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With this 12th Newsletter the series completes a revolution. We began in June, 2009 with the aim to relate the news of the month with astrology and to bring astro thoughts, classical dictas and ideas that emerge from analysis of events to the fore in a modern, debate format. read more...
Next to the 10th, the house of karmas, the 7th is the most challenging house in today’s context. Here’s why. Our basic instincts and sensuality attract us to many opposites, including, most importantly, the opposite sex. This natural stirring of love and passion, brings joy, often changes lives in fundamental ways.

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Two years ago he had asked me whether he would get a very prestigious promotion for which he was being considered. I told him that he would in spite of some obstacles and of course other factors like jealousy of his colleagues and the greed of the top man who mattered in the corrupt India of today.

He retired, joined a private service in the
meantime but was still eligible for that promotion which was denied to him.

He cane again two days before the confidence
motion of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and asked me if he could get it now when he seemed to be on the top of the panel prepared for this most prestigious promotion which is equivalent to that of a High Court judge. I said nothing could deprive him of the post this time.

But there loomed the uncertainty of the
future of the prime minister Manmohan Singh himself he said. I said that since the ouster of the UPA government did not take place before June as the leftists had a poor sense of timing, there was no chance of the fall of the government. Something like July 26 1993 could happen when P.V.Narasimha Rao managed it through corrupt methods.

That happened on the evening of 23 July
2008 when he UPA government survived through the staggering defections of fifteen voters and ten abstentions. Then Manmohan Singh got time and signed the file at the earliest and this friend of mine got the prestigious promotion and joined his post as early as Saturday 26th.

Lagna 14-56’ ,Sun 05-54’, Moon 01-04’, Mars(R) 21-05’, Mercury 11-44’, Jupiter(R) 04-11’, Venus 09-56’, Saturn(R) 25-39’, Rahu 04-51’, Ketu 04-51’

Karak- AK Saturn, AmK Mars, BK Mercury, MK Venus, PK Sun, GK Jupiter, DK Moon

He rang me up today and thanked me.

He is running the dasha of Saturn-Venus-
Sun in Vimshottari dasha--Saturn is the tenth lord and Venus and Sun are in the tenth house.

In dashamansha Saturn is in tenth house in his own rashi and Venus is in lagna in his own rashi while Sun in the eleventh house shows that big elevation which has created heart burn in the hearts of his colleagues intriguing against him and the former political boss who wanted to promote his own man of his own region and caste.

In Chara dasha it is Simha (Leo) from where the
atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka are in the eleventh house aspected by Darakaraka forming two rajayogas.

The Antardasha is Meena (Pisces) from, where all
these rajayoga forming karakas are aspecting the tenth house.

The Pratyantara dasha is of Kumbha (Aquarius) from
where these karakas aspect the eleventh house.

There is no need to beat about the bush
and go into all complicated new fangled untested dashas on doubtful divisional charts.

( 29 July 2008)

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Dr.M.M.Prasad. Head, Botany, T.M.Bhagalpur University (Guest)
1. If Simha char dasa was running then AK and Amk are 10th from simha.[See description about the char dasa]
2. Though as per the principle described in your book, Amk 10th or 11th from rasi dasa is always yogakarak but the description puts a question mark.
3. Both AK and Amk is aspecting 10th house.
If I am right please confirm
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