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Concern over a global tragedy from third world war, an earthquake or a disaster of huge magnitude in 2020 was doing rounds in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan from beginning of the year 2019. The fear of a world paralysis with a transformative impact in 2020 was based on repeated warnings by Mr. K.N Rao on several occasions during the last four years. In the Mundane astrology class of International Vedic Astrology Program on October, 19, 2019 he discussed at length the disturbed phase of decline and destruction of 2020. He used the New Moon Chart (Diwali of 2019), the eclipse chart of 26th December, 2019, foundation chart of India and Chaitra Shukla Pratipada chart of 2020 to explain the cataclysmic changes of 2020. This goes hugely to the credit of astrology as these predictions were based on Mundane parameters.   read more...
On last date of annual examination for the session July 2019-Nov 2019 is 15th Dec 2019 at 13h30m is faculty room of Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan (Library) (mentally) I questioned my self whether I will be coming to teach is next session of Jan 2020 to May 2020 as my age completed on 22nd Nov 1934 was 85 years and running age was 86 years. I was mentally alert but physical feeling tired when going for classes on 2nd and 3rd floor by stairs as mostly lift though at a distance used to be out of order or so.   read more...
(Rahu-Ketu have changed their axis today. The resesrch of late M.S.Mehta becomes relevant. The article is being reproduced from an issue of the Journal of Astrology of 1999. KNR) It is a pity that 50 years have elasped since we got our Independence and as yet no serious efforts have been made to rectify the distortions and misrepresentations conceived in sheer ignorance and mischief earlier. The classical astrological and astronomical references have been dismissed as sheer figments of imagination and our whole spiritual base of the great civilisation has been eroded and shifted to the backstage. 
Our esteemed Guruji Shri K.N. Rao Sir explained to us that it is imperative to keep the background in mind when we make a prediction. Donald Trump is the President of USA right now. If he starts a war with China in late September or October, there is no way that Americans will change their President in those circumstances. 

It has happened before in the history of USA. First it was Woodrow Wilson who became the 28th President of USA on 4 March 1913, his term had to complete in four years but the first World War (28 Jul 1914 - 11 Nov 1918) had started, so he continued as the President. It was no occasion to change the President. When World War II (1 Sep 1939 - 2 Sep 1945) started, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was running his second term as President; but because of the war he continued as the President till his death in 12 April 1945. He is the only President to have continued into the fourth term as the President of USA. After him the rule came to limit the number of terms of the President to two. Well, at present, if war happens, which can not be ruled out, Trump is likely to continue. But, assuming that war does not happen we are analysing as to who shall win the post of President. 
In my last article (written on 18 Aug 2020) I discussed the research of my revered Guruji Shri K.N. Rao Sir that when Venus transits Mithun rashi with 19 benefic points in ashtakvarga, where there are zero points in BAV of Moon, it hurts the sentiment of the country, the nation has to face a time of trouble and grief. Venus was till in Mithun when our former President Pranab Mukherjee breathed his last. I had written in my article “Venus in Mithun Again” –   read more...
India and China are one of the oldest civilizations in the world other than Egyptian civilization. Present China was not in the same form historically. Tibet was an independent country much as Mangolia and Manchuria. We had Buddhist monks from China historically visiting India, famous one's being Fa Hien and Hsuan Tsang. However, after civil war which ended in 1949, Communism had become the form of system in China. Its hegemonistic tendencies have come into fore right from beginning, it has annexed Manchuria, Tibet and other neighbouring areas. Taiwan is the thaw point in China and China considers it to be its own territory whereas it is an independent country. Since 1950s China is showing its expansionist intention with respect to India. Astrologically, how standoff situations have occurred, an attempt has been made to analyse the same based on following parameters.   read more...
A subtle piece of research can give amazingly accurate results, especially when the research is done by none other than Shri K. N. Rao Sir. Learning under him, we are very clear now that to judge the success of a person, we need to see the promise through rajyogas and dhanyogas formed. Then, we analyse the dasha pattern and divisional horoscopes. Finally to give an accurate prediction, good astrologers resort to use of ashtakvarga for interpreting transit. 


The long journey of 500 odd years, the struggle, the fight for dignity is finally coming to rest and a jubiliant mood is setting in. In two days, on 5 Aug 2020, Ram janma bhoomi pujan will be done by PM Narendra Modi. With so many events down the line, numerous people involved, countless sacrifices, the right to build a temple at the birth place of Lord Sri Ram has been restored. At this time, we are giving some a fair share, by acknowledging their participation; but some worthy ones are being totally forgotten, it is for those forgotten ones that I wished to write.

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When we were discussing the effect of the eclipse of 2019, the focus was on disturbance due to wars; Iran-USA tension serious enough to grab the attention of the world, we are still hearing that it is the beginning of World War III. The tension is still not over, it is still simmering. At that time it never struck us that there could be an equally potent danger from some disease. We have again and again reiterated that Saturn and Ketu conjunctions are the cause of mass deaths due to wars and nuclear weapons, we have mentioned it for earthquakes also, overlooking that Saturn and Ketu can also be the infections which can spread due to Ketu representing ‘keetanu (insects)’, turn into pandemic and cause mass deaths. Ketu joining five other planets in the eclipse chart clearly shows danger from diseases particularly because Ketu has joined it.  read more...
(In an issue of the Journal of Astrology of 1999, late M.S. Mehta has produced and published a long research on Rahu in Vrisha and its impact on India. Himanshi Gunwant has produced this research on her own, without any guidance yet has succeeded, in getting at the possible results of Rahu in Vrisha. K. N. Rao )

In year 2019, the planetary position of the planets was very important; similarly in the year 2020, many important planetary combinations are going to be formed. The most important transit event of year 2020 is Rahu entering Taurus. Rahu's entry in Taurus results in events like war, famine and communal riots.
Tokyo Olympics are slated for this year from the 24th of July to the 9th of August 2020. While everything seems to be going as per plan, it is the novel Corona virus and its virulent spread that has caught countries off guard. WHO is working closely with global experts, governments and partners to rapidly expand scientific knowledge on this new virus. Corona virus, under microscopic magnifiers resembles a crown, which has some genetic material at the center, enveloped by protein spikes – hence the name Corona. It can lead to respiratory problems, pneumonia like symptoms or even gastrointestinal problems (taken from the WHO website). read more...
As of this moment we are battling the onset of pandemic but we are going to be in the  “Eye of storm”very soon ie 3d week of March,2020. It is only after mid of May 2020 that we are likely to see decline in this pandemic. World should fight it out this catastrophe like a Global Village in a collective manner read more...
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