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A Silver Lining:  Narendra Modi
Note: This is the English version of the original article published in the September 2013 issue of Hindi magazine Uday India.

In this land of sages and saints we sometimes come across such myth-like legendary narratives when with the blessings of a Yogi, an ordinary man reached the pinnacle of his life and fortune.

My Jyotish Guru Shri K.N.Rao's contiguity to such divine personalities during youth has given him an insight to understand the truth and essence of such stories and he keeps on telling us beautiful incidents of great saints' lives. One such event is narrated below

Shri Sadguru Vijayakrishna Goswamiji was roaming around countryside along with his disciples. He saw a farmer ploughing the land. He asked his disciples - "Who is he?" "He is an ordinary farmer sir", prompt came the reply.

He said, "He is not merely a farmer but a Yogi who is completing his sadhna or remaining karma. Once his sadhna is accomplished, his divinity would be exemplary." The disciples were very much impressed and went back to see the farmer but came back shocked and astonished.

"What happened", asked Goswamiji. "The farmer says that his fecal excretions are for the God." Goswamiji laughed and explained, "As long as you don't do proper sadhna, you may not understand that the yogi is in divine trance (Brahmaleen) when all worldly activities become divine feats."

As time went by, that farmer came to be known as Barodi's Brahmachari, a great saint and scholar.

Once a Bengali woman came to see Brahmachariji. He proclaimed, "Your son would be the king of this province." The son of that woman was Late Shri Jyoti Basu who ruled the state of West Bengal for thirty years.

Great sayings of great people! One such great mahatma was Shastriji Maharaj who was guru to Akshardham’s Yogiji Maharaj. Once a Patel family visited him. He said, "Your son would rule like a king." Patel family's that son was none other than Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.

Once a lady visited my guru Shri K.N.Rao for astrological consultation. She said that she knew Mr Narendra Modi for years when he was neither a public figure nor a political power. He was keen for sanyas and went to Himalayas for this purpose only. He was sent back by a mahatma there who knew that Modi was destined to live otherwise. "You would be a king" was the verdict for him. And this seems to be true now as Narendra Modi is ruling his home state Gujarat for more than thirteen years and presently he is prime ministerial candidate for Bharatiya Janata Party.

So now comes the million dollar question, "Would Narendra Modi be the next prime minister of India?" And speaking frankly, this is not a simple question to answer. First, we are living in an era of coalition governments. Since 1989, there has not been even a single political party in the center that could form a government on its own with clear majority.

Secondly, we can't afford to predict the political future of a huge country like India just by analyzing one single horoscope of a political figure or a party itself. There are so many things to be examined and analyzed simultaneously along with the desh-kaal-patra factor.

We come back to Mr Narendra Modi's chart and try to examine it as per Shri K.N.Rao's time-tested parameters.

Narendra Modi's birth details are;
Date of birth : 17th September, 1950
Time of birth :  12.09 hrs
Place of birth : Vadnagar, Mehsana (Gujarat)
Astro Analysis
In birth horoscope, the lagna lord Mars and ninth lord Moon are well placed in lagna forming a strong rajyoga. Here ninth lord Moon is debilitated while the lagna lord Mars is debilitated in navamsh but Mars is in its own sign in the birth chart and aspected by the fifth lord Jupiter in navamsh. Point to be noted is that fifth lord generally gives position of authority in career.

There is beautiful gaj-kesari yoga in the chart further emphasized by so many planets like Venus, Mars and Saturn involved with it.

Saturn, the planet of masses is in the tenth, the house of karma which is very significant for democracy.

Presently Modi is running through mahadasha Moon and antardasha of Rahu that would change to Jupiter antardasha in November 2013. Jupiter and Moon both are making a strong Gajkesari yoga in birth chart where Jupiter is placed in the fourth aspecting the tenth house. Jupiter is fifth lord, karaka for high rank or position of authority, aspecting seventh lord Venus (for pada) and planet of masses Saturn placed in tenth house of action. So this would be perfect time for fulfilment of a rajyoga as promised in the birth chart.

f we examine it through Jaimini then this would be dasha of Aries running effectively till September 2014. Aries rashi is aspected by both Atmakaraka Saturn and Amatyakarak Venus forming a powerful Jaimini rajyoga. Aries is being aspected by Bhratrikaraka Jupiter, Matrikaraka Moon and Putrakarak Mars also, the power of five karakas making a formidable rajyoga.

The antardasha of Cancer is about to come which again is aspected by so many karakas including lagna lord Mars and fifth lord Jupiter so we can comfortably expect good times for Narendra Modi.

But let me remind again that we are having parliamentary form of government where simple comparative study of individual charts can't lead to ascertain the rise or fall of a political party.

One has to be extra cautious as we are having the birth details of Narendra Modi but not all of his key opponents and allies as well whose electoral fate might be decisive in forming the next government.

To clarify further we will examine the chart of Bharatiya Janata Party.
Date of formation : 6th April, 1980.
Time                 :     11.45 hrs
Place                :     Delhi

The BJP is going through Mahadasha of Sun placed in the tenth house. Antardasha is of Rahu placed in the third house in amalgamation with Saturn, Jupiter and Mars i.e. 9th , 10th and 11th lord respectively.

The remarkable thing of this chart is exchange between third lord Sun and tenth lord Jupiter.

In mundane astrology, the third house denotes communication, propaganda, social networking etc. Obviously the party would have to engage into a war of words or networking to win theforthcoming general elections. Here Sun and Jupiter show construction of a temple or place of worship. The BJP has always been toying with the idea of Ram mandir in Ayodhya but it has no consistent policy on the issue.

In Jaimini, it is time of Aquarius from which Amatyakaraka is well placed in the tenth house. Now it depends on party organisation and its networking skills to make best out of it.

Indian National Congress
Date of formation  : 2nd January, 1978
Time: 11.59 hrs
Place: Delhi

Presently Congress is going through the worst phase of its career that is mahadasha of tenth lord Jupiter and antardasha of twelfth lord Saturn which is retrograde placed in the sixth house of enemy aspecting eighth and twelfth house.

Situation will slightly improve in November 2013 when the Mercury antardasha starts which is fourth and seventh lord respectively placed in a favorable ninth house while in navamsh, Mercury is placed in the fifth house aspected by Mahadasha lord Jupiter.

The question rises again whether we can expect a single party government this time, a task not achieved so far in last two decades. Congress could not secure clear majority even after brutal assassination of Rajiv Gandhi so what to hope for when the party is steeped into the quagmire of corruption charges.

So we can safely predict a coalition government in the center as the trend and tradition vindicate the same but we can't reach to any hasty conclusion as the allies of both the parties would play a crucial role in formation of any future government. Also, we don't have all the related charts of Modi's arch-rivals who might be pivotal in changing the future of the country.

So far as Narendra Modi's individual chart is concerned, it is time for the fructification of the rajyogas present in the birth horoscope. Rajyoga is for sure but the leader of opposition is a kind of rajyoga and so is being a popular chief minister of a state.

This is the time of rise for Narendra Modi but hard to say that he would reach the pinnacle of his glorious political saga this moment only.

Note: This is the English version of the original article published in the September 2013 issue of Hindi magazine Uday India.

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