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KASHMIR (Updated)
Today, 5 August 2019 has become a historic day in our history as something which could not be done in 70 years has taken shape now. Union Home minister Amit Shah has announced that Article 370 which grants special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir will be scrapped. He also announced that Jammu and Kashmir will no longer be a state and it will be bifurcated into two Union Territories— Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.  read more...
But the case of Chidambaram occupied the nation’s attention. Along with Chidambaram is the case of his son Karti Chidambaram. Coming back to the case of Chidambaram, many people remember that during his tenure as Home Minister of India in 2010 he was said to have floated the word ‘Saffron Terrorism’. The image of Chidambaram that got projected was that of a sycophant of a powerful lady in Congress party. The horoscope of Chidambaram available to us is not confirmed as yet. This horoscope explains certain events of his life very well and the present turn of events leading to his fall from grace and the enormous danger that he is facing of legal punishment. read more...
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Three transits were taking place within few hours on the 14 July. Venus had already transited into Mithuna and the world cup final was dragging on and on goallessly: it was no better in extra time with eight minutes to go. Six minutes and thirty eight seconds were left for the extra time to be over and if it continued goalless, the penalty shootout would be reached. The German coach decided to withdraw Klose and send in Goetze as a substitute and in just thirty seconds Goetze passed into an forget- table chapter of the football of Germany--he became a folk hero. Schurlle had run down fast with the ball on the left side, passed on a perfect looping pass to Goetze in the center who chested it down, swiveled and hit a perfect shot into the goal past the Argentinian goal keeper Romero into the right side of the net. It was 3:56 am in India. These are celebrated immortalities of Kaliyuga an orthodox Hindu pundit might have said. For over one billion spectators watching it all over the world in television channels it was the story of a leather ball bestowing on Goetze enigmatic immortality of our times. “Goetze is the miracle boy, he is the wonder who can play in numerous positions, he is the decider who can come on and make a difference and that is what he did today,” said Loew. Goetze, himself, said he felt “unbelievable” after the goal. “It’s an unbelievable feeling,” he said. “I don’t know how to describe it. You just score that goal and you don’t really know what’s happening after that.
13 July 2014 night
Downloading an email and casting a horoscope as soon as I took a print out, Manoj Kaushik and Vishal Arora sitting in my house, both teachers of astrology and predictors in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi asked me what it was. An email from Sachin Malhotra giving birth details of “The German coach Joachim Low of the football team figuring in the greatest sports show of the world tonight in the finals between Argentina and Ger- many” I said .

Prediction of Manoj Kaushik
Manoj looked at the horoscope and said that if a prediction was to be made on this rather thin basis, Germany was winning tonight and he gave, as usual, his sound reasons. Vishal agreed with him and gave some additional reasons.

I decided to cast the lunar charts for both these countries and saw which appeared better, as in a team game like football, we will need a set of many horoscopes including that of the captains of both team as the most reliable date. I did not have them except that of Messi ofArgentina but here are there were two horoscopes, one with Vrisha lagna and the other with Makara. I preferred the Makara lagna one and thought it was a so near yet the glory missed story.

But I will make no prediction and watch the match. I watched almost all the matches either late at night as those were shown live late at night and if I missed it during the afternoon of the next day as they were repeated in the evening of the next day in Sony Six every day. But tonight I will watch it.

Saurav Ganguly, the famous Indian cricketer had predicted an all European final and the trophy going for the first time in Fifa championship played in Latin America to Europe. Bengalis, greatest lovers of football in India, have their finer sense of judgement in football matches and Saurav is one of them though a distinguished cricketer. Saurav’s forecast had come much before even the semi finals of the championship.

The final is coming up two days after Guru Purnima, giving me some data to rely on, after examining the lunar charts for both countries.

At one time, Netherlands had appeared very strong to me but it got knocked out in the Semi-finals. Germans, super-efficient in so many fields of human activity reach near perfection in many fields, it being their well-known national characteristic. In this tournament they have been rated as the best team. A glance at the past statistics is of interest and relevant in this context. It is as follows:

The World Cup roll of honour:
5: Brazil ('58, '62, '70, '94, '02) Won five times
4: Italy ('34, '38, '82, '06) Won four times
3: Germany ('54, '74, '90) Won three times add the victory of July 2014 and it becomes four now.
2: Uruguay ('30, '50), Won two times
2.Argentina ('78, '86) Won two times
1: England ('66), Won once
1.France ('98), Won once
1.Spain ('10)Won once
Let me quote from a report

The teams had met in two previous World Cup finals, one that was a thriller (Argentina’s 3-2 victory over West Germany in 1986) and one that is generally regarded as the worst final in the history of the tournament (West Germany’s slog to a 1-0 win in 1990).

Argentina had the great Maradona in 1986 and on 13/14 midnight had Messi, the magical, rated as the best footballer of the world.

Some horoscopes then become relevant:
1. The lunar fortnight horoscope ofArgentina.
2.The lunar fortnight horoscope of Germany
3.The horoscope of Messi
4.Philipp Lahm the German Captain of the victorious teamwhichIrectifiedslightly.

The historic 113th minute
Let us start this narrative with that dramatic moment. The first ninety minutes of the play ended goallessly: the extra time of thirty minutes was dragging on goallessly till 23 minutes: Klose the record holder of maximum goals in the world cup was withdrawn and came the substitute Goetze. It was 113 minutes old game with seven more minutes to go into the uncertainty of penalty kicks. Intuition works on such cases as happened here too and reported thus:

Two quotations from newspapers
But there was still time for Goetze to become involved and he grasped the opportunity, becoming the only substitute to score the winning goal in a World Cup final.
2) Klose underlined the team spirit that kept things positive when both men were spending time on the bench. "It's incredibly important that we stuck together," he said. "At halftime I told Mario 'I think you'll get a goal tonight.' "It's just incredible." Loew too felt that Goetze's time had come. "I had the feeling that he could do something decisive today because Mario is the kind of player who can decide matches," he said. "I had a feeling somehow that he could bring this thing to a conclusion."

Thereafter Messi got a kick from a 20 yard spot. History could be made if he scored. If he flopped the elusive glory of leading Argentina to a world cup victory like Mardona would be missed and there would be a lifelong agony to cloud his super brilliant career. And he missed it.

“That brilliant moment would come in the second period of extra time, at 122:22, when German substitute Mario Götze ghosted behind Argentina’s central defender Martín Demichelis to collect a cross from André Schürrle — a substitute for a substitute — and direct the ball into the net for a 1-0 German win.”

Astrological Analysis
Now, in making prediction in such cases without full data of many horoscopes is like tossing a coin to make a most crucial prediction. That is why it is a precarious prediction. More than one billion football crazy fans all over the world are watching this biggest sports show of the world, the maddening , frenzied Argentinian and Germans watching it with bated breath and Brazilians not wanting Argentina to win shouting in favour of Germany. This once in four years craze sweeps the world , causes palpitation of hearts, sinks fortunes in betting and gets millions to the lucky winners.

Yet, in making such predictions where two nations are involved and the final results is to be decided in the coming days, a look at fortnightly charts which cover these events is helpful or throw some light in those dim areas where confusion prevails and offers the glimmer of a solution.

The tenth house has afflictions caused by aspects but the tenth lord aspecting it also from the third house shows the brilliant fight of Argentinian players. The exchange of lagna lord Moon and Jupiter is the exchange of first and the sixth lord good for a fight but there is the untiring struggle mostly fruitless as the lord of luck Jupiter aspecting his own house is in turn aspected by  Saturn revealing the story of slips leading to missed glory.

Note: When the match was going on Venus the fourth and the eleventh lord has passed into the twelfth house of loss.

Germany appeared stronger clearly with the tenth lord in the tenth house with digbali Sun and the exchange of the fourth and the eleventh lord bringing  to it the honour of
winning but after a struggle because in the dashamansha the tenth lord goes into the eight house.

Comparatively, the fortnightly horoscope of Germany is better.

Note: When the match was going on Venus the second and the ninth lord has passed into the tenth house  forming a rajayoga.

Messi’s horoscope
The write up in Rodden’s Astro databank about Messi helps us understand why there can be more than one horoscope of  Messi.
“Lionel Messi"
1. At the age of 11, Messi was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. Local powerhouse River Plate showed interest in Messi's progress, but were not willing to pay for treatment for his condition, which cost $900 a month. Carles Rexach, the sporting director of FC Barcelona, had been made aware of his talent as Messi had relatives in Lleida, and Messi and his father were able to arrange a trial with the team. Rexach, with no other paper at hand, offered Messi a contract written on a paper napkin. Barcelona offered to pay for Messi's medical bills if he was willing to move to Spain.

Conflicting birth times

Paddy de Jabrun quotes the biography "Magic Messi". Biographer Luca Caioli writes in MESSI: La leyenda that Lionel was born "a few minutes before six".
Starkman quotes Juan Estadella for 8.20 PM. He got the birth time from the astrologer Hugo Bonito from Rosario, the birth place of Messi: " the birth time is from the family". It is rumored that his mother said in a TV show 16.20.

Starkman rectified it to 20.19.48 LT De Jabrun rectified to 20:05.

Astrological analysis made on this basis then is, after arguing in favour of Makar lagna is
1.Twelfth lord in the fourth house shows his migration in Rahu-Jupiter period to Spain which country gave him citizenship to him 2005 . Sun in the twelfth house of the dashamansha confirms it.
2.More important is Vrisha lagna will make him eldest among siblings while Makara lagna the youngest. He is the youngest among four siblings.
3. His girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo gave birth to their son Thiago on 2 November 2012.  Jupiter Jupiter Venus fits in perfectly in a research done about time of the birth of children within seventy two hours time frame.
4. On the 14 July early hours when we were watching the match in India, Messi was passing through Jupiter Saturn Ketu dasha in Vimshottari dasha. Ketu in the twelfth house aspected by Mars was not going to be a period of stellar glory.

Chara dasha gives a more specific results here. It was Mithuna dasha with Atmakaraka, the karaka of fall, the antardasha of Vrisha with Amatyakaraka giving him some achievement still, the pratyantara dasha of Mesha holding out some hopes of achievement with Amatyakaraka aspecting the tenth house but the fourth level of Dhanu tells the final story. The tenth from here is Ketu aspected by Atmakaraka Mars. Dhanu as it is the rashi of rise and fall.
That last elusive achievement of getting a world cup for Argentina, like Mardona in 1986, and adding the only achievement to his career of dazzling achievement eluded him still.

The German Coach
And in the end the horoscope of the German coach on which Manoj Kaushik and Vishal Arora made their prediction of Germany winning. In transit the tenth lord Saturn is exalted and the eleventh lord Jupiter, also exalted is aspecting his own house. In caught the eye of Manoj and he proceeded from this point and gave his prediction.

My analysis
In Chara dasha  it was the dasha of Mithuna with Amatyakaraka aspecting the tenth house unlike in the case of Messi where Atmakaraka is the spoil sport.

The antardasha was of Vrisha from where Amatyakaraka is in the eight house which could be a failure or even disgrace, but it is also aspecting the eleventh house of achievement from a house of surprises in the eighth house.

The pratyantara dasha was of Karka from where the Amatyakaraka is combined with the Putrakaraka denoting that the boys he had coached would put up a relentless fight. The fourth level is again of Vrisha, the element of surprise leading to victory. In a twinkling of a moment he decided to send Goetze in place of Klose and within seconds the goal, the winning goal, was scored.

Vimshottari dasha of  Rahu showing the boys he coached, it being the fifth house, (confirming the reading from Chara dasha), antardasha of Mercury again the fifth house comes into play and Venus the sixth lord of fight and finally, the fourth level again of Rahu in five eleven axis shows the final achievement.

Dashamansha clinches it all. Rahu Mercury Venus Rahu are in the tenth house of the glory awaiting.

It was not a prediction I made but Manoj Kaushik and Vishal Arora and I went on watching the match and analyzing the data I had before me.
I agreed with Manoj and Vishal , felt sorry for Messi missing the Nobel Prize of world football.

There was a time in my life decades ago when I made predictions about the outcome of matches in cricket and tennis adopting this method with good percentage of success avoiding prashna kundali which J.N.Sharma did most brilliantly often when we watched and discussed matches. I avoid Prashna kundali method.

But I do not encourage it now as both in astro meteorology and sports events are misused by gamblers who make use of these predictions in their

( 15 July 2014)

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