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With this 12th Newsletter the series completes a revolution. We began in June, 2009 with the aim to relate the news of the month with astrology and to bring astro thoughts, classical dictas and ideas that emerge from analysis of events to the fore in a modern, debate format. read more...
Cancer is one such most dreaded health malady of modern times. We will try to answer the above questions through a case study of 'Brain Cancer'. It is a typical case of a MBBS doctor who was suddenly diagnosed of a malignant brain tumor in 2nd week of Dec 2009 and was operated on 28th December 2009, now undergoing follow up treatment. His condition is still critical. read more...
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“An article of mine on the great Indian leader, Jai Prakash Narayan whom I will refer to as J.P. appeared in the January 1989 issue of the Astrological Magazine. It was written one year before the General Elections of 1989 in which this prediction was clearly made, when no one had yet expected the Congress (I) party of Rajiv Gandhi, to be defeated. .....

As I write this (14 September, 1988), Jupiter is in Taurus, which according to my own research in mundane astrology brings about, in post-independence India, radical changes in the central government, and then as Saturn prepares to move into Poorvashadha , the two major planets will transform the national political scene, through a poll, not a revolution but a poll which will have the tones of a revolution through a ballot.

Jupiter was last in Taurus in 1977, when something of a revolution through ballot had taken place; earlier transiting between Aries and Gemini, this planet, Jupiter, had taken away Nehru, brought in Lal Bahadur Shastri, whose brief tenure ended tragically and then came in Indira . Now Jupiter is there again and I remember J.P. on this occasion, particularly when Saturn is preparing to effectuate the classical “Chattra Bhanga Yoga”.

Jupiter was in Taurus when V.P. Singh formed his government and the Congress party sat in opposition in 1989. Jupiter is in Taurus these days again and the mood of the nation, though the elections are still nearly ten to fifteen months away, may be swinging against the present coalition UPA II in power at the center. What appears clear is that Congress party will find it difficult to return to power at the center for the third time to form a government.


But before that one should look at the New Year horoscope of 2013 which is warning to the central and state governments as the disasters visible with the concentration of planets in the eight house show.

This will be analyzed later but suffice it to say that we have a difficult year to face now. Notable in this horoscope if a bad exchange of the tenth lord Venus with the eighth lord Jupiter which is showing a terrible upset for the government in power.  Elections will be held either during this period or at any rate the parliament will be dissolved and elections declared during the operation of this horoscope.

Along with these disasters, the country will have to be prepared for a change in the central
Government and the digging up of all those cases which have been suppressed now and are not being investigated. Let some notable points be seen in this horoscope:

1) India has not known tsunami disasters as Japan has. But this year, India can fear a devastating earthquake followed by a tsunami.

2) Mass deaths visible in this horoscope will be caused also by some disease which may be a water borne disease.

3) The state governments and the government will be found wanting in coping with these disasters leading to mass disillusionment demanding a change in the government.

4) Corruption which is the burning issue in the election everywhere now apart, the issue of the protection of women is becoming a national issue in the election after the most publicized Delhi rape case of 16 December 2012.

5) In the Indian Republican horoscope (not given here) the Mahadasha of Jupiter in the eleventh house is a period of some good law coming in this period and such measures as will protect women.


Congress Party Horoscope THE CONGRESS PARTY

Coming to the horoscope of the Congress Party, it is now passing through the mahadasha of Jupiter and the antardasha of Saturn in which between February and July it will be the pratyantara dasha of Rahu is a clear indication of some tragedy and heart searching. The party is not regaining power in this period or even later when general elections will be declared. It is facing insurmountable problems in the antardasha of Saturn and in the next antardasha of Mercury; it will have to remain context with the role of an opposition party only.


BJP HoroscopeTHE BJP

The BJP is now running through the mahadasha of Sun the third lord in the tenth house in exchange with Jupiter the tenth lord. Jupiter the tenth lord is involved in conjunction with Saturn, Rahu and Mars because of which this party has never been able to form a government without many coalition partners in the period between 1998 and 2004. This party may never be able to form a single party government as the Congress party had for many years since independence of India.

In its Sun dasha it is again nearing the power center in a coalition.

It can therefore surmised that in the next coalition it is the NDA government that will be
formed at the center with BJP joining it in a prominent way.

(24 January 2013)

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suresh chand kalhan (Guest)
electoral reforms
since elections of loksabha are due in 2013/14, let there be electoral reforms in relation to the national parties. there must be only 2 or 3 national parties and not more than 3 parties contestting the national elections for the better administration and law and order for the development of country

no coalition govt wanted
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