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Shri KN Rao talks about various topics.This interview was done by Vaughn Paul Manley on October 19, 2009 at Sh. KN Rao's office, New Delhi, India. This is a 14 part series in English. read more...

Ponting and Tendulkar are the giants of the cricket world. They are the best. Both have captained their country's test teams. For such high powered persons, the horoscopes have to be outstanding. They are. We are comparing the two horoscopes. The common trait of these two is intense competitiveness, leading to unprecedented success. Both have to have strong slices of luck to reach where they are.

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This interview was done by Vaughn Paul Manley on October 19, 2009 at Sh.KNRao's Office , New Delhi, India. 

Sh KN Rao Interview 01:
Background Sh.KNRao talks about "his background."

Sh KN Rao Interview 02:
Court Cases Sh.KNRao talks about "his fight in the court cases over the legitimacy of jyotish."

Sh KN Rao Interview 03:
Academic Approach Sh.KNRao talks about "his academic approach to Jyotish."

Sh KN Rao Interview 04:
Modernisation Sh.KNRao talks about "his way of modernising Jyotish."

Sh KN Rao Interview 05:
Composite Approach Sh.KNRao talks about "Composite Approach."

Sh KN Rao Interview 06:
Group Research Sh.KNRao talks about "Collective Research" being done at the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan.

Sh KN Rao Interview 07:
Mal Practice Sh.KNRao talks about rampant "Mal Practice of Jyotish."

Sh KN Rao Interview 08:
Next Mission Sh.KNRao replies to the question about "the mission to be achieved next."

Sh KN Rao Interview 09:
Replicable Techniques Sh.KNRao talks about the importance of producing "Replicable Techniques of Jyotish."

Sh KN Rao Interview 10:
Example Sh.KNRao explains some examples.

Sh KN Rao Interview 11:
Tips to develop jyotish skills Sh.KNRao talks about "how one can develop his jyotish skills."

Sh. KN Rao Interview 12:
Key Factors for Success of BVB Sh.KNRao talks about "why BVB has been so successful."

Sh.KNRao 13:
Shri KN Rao talks about "the negative effects of popularisation of Jyotish", wha is called as advent of Pop Jyotishis.

Sh KN Rao Interview 14:
You must remember .... Sh.KNRao talks about "the prejudice and oppositions he had to fight thourugh."

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Positive Customer Review
Diwakar (Guest)
A must watch for every sincere learner of astrology
Thanks to JOA team for sharing this wonderful interview and pranams to Shri KN Rao ji.

Do we have any more parts in the interview as part 14 seems to have a continuation?
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