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KASHMIR (Updated)
Today, 5 August 2019 has become a historic day in our history as something which could not be done in 70 years has taken shape now. Union Home minister Amit Shah has announced that Article 370 which grants special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir will be scrapped. He also announced that Jammu and Kashmir will no longer be a state and it will be bifurcated into two Union Territories— Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.  read more...
Is ours an ideal democracy!! Hardly so, it is far from being an ideal democracy; where there should be  two equal opponents, like Conservative and Labour party in Britain; like Republican and Democratic party in USA. As for India, for the two major parties here i.e. Congress and BJP there has never been a state of relative equilibrium. There was a time when Congress was all powerful for a long time, BJP had not come into existence then. BJP came into existence and gradually spread its wings and the status now of present election result on 23 May 2019 is that BJP alone bagged 303 seats and 353 seats along with its NDA Alliance. Congress on the other hand could muster only 52 seats; along with UPA, Congress got 91. Other parties won 98 seats. What to talk of equality, Congress party could not win even 55 seats which is the requisite 10 % to become the official opposition. read more...
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Is COVID-19 a biological war waged by China against its known and unknown enemies! This question has been hovering in the minds of so many of us. Generally, everyone believes this biological war of COVID-19, originated from Wuhan in China only. China has always been denying any part in it, “corona did not originate from their country”, has been their take.

When all this contemplation is going on, at that time a research paper from year 2015 gets leaked. “The Australian” and later “The Sun” reported that this paper was written by 18 authors including scientists and weapon experts associated with People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The leaked paper “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons” tells how SARS Coronavirus could be artificially manipulated, weaponized and unleashed to cause disease in humans. It could turn into a weapon against the whole world. Co-Founder & CEO at Internet 2.0 | Cyber Security Executive Canberra, Australia - Robert Potter verified that the document was not fake.

“The Chinese scientists and public health officials predicted how ‘biological weapons’ would be used during World War III. It also pointed out how the SARS Coronaviruses could be used as ‘genetic weapons’ that can be ‘artificially manipulated’ into a human disease virus. The scientists also discussed how the same virus could then be weaponised in a ‘never seen before’ manner.” chinese-research-paper-exposes-plans-to- weaponise-covid-19/

Perhaps that accounts for China’s refusal to allow an independent investigation into the origin of coronavirus, when 26 signatories had asked for a probe into its origin.

As for whether the virus is natural or man- made, we have no concrete information. A quote citing Japan’s Nobel Prize winning immunologist Tasuku Honjo saying that the virus is not natural, has been doing the rounds on social media, like whatsapp. The message says that the doctor had worked with a lab in China. But, Honjo refuted these claims; rather said that misinformation during Covid-19 pandemic can be seriously distracting.

Why Biological Wars
Why at all the world should resort to Biological wars when some of them have developed such sophisticated nuclear weapons! Let’s understand a little background for that.

It is well known that after the conclusion of World War II, the whole world saw the repercussions of atomic weapons. USA throwing atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki brought the second World War to its end. The whole world saw the devastation where all turned to rubble, except some poles. Areas chosen to bomb, were large urban areas with lots of military facilities.

On 6 Aug 1945, bomb “Little Boy” was detonated destroying 5 square miles of Hiroshima, killing 70,000 people. By the end of the year, radiation effects brought the toll to about 100,000 and the numbers kept rising higher. On 9 Aug 1945, in Nagasaki plutonium (created in nuclear reactors) bomb “Fat Man” weighing nearly 10,000 pounds was dropped; it wiped away 30% of the city. About 60,000 to 80,000 people died, some from direct exposure, burns from fire and some from long term side effects of the radiation. Cancer and leukemia were found in people exposed to the radiation. Birth defects came in the children born hence to the parents who had been exposed. The generations had to face the effects of these bombings as children born were deformed and diseased.

Witnessing such destruction for generations to come, all the countries are apprehensive of using nuclear weapons against each other. No wonder, after 1945, there has been no World War but numerous and incessant cold wars have been there. As for USA, it has been fighting four wars in a decade from 1950 till 2000; as written by Arundhati Roy in an article in Outlook magazine; promoting war and making profit by selling ammunition and war material. But no one waged a world war, though people were fearing that it could be between erstwhile communist Russia and USA.

World wars are synonymous with huge number of deaths. The total number of military and civilian casualties in World War I, was around 40 million. There were 20 million deaths and 21 million wounded. The total number of deaths includes 9.7 million military personnel and about 10 million civilians. As for World War II, the deadliest international conflict in history, 60 to 80 million people died (including 6 million Jews who died during Holocaust). Though the figures vary a lot, roughly 21-25 million died in war and 50-55 million civilians died and 25 million were wounded in this war.

The natural outcome of World War II was the development of nuclear weapons by major nations, for their own protection, in context of the cold war as USA and Russia haggled for supremacy. Nine countries have nuclear weapons now - USA, UK, Russia, France, North Korea, Israel, China, India, and Pakistan. That makes them the stronger nations. But after the plight of Japan, all the nations very well know that indulgence in nuclear war, attacks and counter attacks will lead to total ruination, so they might as well stay clear of the same. But who can stop the power-hungry war-mongering countries, so the alternate means of war they are left with is a Biological war.

Coronavirus Data Comparison with World wars
What do we find when we compare the number of deaths from COVID-19 and the two world wars. Till date (17 May 2021) for the whole world: 
Coronavirus Cases: 163,751,620 Deaths: 3,394,357 Recovered: 142,239,097

If we compare, the number of deaths in the two world wars and in this pandemic; WWI with 20 million deaths and WWII with 60-80 million deaths far exceeds COVID-19 deaths which are 3.3 million till now (and still counting). At the same time, the number of people wounded in WWI was 21 million, it was 25 million in WWII. People who are impacted due to COVID-19 are a whopping 163 million, which is much more (more than 3 times) than the wounded people of the two world wars put together. On top of it we can see that whereas the war numbers are final, COVID-19 numbers are still rising in many countries. A third wave is also expected in India and it is difficult to anticipate how much the corona death and corona affected count shall reach.

What is always frightening about this kind of attack is its range. When we talk about the world wars, we know that the effect of WWI and WWII was restricted to the European countries largely and the countries which were involved. This Bio-war, which we are calling as a pandemic named COVID- 19 has touched all the seven continents of the world, even Antarctica, where 36 people at the Chilean Bernardo O’Higgins research station tested positive. So many nations have been devastated; Europe and USA have been heavily affected. It spread as far as Brazil and Peru, even South Africa, then Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines and Japan in the far East. Canada and Russia in the Northern Hemisphere all have been affected. 222 countries and territories have been listed on worldometer of coronavirus with the count of people given. Such widespread menace is unknown to world. It is the first time this unprecedented damage is being witnessed by the world.

As on 17 May 2021, USA has had more than 33 million cases (33,715,951) with 600,147 deaths. India is the next in line with 24,965,463 cases and 274,411 deaths. Brazil, France, Turkey, Russia, UK, Italy, Spain and Germany are next in line when we see the number of cases.

When we compare the percentage of deaths [See Appendix-I] with respect to the total population of the country, the order of the worst hit countries changes drastically. Hungary comes at the top with 0.30 % deaths. Gibraltar, Czechia and Bosnia are next. with about 0.27 % dead out of their total population. For USA, death rate is 0.18 %. As for India it is 0.019 % which is far less than the other countries.

Zero cases
Very limited countries or territories have reported zero cases. These are largely the islands in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Fourteen countries reported zero cases as on 26 April 2021, declares WHO.

  1. 1)  American Samoa
  2. 2)  Cook Islands
  3. 3)  Federated States of Micronesia
  4. 4)  Kiribati
  5. 5)  Nauru
  6. 6)  Niue
  7. 7)  North Korea
  8. 8)  Palau
  9. 9)  Pitcairn Islands
  10. 10)  Saint Helena
  11. 11)  Tokelau
  12. 12)  Tonga
  13. 13)  Turkmenistan
  14. 14)  Tuvalu

Out of these places, the international community is skeptical about the accuracy of health data of North Korea and Turkmenistan. Moreover, as of today (17 May 2021) Samoa, Saint Helena and Micronesia have 3, 2 and 1 cases of corona patients respectively as per

So effectively we have only nine places which have been untouched by COVID-19 till now.

The country which handled COVID-19 the best has been unexpectedly Bhutan who has only 337 physicians for a population of approximately 760,000 people; less than half the number of ratio of doctors to people recommended by WHO. What exactly did they do, well, timely action was the key. On 31 Dec 2019, China reported the first case. By mid of January 2020, Bhutan had drafted its plan, had started screening for symptoms of respiratory illness, using infrared fever scanning at airports. They closed schools, gyms, and cinema halls; stopped tourists in their country, insisted on face masks and proper distancing. They made necessary rules for quarantine for the affected in March 2020 itself. They have had 1309 cases till now, most of then recovered; It is on 7 Jan 2021, that the first Covid death happened in Bhutan since the pandemic began and that also of a 34-year-old man with preexisting liver and kidney problem.

Biological Wars
Bio-war cannot be predicted with respect to its range and consequences, as is happening with Corona. But they are the future World Wars. It kills less people than in a world war. But no one knows how and when it will end or how it will shape up. As we are witnessing with corona, new variations of corona are coming into play, creating a bigger and wider nuisance. In the case of a biological war, it cannot be clearly established, who is the aggressor. At the same time, Bio wars are such that can devastate the whole world, like it is doing now, without being sure of who the aggressor is. For the present, World has come to accept that the aggressor in this war of today, resembling a world war is China. And the sufferers are almost every nation including China. But inspite of China being the culprit, no country is fighting with China, everyone is focused on fighting the disease.

It is not like Bio-war or Germ-war is something new. From the dawn of civilization, man has been hungry for power and control. Bio- weapons have been used, in crude ways initially and now these are developed scientifically in a lab, whereby in lesser expense, maximum destruction can be done. Initially countries would throw the dead bodies of the diseased people in the area of their enemies and also would contaminate or poison their source of water so many civilians and soldiers would be killed, and they could capture their territories without much opposition. [See the examples of germ wars in olden times in Appendix- II]. Now, there are more developed and modern ways to do so, but the intent and end result is the same. Even though there have been two international treaties to ban the use of biological weapons in 1925 and 1972, they have failed to stop countries from conducting offensive weapons’ research and large-scale production of biological weapons. There are so many examples of germ war in the 20th century.

During World War I (1914-1918), Germany started a secret program to infect horses and cattle owned by Allies armies. Infectious agent glanders was used then. In 1915, Germans attempted to spread plague in St. Petersburg to weaken the Russians. When people realized how lethal the germ-war can be, there was all hue and cry to stop the same. Geneva Protocol was followed banning the use of chemical and bio warfare. Many people signed it, but Japan continued its research.

During the World War II (1939-1945), the Japanese army poisoned more than 1,000 water wells in Chinese villages to study cholera and typhus outbreaks. That time China was the target. Japan attacked China with Bio-weapons. Their planes dropped plague infested fleas on the Chinese cities which kept killing them much after the WWII had formally stopped. In 1939 Japan left typhoid bacteria in the waterline of Russia. In 1942, Russia used Tularemia against German troops and German military campaign came to a standstill. German soldiers became ill with an unseen pulmonary form of tularemia which may indicate the use of an aerosol biological weapon, because normally the pathway is through ticks and rodents.

Right after the World war, US agents started to test various bio-agents on the unsuspecting masses. Microbes dropped at the West coast of USA, San Francisco area, infected and killed about 800,000 people. In 1966, New York Metro system was infected with bacteria. It was getting so bad that President Nixon decided to abandon biological weapons research and signed the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC) in 1972. Soviet Union had also signed it but the work in their research centers continued.

In 1988 Iraq-Iran war, Mustard gas and nerve agents were used on the Kurds in Halabja chemical attack. People died in different ways, some just dropped dead, some “died of laughing”, some died of blisters. Later, Saddam Hussein carried out an extensive biological program in Iraq, inspite of having signed the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) 1972. Iranian Prisoners of war were tied and killed by bacteria from a shell detonated nearby. Some prisoners were put in a chamber and exposed to aerosol of anthrax sprayed in a chamber; doctors watched through the glass while they died. Ten Iranian prisoners were tied to pillars and anthrax bomb was exploded remotely near the prisoners, all died of internal hemorrhaging. They have been treating the prisoners like guinea pigs to develop their bio-weapons further.

In 2001, US faced the attack on its Twin Towers. Moreover, Afghanistan is said to have sent anthrax laden letters to the important people in USA through the postal system. Twenty-two people, including 12 mail handlers, got anthrax, and five of these 22 people died.

Soviet Union conducted the world's largest and most sophisticated biological weapons program. At present Russia has weaponized and stocked the following Bio-weapons [as given in Wikipedia]:

- Bacillus anthracis
- Yersinia pestis (plague)
- Francisella tularensis (tularemia)
- Burkholderia mallei (glanders)
- Brucella sp. (brucellosis)
- Coxiella burnetii (Q-fever)
- Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEE) - Botulinum toxin
- Staphylococcal enterotoxin B
- Smallpox
- Marburg virus
- Orthopoxvirus

USA too has been working and developing its bio-weapons. They have weaponized and stockpiled seven of these, as given in Wikipedia:
- Bacillus anthracis (anthrax)
- Francisella tularensis (tularemia)
- Brucella spp (brucellosis)
- Coxiella burnetii (Q-fever)
- Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEE) - Botulinum toxin (botulism)
- StaphylococcalenterotoxinB

Out of these, anthrax is the most lethal; Botulinum which is easy to produce, is considered to be the most dangerous as a gram of Botulinum can kill more than a million people if inhaled.

In the last decade many chemical and germ wars happened. On 21 August 2013, Ghouta Chemical attack occurred in Ghouta, Syria during the Syrian civil war, with sarin gas; death toll anywhere between 281 to 1729. On 4 April 2017, in the deadliest civilian chemical poisoning, sarin gas was used again killing 89 people and injuring more than 541 in Syrian Civil War.

In all 16 nations - Canada, China, Cuba, France, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Libya, North Korea, Russia, South Africa, Syria, the United Kingdom and the United States and Taiwan are said to have Bio-weapons.

Small Pox virus
How about the Small Pox virus now, which has been declared eradicated by WHO in 1980; but the germ is very much present today in the laboratories both in USA and Russia. The debate is still on whether the samples should be destroyed or retained. In 1986, WHO recommended destruction of stored sample. Later 30 Dec 1993 was set as the date of destruction. This kept postponing to 30 June 1999 and then 30 June 2002. Both countries involved did not wish to concede. In 2002 World Health Assembly agreed to temporary retention of the virus for research purposes. One side of the story is that it can be responsible for spread of disease, whereas on the other side, some scientists are of the view that it can be used for developing new vaccines, anti-viral drugs etc. In 2010 a team of experts from WHO reviewed the situation and again asked for destruction of virus. Veterans of WHO Smallpox Eradication Program (1958-1979) support the same view. Both USA and Russia are skeptical about destroying smallpox sample, it could put them in great risk, they think. Their plea is that the genomic information is available on-line, any country with wrong intent can produce the virus in its lab, so they might as well retain their samples. Well, the future generations may see the reappearance of this ghastly disease.

Coming back to Covid-19, the actual question which comes to our mind is that how come this virus which originated in Wuhan in China could be controlled in eight to nine months there with no trace of virus present in China after that, whereas the other nations are fighting the second wave and even the third wave. In 2019, US and China were at swords with each other, when corona started raging in USA. In subsequent months, China messed with India too along the border, which resulted in so much tension with India and in March 2021, when we all thought that we were seeing the end of Covid-19, Covid-19 raged again in India, this time much worse and stronger. The destruction is still on and so is the fear in the hearts of the people. USA suffered the most at one point of time. That became the first country to have more than four lakh cases in 24 hours (20 Dec 2020). There were maximum deaths there. And at present, India is the worst affected. In all, roughly 16 crore people fell sick, out of which a little less than 33 lakhs died. Today India and USA account for 5.7 crores of cases (3.3 crore in USA and 2.4 crore in India) and 8.7 lakh deaths (6 lakhs in USA and 2.7 lakhs in India) in the two countries. The whole world knows that both the countries have had problems with China.

Surprisingly, China with its 140+ crore population, barely had 90,872 cases, out of which 85,945 recovered and only 4,636 deaths have been reported. Today (17 May 2021), there are 291 cases reported in China and only one is said to be critical. There was news of China keeping their people locked inside forcibly at the outbreak of COVID- 19, so one wonders that is it possible that they already knew that this was the way to contain the disease. Maybe they have gotten their people vaccinated, as there have been very limited deaths, who knows.

In the paper leaked, there were also instructions as to how the virus should be released so that it causes maximum damage. If it is released in daytime, when Sun is sparking brightly, then this bio-weapon will not work to the maximum, its influence will be less. So will be the case if there is rain or snowfall. It has to be released, when the wind is low, then only one can target it effectively.

COVID-19 is not a pandemic, it is World War started by Xi Jinping. See the picture all over social media where image of a Chinese rocket launch is placed next to the picture of Corona victims cremated in India with a cheeky message "Lighting a fire in China versus lighting a fire in India". It seems that India rising stealthily has been taken as a threat, which had to be fixed.

When we see the horoscope of China, the trouble started in 2019, China was running dasha chidra of Saturn-Jupiter-Rahu; mahadasha lord Saturn placed in the 8H of secret planning, also research; antardasha lord Jupiter placed in 12H, aspecting Saturn in 8H; and Rahu is placed in the 3H. Rahu aspected by Mercury and Sun (six and eight lords) is the respiratory sickness of its people; it is also the start of revenge from the other countries. Mercury mahadasha started on 24 Sep 2019, when all came out in the open. Mercury is the sixth lord of revenge and ninth lord of luck; Mercury is exalted, retrograde and combust. Mercury is placed at Rahu Ketu axis and is conjunct with Sun which is the 8L and Gnatikarak of this horoscope. Six eight connect can have dangerous implications. China is running the pratyantar of Rahu placed in the 3H of neighbors now, influenced by six and eight lords so we say the neighboring countries under the influence of six and eight lords, are suffering with the scheming done.

In the case of corona, it was not clearly predicted by any astrologer, but on the website of Journal of Astrology, there are two predictions by our esteemed Guruji Shri K. N. Rao Sir.

In October 2010 revered Guruji Shri K. N. Rao Sir presented his paper on mundane astrology “Glimmer of Hope in a Strife Torn World” in the world astrological conference in Vishakhapatnam where astrologers from all over the world gave him a standing ovation. He said there that World War three would take place after 2031 and in the meantime there can be many minor and major wars. He specifically indicated that 2020 would be a difficult year.

He predicted in 2016 that Tokyo Olympics would be affected and may not be held in 2020, in his article on the website ‘Consolation for India – With a feminine touch’ [See Appendix III] - “Now they are talking of preparation for the Tokyo Olympics of 2020 without knowing how and why USA will be busier in promoting wars all over the world and China will become aggressive. India with her troubles involved in wars may decide not to participate in Tokyo Olympics of 2020. Pakistan where no one could even qualify for the Olympics of 2016, will have manufactured more terrorists than Olympians by rest of the world: European nations and USA promoting unrest all over the world through the NGOs they promote and Naxalite groups in India and similar terrorist outfits elsewhere will have done utmost damage while Islamic fundamentalists fighting their desperate battles before their final extinction will keep grabbing headlines.”  Tokyo Olympics and The Corona Virus

Now in 2021, we are still doubtful if Tokyo Olympics will be held.

His prediction about Tokyo Olympics won him accolades from all over, part of one such letter is attached here.

From: Shankar G. Hegde <>

I would like to inform you that
Some data scientists told your prediction about Olympics & my prediction about Kerala flight crash are unbelievable top 2 predictions of the century!
Date: Tue, May 18, 2021 at 4:29 PM Subject: Namaste
To: <>
Respected Rao ji,

I predicted 1st it in my program on Zee TV UP& Jharkhand few months in advance & few days in advance again in the same month, 5 days earlier from the sad date on my own YouTube channel

Thanks in anticipation.
Shankar Hegde
Jyotish Vachaspati, Jyotishya Vidya Bhooshana, Jyotishya Kesari internationally renowned Astrologer

Then he also wrote an article in 2016 on “Big War in 2020” which was reproduced in Parliamentarian 2017 [See Appendix V], indicating disaster and mass deaths in 2020.

In Nov 2017, in a seminar on Sri Ram Janmabhoomi (need I say, it was also under the guidance of Guruji Shri K. N. Rao ji), Ms. Kavita Sharma again explained how 2020 would be a difficult year as both Karka/Makar and Vrishabh/ Vrishchika axis would be highly afflicted. It is Guruji’s research that whenever the above two axis are afflicted, it proves to be a bad time for India as Vrishabh is the lagna of India and Makar is the lagna given to India by Varahmihira; any affliction to the above spells trouble for India. We can very well see how India is suffering now with the second corona wave; with both the axes highly afflicted - Rahu/Ketu along Vrishabh/Vrishchika and Saturn in Makar.

Jyotish is Super-science, far superior to any other subject known and it gets proven time and again. In the International classes of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, in October 2019, esteemed Guruji Shri K. N. Rao Sir told in the class that it would not be possible to hold classes in the coming year, so sure was he of the forthcoming disturbance. Though what Sir indicated was a normal warfare, what is happening now is worse than warfare. Someone asked in the class again for the classes in 2020 and he had said that planes would not fly and you would not come. [See Appendix IV]

The nearest hint for such a pandemic is available in Bhadra-Bahu Samhita translated by Nemichandra Shastri, where Jupiter and Ketu conjunction in Dhanu in nakshatra of Ketu has been pointed as the reason for a pandemic. It was brought to our notice by Mr. Sachin Malhotra, and it is remarkable that this came true in the case of corona.

Mooshake tu yada hriswo moolam dakshinto vrajet, Dakshintada vindyadanyordakshine pathi. Anavrishtihata desha Bubhuksha jwarnaashita, Chakraroodha praja tatra badhyante jaat taskarah.

Meaning: When Ketu comes from South to Moola nakshatra, then Jupiter and Ketu both are said to be in Dakshin Marg. When they are both in Dakshin Marg, there is lack of rain, which pains the nations; High fever kills many people, masses intervene in the administration and varnasankaras are killed.

When solar eclipse on 26 Dec 2019 occurred, Jupiter (11:10) was already in Dhanu in Moola and Ketu (14:15) was approaching towards Moola. Mercury, Moon and Sun also happened to be in Moola at that time.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan
It is worth relating some of our astrological discussions here. When Dr. Harsh Vardhan, incumbent Minister of Science and Technology, Minister of Health and Family Welfare and Minister of Earth Sciences was elected the Chair of WHO’s Executive Board on 22 May 2020, some of us were discussing how a suitable promise and dasha was giving him the post; but at the same time a distinct affliction could also be seen, what will be the effect of that affliction, will he not have a smooth sailing tenure. We asked Shri K. N. Rao Sir for his comments, and he had only one word to say - Kantakakeerna. He has done that several times, springing a difficult Hindi word on us, which is actually interesting coming from a South Indian who has studied English in college. Well, Guruji had confirmed that Dr. Harsh Vardhan’s time will be - full of thorns, rife with challenges. We can see that coming true now. In the month of March 2021, Dr. Harsh Vardhan declared that India was in the ‘endgame’ of the epidemic. There were all the warnings of a second wave and danger of new strains when he announced that. He is coming under the spanner as he could not anticipate or foresee such destruction coming in the form of second wave of COVID-19.

PM Narendra Modi
I clearly remember that when Modiji won the elections the second time in 2019, we were all sitting in respected Guruji Shri K. N. Rao Sir’s room and chatting away. Sir was rather quiet; on being asked what he feels about the election, Sir’s comment was - Modiji bhi kahenge - Kya hi jeet gaye (Modiji will also say - Why at all did I win); he will have to face all kinds of problems in this tenure, the combinations are such in his horoscope. When he came in power in Gujrat, he faced all kinds of criticism, riots in Gujrat, even an earthquake had to be handled. Understand that.”

Then came 30 May 2019, when Modiji took oath as Prime Minister at 19:04 The oath muhurta of Modiji - the elements of muhurta are okay but the 2/8 axis is not good, what will be the implications!! So much maleficence on 2/8 axis is never a good idea.

When we see the horoscope of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he is running dasha chidra of Mars-Mars. Mars is the LL well placed in lagna; but it is also 6L of disputes and enemies, conjunct with debilitated Moon. In navamsha, Mars is debilitated in the 9H of dignity and in dashmansha, Mars is placed in 8H in debilitation, aspected by 6L Venus and aspected by Saturn from 6H; Prime Minister Modi finds himself amidst all kinds of pressures and challenges.

The COVID-19 deaths this year are likely to touch 10 lakhs. If that happens, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government would be responsible for presiding over a self-inflicted national catastrophe. India squandered its early successes in controlling COVID-19. Until April, the government’s COVID-19 taskforce had not met in months. The consequences of that decision are clear and India must now restructure its response while the crisis rages “, wrote International Medical Journal “The Lancet.”

PM Modi was criticized for focusing more on getting cryptic remarks from his Twitter removed, than trying to control the pandemic He is being blamed for the innumerable gatherings in the times of elections, for the mammoth gatherings in Kumbh etc.

In char dasha too, PM Modi is running dasha chidra of Kumbha-Kumbha. Kumbha from where, DK Sun karaka of position slips to 8H with retrograde Gnatikarak Mercury and Ketu. More so he is in his 71st year; with Jupiter transiting on his natal Jupiter and transiting Rahu yet to reach his natal Rahu. As per one of Shri Guru K. N. Rao ji’s research, ages of around 36 and 72 years is very important for individuals as well as countries; some landmark event always happen around these ages, be it good or bad. This can be clearly seen in the case of PM Modi. Interesting to see that it is the 72nd year running for China also.

Recovery rate
We have already seen that percentage of death with respect to total population in India is 0.019% which is far less than the other countries. The number of deaths is 274,411 but with the vast population of 139 crores, the death percent turns out to be less. Also, when we talk of recovery rate, with total cases of COVID-19 in India 24,965,463 (as on 17 May 2021), out of the total number of COVID-19 patients, 86.23% of the patients recovered, it is only 1.09% who could not make it and died. This rate is much better than many other countries. For USA, 1.78% of patients have not survived. When we compare the rate with Mexico, we note that out of 2,381,923 patients, there have been 220,433 deaths which makes 9.25% as the death rate which is actually very high.

Need for Research
Recently a brilliant research has been done on pandemics by Amita Choudhary and Vikas Srivastava under the guidance of Shri Vinay Gupta, Institute of Astrology, Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi. It is time now that we do more research and find the combinations for pandemics and Bio- wars too as it looks like Bio-wars are the tools for permanent disturbance of peace in the world from now on. A germ will be released, and disease will spread, many people will die before we can develop a vaccine for the same. Then, another germ will be released, and mankind will be left to struggle and suffer; again more deaths till another vaccine is developed to counter that disease. There seems no end to it.

The second wave in India

Inspite of all the calculations that India has been doing better than the other countries, there are no two words that the second wave of corona has shaken India badly. The unprecedented increase in the number of cases, much beyond any of us could have expected is here. India became the first country to report more than 4 lakh cases in a single day on 30 Apr 2021. COVID-19 is touching the lives of abominably large number of people. Not only less privileged, but this time also it has gotten hold of the so-called privileged class too.

With such huge number of people getting sick, everyone could not be accommodated in hospitals, ICU beds fell short. Then dearth of oxygen created complete pandemonium. The health infrastructure and medical system collapsed with such extreme pressure. Non-availability of beds created huge panic. The doctors were saying that people were coming to get admitted when their oxygen levels plunged to a critical level; at that stage, they could not wait for admission and succumbed on the roads, inside the ambulances, outside the hospitals. For people who could get a bed in the hospital, by using all kinds of approach; there was no oxygen. Shortage of oxygen which nature has so benevolently given, where have we come! Then about 24 patients died in Nasik’s Dr. Zakir Hussain Hospital after oxygen supply was disrupted due to leakage in the main supply. Many hospitals put up boards that they did not have beds or oxygen.

Government was rolling out prescriptions which people could use. Doctors were trying to advise guidelines for stay-at-home patients; line of treatment was being circulated on social media; 90% could be cured at home with proper isolation, the doctors said. But well, we are huge in number, it is not easy to make arrangements for 139 crores.

Non-availability of crucial medicines and injections added to the chaos. Black marketeers and profit mongers made the pandemic even more painful. When oxygen got high in demand, sellers were hoarding it. Mortuary vans, ambulances charging money multifold has been disgusting. On the other hand, now that there is a shortage of vaccination, India is cringing inside. Cremation grounds and graveyards are seeing hoards of bodies put up in line, waiting for their last rites; the number of deaths seemingly much more than declared.

Effect of COVID-19

Largely it attacks the respiratory system; mild cases can be treated at home while the patient is in home isolation ‘quarantine’. If it gets serious, and oxygen saturation dips, hospital admission becomes mandatory [layman’s version of what the disease does]. When and how complications develop, only a doctor can tell; or perhaps doctors are also still exploring. Invariably, even when cured, COVID-19 leaves behind a trail of unending fatigue.

It is affecting people in different ways. The increasing gravity could be felt when it was noticed that this virus was also responsible for serious clot formation, Senior journalist and Aaj Tak’s star anchor Rohit Sardana was only one such case dying of Cardiac arrest. We do not know how many lives we have lost due to clot formation and heart attacks. But the doctors are using anti-coagulants too now along with the steroids to safeguard their patients from sudden attacks.

There is another problem which has been reported lately among people recovering and recovered from COVID-19, which otherwise occurs rarely; it is Mucormycosis or black fungus It is a severe fungal infection starting from the nose and eyes hastily reaching the brain; in several cases the patient’s eye had to be removed to stop the infection from moving further; else it can prove fatal. AIIMS doctor says it has already crossed three-digit number and they are getting 20 patients each day.

Are only the people with comorbidities dying? No, it is not so. It was reported that 30% of the people who died of Covid in Karnataka had no comorbidities.

Famous doctor Padma Shri K.K. Agarwal and 269 other doctors have passed away due to the deadly virus in the second wave. The health workers have been under highest pressure in this difficult time. Dr. K.K. Agarwal was the one to urge the doctors to make a group of 100 patients with similar symptoms and guide them all through zoom.

Handling COVID-19
It is like the Virus gone rogue. It is definitely the lack of preparedness of our system. More so, instead of jointly fighting the disease and taking steps for Disaster management, our political parties are busy in their fights, slinging mud and settling scores with each other, focusing only on making a vote bank for the next election. also wrote about how “Besides COVID-19, India is fighting with vulture journalists, who are spreading more panic and despair than pandemic”.

At this time so many like Sonu Sood, Kumar Vishwas are helping in their own capacity. Many people came up to set up mini centers in their societies or localities. So many people contributed to set up more COVID centers to look after the patients. So many more provided food for the people who were recovering, or for their dependents who were in quarantine.

As for the people dying due to COVID, whom their relatives also refuse to touch; for them, groups like “Shaheed Bhagat Singh Seva Dal”, led by Jatindra Shunty, step in to help cremate or bury bodies according to the family’s religious traditions, giving them a dignified farewell.

Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani, Naveen Jindal definitely played a crucial role, when our country fell short on oxygen. The oxygen langar’s provided by the Gurudwaras have been a blessing for many.

On the other hand, Mongolia and Mongolian airlines displaying big posters with ‘Never give up India’ is motivating.

Burj Khalifa, tallest structure in Dubai lit up with Indian tricolor with a hashtag # Stay strong India, to showcase support to India in this difficult time (26 April 2021).

Dasha for INDIA
When PM Modi says “We are facing invisible enemy, fighting it on war-footing mode”,
he is so right. Let’s check the dasha of India for dasha plays a crucial role in deciding the turn of events.

India is running the Vimshottari dasha of Moon-Saturn-Jupiter, PDL Jupiter is the 8L in 6H in the horoscope of independent India, showing a long spell of disease. In trimshamsha, Jupiter is 7L placed in 2H, aspected by 6L Saturn. Moon-Saturn- Jupiter started from 24 Apr 2021 and shall last till 10 July 2021. Before that was the pratyantar of Rahu placed in lagna, with transiting Rahu passing over it. In Yogini dasha, Jupiter-Venus is running, the enigmatic dasha which in the horoscope of an individual is responsible for some grief is giving loads of grief to the nation. Jupiter in 6H and Venus 6L so it is a time of struggle and disease.


Venus transit in Mithun has always been a sore point for India. It is a very significant research of esteemed Guruji Shri K. N. Rao Sir that when Venus passes through Mithun rashi, in the second house of India, it is a tough time for India. But, this time Venus has yet to enter Mithun. 

In Sarvashtakvarga of India, India has 44 points in lagna making it very strong. But look at the 2H and the 9H. Mithun has 19 points and Makar has 20. These are the weakest houses for India. We use 337 benefic point system in Ashtakvarga as advised by Smt. K. Saraswani Devi, respected mother of Shri K. N. Rao Sir. She was an eminent astrologer and was the one to teach astrology to our Guruji Shri K. N. Rao, out of all her eight children, she chose him, as she knew he would be the one to carry this torch forward.

Well, back to ashtakvarga, with a total of 337 points, any house with less than 28 points, is considered to be weak and for India, Mithun has just 19 points and Makar has 20. Two malefics Saturn and Mars are transiting in these weak bhavas; Saturn is in Makar and Mars is in Mithun causing enough havoc right now.

Mars was in lagna of India - Vrishabh, along with Rahu since 22 Feb 2021. Both Rahu and Mars afflicted Rohini nakshatra (from 12 Mar 2021), which is bad for India; number of cases soared. Mars entered the weakest rashi Mithun on 14 April 2021. We see that Mars in Vrishabh in airy rashi Mithun, over natal Mars, in marak 2H, in exchange with Mercury, involved in exchange of 2L and 12L did ample damage; it was two marakas strangling the lagna. An aerosol infection brought a total crash of the hospital health infrastructure, bringing about so many deaths. This strong a second wave perhaps was not expected by the people or the administration or the political leaders.

Dearth of oxygen played havoc with so many lives. This was the time when the number of cases exploded beyond control in India. India saw its worst days.

Rahu/Ketu transiting over natal Rahu/Ketu never augurs well for India; it has a tone of communal unrest. There is a very big article “Entry of Rahu/Ketu in Taurus (Rohini nakshatra) and its effect on the Political and Communal scene of India” written by Late Shri M. S. Mehta under the guidance of Shri K. N. Rao Sir, where he has explained the above with numerous examples. Link to the above is given below.Now, we go a step further, explore the Bhinnashtakvargas of various planets and we find that in the BAV of Moon, there are 0 points in Mithun, which calls for further weakness. 

Venus is the body of our country whereas Moon is the heart and soul (manas). When Venus, lagna lord of the horoscope of Independent India, transits in this weak rashi Mithun, with zero points in Moon BAV, it hurts the heart and psyche of the nation. So, a painful event is about to happen.

https:// article.php?article_id=589

To give an example of the same, Rahu was in Vrishabh when Operation Blue Star happened on 5 June 1984, Indira Gandhi was assassinated on 31 Oct 1984 and Bhopal Gas Tragedy 3 Dec 1984. What happened in West Bengal during the time of elections and even after that is a clear example of Rahu transit in Vrishabh giving political and communal disturbance.

Whenever Vrishabh/Vrishchika and Karka/Makar are afflicted, it is a bad time for India, it is a research of respected Shri K. N. Rao ji. Vrishabh is the lagna of India and Makar is the lagna given to India by Varahmihira, any affliction to these axes spells trouble for India.

to why TN Seshan should conduct elections at that time. Someone told TN Seshan and he said it was a compulsion, he had to do it. And in the same year, during elections, Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated. Saturn was in Makar and Mars had come to Karka. Narsimha Rao became the Prime Minister, could not get complete majority but managed to complete his term. Now, thirty years hence, Saturn is in Makar again.

Considering the Covid situation in Delhi, it is being said that it shall reach its peak in this month of May. But we need to understand that Venus has yet to go into Mithun rashi. Venus shall transit in Mithun on 29 May 2021. Venus, Mercury, and Mars all will be in Mithun, aspected by Jupiter. It is worth noting that Venus is also the 6L of India and Jupiter is the 8L. We have read enough about the sinister implications of six eight connect in the articles written by Ms. Kamla Patidar, under the guidance of esteemed Guruji Shri K.N. Rao Sir. This time with Venus coming in Mithun, we should be prepared for some painful event to hurt the heart of our country.

(20 May 2021/ 2:46) 


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