narasimha Rao’s which was a minority government surviving difficult times and completing five year term. The adroitness with which PV. Narasimha Rao his government gave him the status of a Chanakya in Indian politics.

The best predictions about elections anywhere can be given if psephology and astrology are combined which will never happen as we have seen in the case of monsoon prediction in India. In 1987 late Hardeo Sharma predicted in March in Vishwa Vijay Panchanga about the drought while the IMD had forecast a normal monsoon. In 2002 I had written in the mass circulated Bhaskar, a Hindi newspaper about the coming drought three months in advance and in late July, the Agriculture Minister Ajit Singh told the nation about the drought. The IMD does not have to its credit a single correct forecast about drought since it was created sometime in 1875. Yet the meteorologist will not combine the extra terrestrial phenomena which astrologers use.

But in India we have many brilliant poll forecasts of our psephologists. Prannoy Roy of the NDTV stands out like a giant in the world if you consider the gigantic proportions of Indian democracy with all its complexities. The best of western psephologists could not have evolved a better technique and model than Prannoy Roy has done for India.

But there is a difference between psephology and astrology. The astrologer predicts on the basis of scantiest data, two or four horoscopes and not the mass data of voters’s response collected by a large team employed by psephologists costing enormous amount.

Every prediction I made about British elections or US predictions has come out correct because I got correct horoscopes of the important or most important political contestants.In the case of India, I had excellent record of publicly made predictions from 1990 to 2001 of India and many which I have made privately from 1972 onwards. When I retired and threw off the shackles of government service conduct rules I was freer to write openly. But after my illness I did not and could not collect correct horoscopes and my predictions made only general mundane data reduced the percentage of correct predictions.

If astrologers had done some honest new research on elections with correct horoscopes, astrology would have come to occupy a very prestigious position among sciences. But that will never happen in India because our leaders cheat us, give us wrong horoscopes and mislead us.

How sometimes an astrological prediction appears like a miracle can be seen in many instances. My favourite one is that of a Congress leader of Madhya Pradesh. The poll survey was that the BJP would win but when the mother of this leader had asked me, I told her very confidently that her son had run into such a good period he would become a minister if his party got majority. In any case, he would win his election. . Surprisingly the poll surveys, pre-poll and even exit polls went wrong that year, the Congress party won majority of seats and this leader did become a minister.

If sound astrologers can get one hundred correct horoscopes of the main contending of political parties, they can easily predict the outcome with nearly hundred percent accuracy. That will never happen. Therefore, we helplessly fall back upon two or three horoscopes and predict as Kush Singh has done in the case of 2010 election of UK without the horoscopes of the Tory or Labour Party which are not available.

But then the fear of a hung parliament could not have been seen as the third important horoscope of Clegg and his Liberal Party was not available at all.

But then remember that this election in Britain has come with Jupiter and Saturn opposing each other from Kanya and Meena which is denoting some major changes, with revolutionary tones which has been described by a British paper as accidental revolution. What that will be seen during the course of the year all over the world. Some notable and historical, even historic changes is what can be expected to happen.

The possible changes with tings of revolution in UK can be anticipated if one scrutinisies the agreement between the ory and the Liberal parties.

In any case, my congratulations to Kush Singh for his excellent prediction.

( 14 May 2010)

Keywords: UK Elections, Psephology, KN Rao, Jounal of Astrology, Clegg, Cameron

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