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KASHMIR (Updated)
Today, 5 August 2019 has become a historic day in our history as something which could not be done in 70 years has taken shape now. Union Home minister Amit Shah has announced that Article 370 which grants special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir will be scrapped. He also announced that Jammu and Kashmir will no longer be a state and it will be bifurcated into two Union Territories— Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.  read more...
Is ours an ideal democracy!! Hardly so, it is far from being an ideal democracy; where there should be  two equal opponents, like Conservative and Labour party in Britain; like Republican and Democratic party in USA. As for India, for the two major parties here i.e. Congress and BJP there has never been a state of relative equilibrium. There was a time when Congress was all powerful for a long time, BJP had not come into existence then. BJP came into existence and gradually spread its wings and the status now of present election result on 23 May 2019 is that BJP alone bagged 303 seats and 353 seats along with its NDA Alliance. Congress on the other hand could muster only 52 seats; along with UPA, Congress got 91. Other parties won 98 seats. What to talk of equality, Congress party could not win even 55 seats which is the requisite 10 % to become the official opposition. read more...
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From March-April issue of Journal of Astrology 2010

Astrologers should have explained the research done by Russian physicists, Nikolaj Volodichev and Mikhail Panasjuk on neutron flashes related  to the positioning of the Sun and the Moon. Dig daha was the term used by famous Varahmihira the astrologer from Ujjain from 505 A.D to 587 A.D., for neutron flashes.

The Russian research: Neutron flashes may forecast earthquakes. Earthquakes may be heralded by bursts of neutrons from the earth’s surface and could even be linked to the lunar cycle, according to the two Russian physicists.

Nikolaj Volodichev and Mikhail Panasjuk of the Skobeltysn Research Institute of Nuclear Physics in Moscow noticed that flow of neutrons from Earth’s crust increased sharply during the new Moon and the full Moon. This is when tidal forces acting on earth are at their strongest, which could trigger seismic activity. The researchers are optimistic that their discovery could form the basis of a new system for forecasting earthquakes.

Volodichev and Panasjuk measured levels of neutron emission in the Pamir mountains in Tajikstan - a seismically active region where Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates meet and found that they peaked at twelve hour intervals. The researchers noticed that the variation in neutron flux coincided with the daily fluctuations of the Moon’s gravitational pull. This prompted them to study the neutrons bursts when these tidal forces are at their greatest – that is, when the Sun, Earth and Moon line up – at the time of new Moon or full Moon.

Volodichev and Panasjuk found that the neutron flow during these periods was around twelve times higher than the background level. This led them to believe that the tidal stress on the earth’s crust opens up fissures through which radioactive gases and particles can escape. The radioactive material quickly decays, emitting alpha particles that contain neutrons.

To back their theory, the researchers analyzed data collected over 28 years from the Pacific ‘ring of fire’ – a region of intense earthquake activity. They found most severe earthquakes took place around the time of a new Moon or a full Moon.

“Our work suggests that neutron flashes and an increase in seismic activity are closely related, and are bound by tidal forces”, said Volodichev “The prediction of earthquakes from neutron bursts is still in the development stage but it is very promising".

It is common knowledge that on the new Moon and full Moon day the tides of the sea are more volatile than usual. The positioning of Sun and Moon has found to be causing unusual activity in the human brain also during around the full Moon and New Moon days. This has been scientifically observed in mental asylums.

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