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KASHMIR (Updated)
Today, 5 August 2019 has become a historic day in our history as something which could not be done in 70 years has taken shape now. Union Home minister Amit Shah has announced that Article 370 which grants special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir will be scrapped. He also announced that Jammu and Kashmir will no longer be a state and it will be bifurcated into two Union Territories— Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.  read more...
Is ours an ideal democracy!! Hardly so, it is far from being an ideal democracy; where there should be  two equal opponents, like Conservative and Labour party in Britain; like Republican and Democratic party in USA. As for India, for the two major parties here i.e. Congress and BJP there has never been a state of relative equilibrium. There was a time when Congress was all powerful for a long time, BJP had not come into existence then. BJP came into existence and gradually spread its wings and the status now of present election result on 23 May 2019 is that BJP alone bagged 303 seats and 353 seats along with its NDA Alliance. Congress on the other hand could muster only 52 seats; along with UPA, Congress got 91. Other parties won 98 seats. What to talk of equality, Congress party could not win even 55 seats which is the requisite 10 % to become the official opposition. read more...
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In October 2010 in a long paper presented in the world astrological conference in Vishakhapatnam on mundane astrology, Glimmer of Hope in a Strife Torn World I presented my finding that world war three would take place after 2031 and in the meantime there can be many minor and major wars. I saw no world war three I found 2020 a diffiicult year and predicted in 2016 that Tokyo Olympics would be affected and may not be held.( see this article Appendix One)

Soon after I wrote another article Big War in 2020 reproduced in Parliament 2017

Then in 2019 ln what I said in the international class can be seen in appendix three.

When will it be over ? There is no serious astrological research on this but the transit of Rahu Ketu along Vrisha and Vrischika should offer some substantial relief. But recently a brilliant research by Amita Choudhary, Vikas Srivastava under Guidance of Shri Vinay Gupta Institute of Astrology, Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi does confirm my observation that a major transit will transform the picture, That will be at the end of September (23rd)

Appendix 1 

23 August 2016, 12:15 AM 
From: Kush Singh <> on Sat, 20 Aug 2016 02:04:40 
Dear Rao Saheb 
You are very right about the risk of playing sport in India. Only 1 in a million can achieve great success Our main sport cricket is totally corrupted inside out. The loss of Sindhu is acceptable and expected and her effort to be saluted. Now the rot is complete with politicians heading sports bodies. The worst is the media now chasing Sindhu and putting needless pressure on her. Astrologically, more needs to be observed. I have studied closely many world level sports horoscopes and some trends emerge relating to Mars, 6th house, 3rd house their respective lords but the key issues debatable are PHYSICAL STAMINA AND MEAT EATING CULTURE ( ABSENT IN INDIA) MENTAL STRENGTH AND KILLER INSTINCT( LESS IN INDIAN DNA) POOR INFRASTRUCTURE. Apart from the above two natural limitations - POLITICS IN SPORTS FEDERATIONS, POOR GOVT ATTITUDE. The worst tendency is now from astrologers giving sporting success to those coming for advise not realizing that there is NO OPEN DEEP ASTRO RESEARCH PUBLISHED for sporting success that is authentic. Great astrologers like you have cracked the astro combinations for sporting success but there is nothing in the public domain yet. Till that time astrologers can give false hope to budding Indian sportsmen for minting money. 
Regards Kush Singh 

This letter from Kush who has reported and written for English newspapers of England also an astrologer, explains what I have been saying all my life. That has offended many. 

When people drop in and see me watching sports events, I do it as a sports lover, they ask me astrologically about the expected “great performance of India”. For Indians trip to the Olympics is a picnic, not a competitive event is what I have to tell out of sheer disgust. I have followed Olympics since 1948 and I know about sports in India which Kush has expressed it clearly in his letter to me. 

My friend from Haryana , Satya Prakash Yadav, with roots in Haryana, explained how some people in that state started coaching centers for wrestling and boxing which have got us some prizes in international competitions. We all know how P.Gopinath, who was give some land after he won the All England badminton title , started his badminton coaching center in Hyderabad. In 2016 Olympics two prizes we got-- both women, were from these centers. And remember we sent a contingent of 110 !! 

Adding to the lunacy and expectations of Indian sports lovers were an absurd piece like this. 

Chaitra Shukla Paksha World 2020 - Journal of Astrology

Creating Lunacy: Stage One 
Rio Olympics 2016: India to win solitary gold medal and eight overall, predicts Goldman Sachs - FP Sports Aug 4, 2016 18:31 IST 
India will win eight medals including one gold medal 
at the 2016 Rio Olympics, according to the 'Olympics and Economics report' released by Goldman Sachs on Monday. This report comes after a projection from Associated Press marked the mixed doubles tennis pairing of Sania Mirza- Rohan Bopanna to bag a bronze in Rio while 50m pistol participant Jitu Rai is expected to win a silver medal in shooting for India. The Goldman Sachs' medal tally prediction gives India two medals more than their tally in the last Olympics in London. The Sports Authority of India, on the other hand, have a target of 10 medals for the 118 athletes set to participate in Rio. 

Creating Lunacy: Stage Two 
When Sakshi ended the medals drought Indian 
newspapers and television channel gave it such a wide coverage for hour and hours as though India was on the top of the table of medal winners. Aug 20, 2016 

Creating Lunacy: Stage Three 
When Sindhu reached the finals of badminton assuring 
at least a silver or gold visions of a gold medal haunted the nation. Some television channels devoted nearly six hours to this news item. Many people remained glued to their television watching the match. Rio Olympics 2016: PV Sindhu's silver worth its weight ... is what a newspaper said after Sindhu won the silver medal. 

The anti climax 
See the irony of it all. We sent a contingent more than 110 participants, all males failed, some of them even could not qualify for later rounds. Woman participants too flopped but two both “S”s, one from Haryana, Sakshi and the other from Andhra Pradesh got one bronze first and later a silver. We sent more than 110 participants and only two , women (not men), helped India appear on the medals table. 

Chaitra Shukla Paksha World 2 - Journal of Astrology

Creating Lunacy: Stage Four 
As Kush pointed out, astrologers rushed with their predictions painting a rosy picture forgetting two cardinal principles of a good astrologer by Maharshi Parashara. See desh, kaala and patra first. The country, the times and the participant in  the context of Olympics. It is about India which has never done well in Olympics, it is from India where there are no coaching facilities except in cricket (not in Olympics), badminton and boxing and wresting and all that on a very limited scale in some state or states of India only. 

Then the second principle uha-poh-patu. 
Consider India’s past record and see if any improvement has taken place to even raise some expectations. Have Indians equaled world records in international competition preceding the Olympics etc. As I have said that I have never made any prediction about Indian achievements in the Olympics. 

Yet, the nation should be grateful to Sakshi and Sindhu from saving the nation from a zero like  1976, 1984,1988 and 1992 in free India. 

Someone should find out if Phelps gets so much coverage in the press and television in USA and Bolt in Jamaica as Sakshi and Sindhu in India. Being a country starved of sporting glory and achievements, or suffering from starvation, our television channels and online newspapers have turned Sakshi and Sindhu big national heroines. 

In the year of 2016, Indian Test Cricket team   climbed up to Number One position and would have retained it if India had beaten West Indies in the fourth test, four days of which have been washed out by rains. But of course it is not an Olympic debacle.

The Olympic spirit?
To add to this bitterness are tweet wars in these days of misuse of the internet. Sample it. omar r quraishi ?@omar_quraishi Aug 17 Finally one of the 119 competitors that India sent to Rio has won a medal - a bronze - now see how they portray it as if they won 20 golds.  And he was answered by pointing out that no Pakistani could qualify for the Olympics. 

Where is the so called Olympic spirit in these ugly tweets ? 

Post Mortem 
Now the television channels are finding fault with sports management in India giving various reasons and comparative table to show why India fails in Olympics !! Why not say that it is good as Indian students will do better with their education and career and spend reasonably comfortable and happy middle and old age. Have you seen distinguished sports of India suffering from penury in middle and old age ? I have. The dawn of the twenty first century saw the rise of Indian women in sports---first Malleshwari in weight lifting then Mary Kom and Saina Nehwal and now in 2016 Sakshi and Sindhu. For conservative and misogynistic Haryana it is a big message to change. 

Now, after sometime we will begin a talk for the preparation for Tokyo Olympics. Will that take place ? See the two charts showing clouds of wars hovering all the world. 

In the context of India read this piece http:// - Diary of an Olympian: Why make them choose a life of toil for a few seconds of success 

Now they are talking of preparation for the Tokyo Olympics of 2020 without knowing how and why USA will be busier in promoting wars all over the world and China will become aggressive. India with her troubles involved in wars may decide not to participate in Tokyo Olympics of 2020. Pakistan where no one could even qualify for the Olympics of 2016, will have manufactured more terrorists than Olympians by rest of the world: European nations and USA promoting unrest all over the world through the NGOs they promote and Naxalite groups in India and similar terrorist outfits elsewhere will have done utmost damage while Islamic fundamentalists fighting their desperate battles before their final extinction will keep grabbing headlines. 

Advise Indian parents to ask their children to concentrate on their academic and professional careers and not let got lost in sports career---not in India where there is no sporting culture, very rightly. Concentrate on badminton, table tennis, hockey and some field events for future competitions and be satisfied with medals. Do you know that to be distinguished in many of the sports events you have to a half -animal and have the stamina of a horse. 

Wong Peng Soon, the great Malaysian badminton player for two decades in 1940 and 1950 had advised when he visited India to concentrate on light racket games because of their physical build and flexible bodies. 

(22 August 2016 12/40 noon)

Appendix 2 
BIG WAR IN 2020 
By KN Rao 

He has in his possession more than 50,000 horoscopes, perhaps the largest individual collection. Between 1993 and 1995, KN Rao visited the USA on five lecture tours. He was chief Guest at the Second Conference of the American Council of Vedic Astrology in 1993. Rao is the disciple of Jyotish Guru Yogi Bhaskarananda, who Rao describes as the last of the Rishi astrologer. 

First the attack on Pathankot army base, then the attack on Uri army base...reportedly by terrorists, but Pakistan-supported terrorists, nonetheless. Then came the reported 'surgical strike' by the Indian Army in Pak occupied Kashmir, flattening several terror bases there. Pakistan and the UN denied it. 

Chaitra Shukla Pratipada  2017 - Journal of Astrology
But is that all? Just border skirmishes? A surgical strike here and there? There was a surgical strike by India inside Myanmar territory to finish off Naga rebels. But the one with Pakistan is different. It is almost war, slowly creeping on the two countries and with China too, and by 2020, it will be a full-fledged war that will last long and have a devastating consequences. 

The mahadasha of Moon, the third lord, with Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Sun in the third house of Indian Independence horoscope aspecting the ninth house, along with Mars from the second house, ushers in a period of achievements in so many fields, particularly in space and communication (Mangalyan and the PSLV as evidence), but on the negative side are skirmishes with neighboring countries, including China, some of them serious enough to look like a war. 

The occasion to write this is a prediction circulated virally about a serious war between India and Pakistan from 15 october, 2016, where one astrologer has predicted a very definitive action by Indian to put an end of Pakistan's nefarious designs to be a constant irritant by bringing up the Kashmir issue time and again. 

This alarmist view created panic, and ABP Hindi news channel asked me about it. I said that it is like a kabbadi match (in which raiders from one team go into the other's territory, followed by the opponents raiding them), which has been going on for more than six decades, in fact, ever since Kashmir acceded to India in October 1947. 

Chaitra Shukla Pratipada India 2020 - Journal of Astrology

Not Alarmism...Reality 
I did not feel it necessary to take an alarmist view, but future years will show more serious border clashes till it ..

  • -Surgical strike on Myanmar is different from the one we saw 
  • - What looks like border skirmishes is almost war 
  • - China will not desert Pakistan and will be involved 
  • - The three nuclear armed countries could trigger WW 3
leads finally to a war in 2020 which will be a culmination of all this a cataclysmic war. 

Writing this became necessary because the issue of India's surgical strike in Pakistan Occupied Territory on the night of 29 September has become a hot controversy in the political circles of India. Indian has the antardasha of Mars, Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn in her Independence horoscope. Pakistan's situation is worse than India's, because of the mahadasha of the seventh lord, Venus. This will cause both, border skirmishes, as well as revolts in places like Baluchistan, where rebels now get open support from India, and some international sympathy from USA. 

The result of it all will be that the border clashes will look like seeds of World War III. Now look at the four Chaitra Shukla Pratipada horoscopes of India and draw your own conclusions after reading my comments against each of the horoscopes, birth, navamsha and dashamansha. These signs also indicate a series of devastations in both India and Pakistan, such as earthquakes, starting in 2017. But in the meantime a first rate crisis involving freedom of press have engulfed Pakistan. A major newspaper, Dawn, ran a report that the civilian government has warned the army that Pakistan is facing growing international isolation. 

Border issues only helps him distract public attention from his failures. Western powers, United States of America and Russia are busy selling their armaments globally on a very large scale and never want peace anywhere in the world, as it does not their arms industry. United States of America has been involved in at least three wars in every decade in the history of the world since the conclusion of the second World War in 1945. It is fatuous to expect peace to prevail in the world we inhabit. Dragon's Claws Then there is the ultra-Islamic thought of Muslims wiping out all other religions of the world. So expect peace not to reign in the Asian sub continent. China has stuck to its string of Pearls strategy of surrounding India, recently selling Bangladesh some submarines. So there may be more.  

The Pakistani Army Has already been criticized by its civilian government that it is facing increasing international isolation, and now, only Pakistan’s all-weather friend China will stand by it because of the latter's hostile relationship with Pakistan’s perpetually bitter rival India 

Media Crisis 
The Pakistani army has been back-seat driving its civilian governments throughout its history, so a civilian government telling the mighty army such a thing is big news and should be taken as a warning. Only China, its all weather friend, will stand by it because of the latter's hostile relations with India. There is no doubt, as is also visible astrologically, the China will not miss this chance for creating trouble for India and India's border skirmish with it will resemble a war. 

That Pakistan is alarmed has been evidence from the fact that Cyril Almeida, a Parsi of Goan origin, who wrote the piece, is being hounded. He has already been put on Exit Control List, and may be shot dead in 2017. The social media is agog with this. The Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, is reeling under the impact of the leaked Panama Papers, which mentions that he and his son own offshore companies. For a while he has received a reprieve from the Lahore High Court which did not allow the petition on this to be heard. Border issues only helps him distract public attention from his failures.

Western powers, United States of America and Russia are busy selling their armaments globally on a very large scale and never want peace anywhere in the world, as it does not their arms industry. United States of America has been involved in at least three wars in every decade in the history of the world since the conclusion of the second World War in 1945. It is fatuous to expect peace to prevail in the world we inhabit. 

Dragon's Claws 
Then there is the ultra-Islamic thought of Muslims wiping out all other religions of the world. So expect peace not to reign in the Asian sub continent. China has stuck to its string of Pearls strategy of surrounding India, recently selling Bangladesh some submarines. So there may be more border trouble once moderate Sheikh Hasina government is replaced and fundamentalist Muslims come into power. Even the ISIS and Pakistan have a huge presence in Bangladesh. Against this background see the horoscopes given here of Hindu New Year for 2018, 2019 and 2020 the year of these skirmishes becoming menacing. 

Mercury and Sun in the third house of Indian Independence horoscope aspecting the ninth house, ushers in a period of achievements in so many fields, especially space tech 
1. Dashamasha shows that there is a secret plot to surround India. 
2. Mars, in the 11th house and aspecting Saturn and Jupiter indicates a serious situation. 
3. China is sticking to its plan of surrounding India and has recently sold submarines to Bangladesh. 
4. Western power, USA and Russia, are revving up their war economy and hence it is fatuous to expect world peace

Rashi-Mars in the fourth house with the sixth lord Saturn, also aspecting the seventh and tenth house shows continuing border clashes looking like a regular war. 

The navamsha is more ominous with Mars in the fourth house aspecting Saturn in the seventh and getting aspected by Saturn in the fourth house shows the seriousness of the situation.

Dashamsha-Mars, exalted in the eighth house and aspecting the seventh lord Jupiter, the seventh lord in the second house and aspecting Saturn in the eleventh house and also getting aspected shows a secret plot to surround India and wage war is clear here. Rashi Mars in the eleventh house aspecting both Saturn and Jupiter and Ketu in the sixth house shows more serious situation this year. 

Navamsha-Mars aspecting the sixth house and Saturn aspecting the seventh house and both sixth and seventh lords confirms it. 

Dashamsha-Mars aspects the seventh lord, Venus, and Saturn aspects the seventh house here. 

Rashi-This is very serious here with exalted Mars and Saturn in the seventh house as happened in October 1962 when Sino-Indian war took place. 

Rahu will be entering Vrisha and that is a serious threat of disturbance to peace internally in India and the communal poison will be spreading all over India. 

Navamsha-Mars again the twelfth house aspecting both the sixth house and the seventh shows a secret plot which can be between two countries not on friendly terms with India. 

Dashamsha-Mars in the lagna with the seventh lord Jupiter is indicating a very serious situation here. 

(Courtesy: Journal of Astrology, Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan, July-Aug 6) January 2017 Parliamentarian 41

Appendix 3
A Letter 

In 2019, in October, I was lucky to visit India for an international course at the BVB Astrological Institute under the direction of Sri Rao Ji. 

On the mundane astrology classes Shri KN Rao ji has been warning for the dangers in 2020-2021 for more than a year. Thanks to his predictions and advice many of us are in peace. 

I would like to share some information and predictions from his lectures with you, because some of them are breathtaking with accuracy. 

On 26 of December 2019 will be a complicated eclipse in Sagittarius. There will be the oil crisis. Planes will not fly. Very difficult will come to country for the same price as earlier. The tickets prices will increase. A lot of exports and imports will be affected. It will be a great crisis that will affect the whole world. 

2020-2021 will be a bad period. 

When Saturn goes through Saggitarius and Capricorn usually a financial crisis occurs in the world. You will see a fall of business in countries. 

It is danger from the 6 planets in Saggitarius. 

There will be crisis and earthquakes. When Rahu will come to Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. 

For India it is bad, when Taurus and Scorpio are afflicted. There will be inter-communal clashes when Rahu is in Taurus, Ketu is in the scorpion. 

The world is moving toward the Third World War. Be ready. The crisis will be worldwide. Especially in Asia. 

Wars will be between India and Pakistan, between Israel and its neighboring countries, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria and Turkey will be involved in some way or the other with the USA, Russia, China, England, Germany etc. directly or indirectly."

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