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With this 12th Newsletter the series completes a revolution. We began in June, 2009 with the aim to relate the news of the month with astrology and to bring astro thoughts, classical dictas and ideas that emerge from analysis of events to the fore in a modern, debate format. read more...
Next to the 10th, the house of karmas, the 7th is the most challenging house in todayís context. Hereís why. Our basic instincts and sensuality attract us to many opposites, including, most importantly, the opposite sex. This natural stirring of love and passion, brings joy, often changes lives in fundamental ways.

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From the days of Adi Shankaracharya along with great spiritual masters, there have existed in India, as elsewhere in the world, the pseudo religious gurus who have cheated their disciples of their property but never relieved them of their pain, as Tulsidas says.

In these days of television astrology in India (with the pseudo-religious astrologers dressed as priests or even "gurus" making lots of money because they get free advertisement through their television programs) and sprawling internet astrological groups which have invariably some graceless participants always showing their low upbringing at the earliest, it is rare to come across subtle predictions.

See this given by a woman astrologer.

One businessman fell a victim to astrologer cheats, like of course, so many, these days. What happened to one such individual is being narrated here. The horoscope being discussed here is baffling and astrologers who do not know some subtle points (I have given the combination occurring here in some book) are bound to go wrong.

Case history
His is a pathological case from astrological point of view. He consults anyone who claims to be an astrologer and pays them handsomely. He will not hesitate to get any shanti (upayas or remedial measures) done because of his keenest desire to grow richer though he had been rich once.

Aatmakaraka Saturn, Amatyakaraka Mercury, Bhratrikaraka Venus, Matrukaraka Jupiter, Putrakaraka Sun, Gnatikaraka Moon, Darakaraka Mars

He also learnt some astrology but had no time to do it seriously and develop an insight into the subject for which no one can blame him.

He started showing his horoscope to many astrologers and had even nadi readings done and the prediction by all, except one woman astrologer, was that his Mercury dasha starting from 24 July 2004 would be a period of disaster.

I have been reminded by a student of mine that when he had come to me, I had told him that he would have his court cases relating to properties and that he would be on the losing side mostly.

The payments he made consultations and shantis From time to time he spent at the minimum rate of two thousand and one hundred rupees to five thousand rupees for consultation.

In addition, he got shantis done including a south Indian Brahmin who charged annually thirty six thousand, at the rate of three thousand rupees a month to "keep all the malefic planets in his horoscope under full control".

His troubles started as soon as the antardasha of Jupiter in the mahadasha of Saturn started from 10 January 2002. In panic, he ran from astrologer to another and all of them assured him (seeing his coming period of Mercury) that his future was bright and that he would become richer than he was but ... In that "but" was concealed the story of the greed of astrologers each one of whom made lot of money from him in this period. They judged, hoped and expected that in his Mercury dasha, his second and the eleventh lord, he would earn fabulously and he would thank them for such a "brilliant" prediction.

The notable dasha periods in this case were:
Saturn Mahadasha from 24 July 1985 to 24 July 2004
Saturn-Jupiter dasha from 10 January 2002 to 24 July 2004.

First see in the birth horoscope Jupiter the eighth lord in the eighth house aspected by Saturn and Mars. It is a combination for Humiliation.

Now see the Chaturthamsha and see the position of Jupiter and Mercury in them for the story to unfold. If those astrologers who had exploited him, known astrology properly instead of greedily wanting to cheat him in the name of shantis, they could have seen the danger easily. But these UPAYACHARYAS do not know astrology and will never miss the chance to exploit these gullible rich people ever.

In Jaiminiís Chara dasha the dasha of Mesha was starting from 3 June 2006 and this dasha will fall in the eighth house from Karakamsha. Additionally, Atmakaraka Saturn falls in the tenth house. The disaster looming is visible.

What could have Upayas done? The only sage advice would have been to be cautious in plans for expansion and intensive investments.

But destiny has its own role. A multi millionaire earlier, now he is reduced not to a penurious level but has fallen steeply from his earlier level of booming business and enviable prosperity.

And finally the subtle point which this woman astrologer remembered, given in an article of mine, clinched the prediction she gave of looming disaster. She wanted to join one of the astrology groups for internet discussion. I advised her not to do as there are many astro-viruses circulating who do not discuss technically and academically but attack each other gracelessly showing their low upbringing.

This is also eternal India---the nakshatra shuchi referred to by Varahamihira

(15 Feb 2010)

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OH NO!!!!!!!!!! (Guest)
2-babas caught
Namaskar Guruji,

Last 2 days, I saw TV report of 2 baba's been caught red-handed.
Is this propagande against Hindus or those cheat baba's.

I am for sure that Nityanada use to charge 250CAD$ for personal visit here in Vancouver and he had follower who paid for his visit.Internally amoung our friend we said something doesnt look quite right here.
for 2nd baba, less I speak the better.

Guruji, were you perferring to them or some one who calls himself Adi Shankarcharya from Maharastra ( I think he is cheat too trying escape from law for his fraud at his workplace)
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