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What is happening between USA and Iran is not a World war but it may develop into a major war and may be later into a World war. What we must always remember is that after the end of second World war in 1945, there have been at least three regional wars every ten years; mostly Asian and African countries have been involved whereas USA and Russia have made lots of profit by selling arms and ammunition.  read more...
When we were discussing the effect of the eclipse of 2019, the focus was on disturbance due to wars; Iran-USA tension serious enough to grab the attention of the world, we are still hearing that it is the beginning of World War III. The tension is still not over, it is still simmering. At that time it never struck us that there could be an equally potent danger from some disease. We have again and again reiterated that Saturn and Ketu conjunctions are the cause of mass deaths due to wars and nuclear weapons, we have mentioned it for earthquakes also, overlooking that Saturn and Ketu can also be the infections which can spread due to Ketu representing ‘keetanu (insects)’, turn into pandemic and cause mass deaths. Ketu joining five other planets in the eclipse chart clearly shows danger from diseases particularly because Ketu has joined it.  read more...
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SATHYA SAI BABA (23-11-1926 to 24-04-2011) Love All, Serve All; Help Ever, Hurt Never...... Sathya Sai Baba

With a luxuriant halo of curly hair and magnetic vibes, the aura certainly was of a Godman. He had hypnotic appeal. I had the privilege of his darshan twice at Puttaparthi. He was born as Sathyanarayana Raju on 23 November, 1926 in Brahma Muhurta. The time of birth is mentioned in the book Tapovanam-Sri Sathya Sai Sathcharithra as 05:06. This gives him Libra ascendant.

However, an analysis of his life events inclines me more towards the Scorpio Ascendant. See Horoscopes

There is a four planet combination which makes a person move towards sanyas (renunciation from worldly life). As per Saravali Chapter 17 Shloka 19, Sun-Saturn-Venus- Mercury:- “Should these four planets be in conjunction at birth, one will be scurrilous in speech, fortunate, learned, soft spoken, happy, energetic, pure, wealthy, bold and helpful to friends”. This combination applies better with Scorpio as Ascendant since the impact comes to his imposing powerful personality. Although his wealth is estimated at 40,000 to 100,000 crore, which justifies the 2nd house of Libra ascendant also, but for a spiritual person it is of no significance. Venus is combust and is further incapacitated by Saturn, conjunct in close degrees.
This perhaps is responsible for his no interest, absolutely in worldly attachments. This Venus as 7th and 12th lord justifies Scorpio ascendant as it goes well with the lifestyle we know of Sathya Sai Baba.
See Horoscopes

The Realisation - A major turnaround
On 8 March 1940, while living with his elder brother Seshama Raju in Uravakonda, Sathya was apparently stung by a scorpion. He lost consciousness for several hours. Within the next few days there was a noticeable change in Sathya’s behavior. There were symptoms of laughing and weeping, eloquence and silence. He began to sing Sanskrit verses, a language of which he had no prior knowledge. Doctors believed his behavior to be hysteria. He was taken to many doctors, priests and exorcists. As per the Libra ascendant, the dasha was Jupiter-Sun-Ketu. Although Jupiter aspects the 10th house, the dasha seen with Scorpio as the Ascendant is more convincing. As per the Scorpio Ascendant, the dasha was Jupiter-Moon-Saturn. Jupiter is the 5th lord and Moon is in the 8th house with Rahu. Saturn is in the Ascendant.
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During this revelation, Jupiter in transit was in Pisces and the transiting Saturn and Mars were in Aries. In Pisces, Jupiter was activating the 5th house and later it joined transiting Saturn to jointly influence the ascendant lord, Mars.

On 23rd May 1940, Sathya called household members and reportedly materialized Prasad and flowers for his family members. His father became furious at seeing this, and thought his son was bewitched. At this point, it is believed that Sathya calmly and firmly announced that “I am Sai Baba of Shirdi”. Later that year he declared that he had no worldly relationship with anyone. Around this time devotees began to gather.

It is said that in 1963, he suffered a stroke and four severe heart attacks. The same year in July 6, 1963 on the Guru Purnima day Sathya Sai Baba prophesied that he would be reincarnated as Prema Sai in Doddamallur in Karnataka’s Channapatna District (formerly Mandya). That time, the dasha as per Scorpio Lagna was Mercury-Mercury- Mercury. Mercury is the 8th lord in lagna along with Venus, the 12th lord, Saturn, the 3rd and 4th lord and Sun, the 10th lord. So it had to give the major change.

In the Navamsha, Mercury is in the 5th house in Scorpio which is the lagna rashi of the lagna chart. When seen from Libra Ascendant, the dasha was of Saturn-Jupiter-Mars.

There are however, several inconsistencies. At one place it is mentioned that the avatar will be born eight years after his death at the age of 96. There are other recorded versions which say the reincarnation will take place one year after his death.

His rare magnetism brought rulers, tycoons, statesmen alongwith the poor and the ailing to his feet.

Many miracles  that were experienced  by his devotees made his charisma enduring. It is said that Asha Bhosle, the famous singer is said to have stated , “I had the opportunity of meeting Baba in 1976 with my friend. Baba looked at me and said “All is well with you amma”. He then pointed to my friend’s stomach and said "Amma you will have problem there." A few years later she developed stomach cancer and died.

Amitabh Bachchan said that Sri Sathya Sai Baba had graciously sent him some of his famed Vibhuti to be put on his tongue during the time he was struggling for his life after the movie Coolie accident. When he recovered. He went to the ashram and was blessed by procuring more vibhuti from the thin air.

It is reported that the career of Sachin Tendulkar, the world famous cricketer,  was saved with the blessings of Baba. Sachin had gone to him when his shoulder was dislocated and there was talk of his not being able to play international cricket. It is reported that  Sachin  is donating a gold statue of Baba. It was also reported in newspapers and TV channels that Sachin could not control his emotions and broke down in front of Baba’s body.

I visited Baba in June, 1999 and again in November, 2005. In November, 2004, my son slipped and a fracture was suspected. The first x-ray was interpreted as showing a fracture and plaster was advised. But the second x-ray, the next day confirmed that there was no fracture. The doctors advised a thorough investigation in view of the surgeries for renal problems that he had during infancy and in childhood. The investigations led to unnecessary surgery and change from one hospital to another. Infections followed forcing hospitalization. A major surgery was planned and took place. In follow-up investigations, he contracted GB syndrome which paralyzed him. The doctor advised us to continue with antibiotic which we had started in Dec, 2004 in view of his lingering renal problems from birth. The opinion of doctors was that antibiotic would have to be continued for a long time.

The day after celebrating Diwali in 2005, I with my family went to Bangalore and my college friend Raghav drove us down to Puttaparthi. On reaching Puttaparthi in the afternoon we learnt that Baba would soon give darshan. We were directed to the place where people were waiting in three lines. We stood at the end of one of the queues. Immediately the line started to move. We were told that which line is to move first is decided at random for the seating arrangements. We sat right in front, perhaps the divinity was at play and we were selected. Sri Sathya Sai Baba came soon after in his car for darshan. The car stopped right in front of us. Baba did not stop anywhere else for blessings and proceeded straight towards his seat. We all felt that Baba’s gaze was directed at my son. There ended the darshan and we prepared ourselves to return back to Bangalore. On return to Bangalore, we were to give the daily antibiotic to my son.

After the darshan, I decided that we should not give him the antibiotic in view of the side effects unless he is inflicted by infection again. It was certainly a divine
message that made me take this decision. I am convinced it is only through Baba’s blessings that he has not had the antibiotic since then and his health condition improved.

A few years later, we were informed that Vibhuti has been found in Baba’s photographs, puja rooms and other places in a house in Vasant Kunj in Delhi. We were also informed that Baba is replying to letters kept in the pooja place of that house. We visited this house with a sealed letter and were wonder struck on seeing the vibhuti come out from different places. The letter was collected the next day in the same sealed form in which we had kept in the pooja place. There was a reply in writing advising us to recite one of the Surya Mantras.

God has different ways to send his messages. They are always subtle and not in the form of virat rupa form mentioned in Bhagavad Gita for Arjun. God perhaps has God-man like Sri Sathya Sai Baba to convey his messages.

In 1973, he established Shivam Mandir in Hyderabad He established schools, colleges, hospitals and other charitable institutions in India and abroad. The apparent materializing of vibhuti (holy ash) and other small objects such as rings, necklaces and watches by Baba has been a source of both fame and controversy.

Under the Vimshottari dasha scheme, the Ketu dasha started from 1980 and Venus from 1987. In Venus- Mercury, his health started to deteriorate. He had most of his spiritual experiences in the Mahadasha and Antardashas of Mercury. Mercury is the 8th lord with Scorpio as Ascendant. It exalts in Vimshamsha. Under Jaimini dasha scheme, his Taurus dasha started with Scorpio as Ascendant from November, 2006. Taurus has no planet and only Jupiter, the AK aspects it.

In 1993, four intruders armed with knives entered his bedroom, either as an assassination attempt or as a part of a power struggle between his followers. Sai Baba escaped unharmed. During the scuffle and the police response, the four intruders and two of Sai Baba’s attendants were killed. The official investigation left unanswered questions. In March 1995 he started a water project. In 2001 he established a super specialty hospital in Bangalore After 2005, he used a wheel chair and his failing health  forced  him  to  make  fewer  public appearances.

In 2006, he suffered a fractured hip when a student standing on an iron stool slipped and both the boy and the stool fell on him. His devotees interpret this as Baba taking on him the harshness of destiny of his devotee  which they say he had done for many, earlier also.

For Astrologers, irrespective of the Ascendant, Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s horoscope is an interesting study from the point of view of reincarnation and combinations for saints. He through his spiritual insights has mentioned about his previous birth as Shirdi Sai Baba and next birth as Prema Sai.

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