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In his semi dark peace generating room, his white flowing silken beard always reminding us of Rabindranath Tagore and, a Christian bishop of Christ once in Rajkot, my jyotish guru, Bhaskaranandji, once said what has become an unforgettable lesson. “Never think that you can ever master astrology. You discover week after week there is so much to learn and there is so much to re-learn even from what you have already learnt.”

That is of course true, and I have discovered it time and again. The occasion to refer to this is am amazing combination I have made of two different observations made by two women students of our astrology courses both now in the research classes. One of them has only four years of astrology behind her ( I will call her “A”) and the other even less, three years ( I will call her “B”). Both of them are married women with grown up children and find enough time to devote to astrology everyday.

First look at the horoscope of BJP, the only other national party other than the Congress party now badly bruised in the  just concluded India’s general elections of May 2009. I had seen bad time for BJP in my own way through my own techniques and had never given  to BJP even one percent chance of doing well. ( see my piece on this website Indian Election Scene) Many astrologers favored BJP in both in their newspaper predictions and television programmes with poorest and thinnest astrological logic or no astrology but lot of “guessology” which is what astrology is to many in India , particularly in Delhi when they pronounce their judgments pretending to be infallible oracles and not like fallible astrologers which we are.

Internal bickerings in BJP
I had of course not expected such internal bickering in the BJP after the elections as the Indian media, particularly the electronic media reports. I know that it is better not to believe the electronic media which is under “instructions” never to give adverse publicity to some leaders and overplay the bickering's  of other parties and their leaders.

The Indian media has lost  its reputation for fair play totally. There is no organized or legal body to enforce it. It is all that they  have learnt from the western media which pours out venom on what it, with its imperialist past and, concealed and still dormant  imperial arrogance does and has been doing  since the days of cold war, wooing Pakistan against India and now campaigning against the reelection of Ahmadinejad of Iran after a remarkable eighty five percent turnout in the just concluded elections in Iran.

I am not surprised that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei singled out British press as the most mischievous in this regard. I think that the US press was more vicious and irrationally prejudiced, so much that it lost the respect of anyone who look to these two countries for objective coverage of news anymore.

No wonder, the slavish Indian media still thinks that the western press, particularly of USA and UK, are the right models to follow even more than sixty years after Indian freedom of 1947. India’s Anglicized elitist classes will never overcome their mental slavery and will try to even understand the true meaning of secularism which Hindus alone have shown all through their history till the proselytizing religions stepped on Indian soil and spread their nefarious activities. To counter it, if the so called Hindu extremists sprang up it was and is a historical inevitability.

Against this background see what coverage the Indian media has given to the BJP, particularly the English media, both electronic and print.

But forgetting that look at the horoscope of the BJP and explain why it has  performed so badly and why it continues to be in news only for some bad reasons.

Period of sickness and mishaps
The first woman astrologer “B” wrote to me before the results of elections were out that the BJP would do very badly because what she learnt in astrology classes as the period of diseases and mishaps was present in the horoscope of the party doubly at the time of and after the general elections. I was first amused but then after examining her argument felt that I had missed that vital point. I had come to same conclusion in a different way. I will not disclose her name nor congratulate her and ruin her by inflating her ego. I wish to see her distinguish herself as a brilliant astrologer.

What is her point ? I will not disclose it. guess it as it is a puzzle.

The second woman (A) The second with only four years of astrology gave me an article in Hindi proving, as we insist in our research classes in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, on many horoscopes why some children will never overcome their childhood ailment. This woman like most of our women students is least interested in politics. Women astrologers are more interested in domestic problems, being women and mothers and, ofcourse in the personalities of the glamor world, be it Amitabh Bachchan or Shah Rukh Khan.

I was not surprised to see in the research of this woman a beautiful and logical combination for a life long handicap which doctors can never diagnose.

I applied ,without telling this woman, her research to the horoscope of the BJP and discovered a new truth on 19 June 2009.

I was reminded of what my jyotish guru had told us “Never think that you can ever master astrology. You discover week after week there is so much to learn and there is so much to re-learn even from what you have already learn't.”

A headline in the Times of India which shows the turmoil in BJP was almost antici-
pated by the woman B with three years of astrology with sound astrological reasoning.!! That is amazing though she wrote it all in poor English with sound logic based on astrological combination's. It's an ugly free-for-all in BJP
20 Jun 2009, 0117 hrs IST, TNN

Yes, I taught them astrology and methods of research and I am learning from them !!

The Congress Party
The Congress Party has gone through such turmoil many times when it split many
times .The present Congress party formed in 1978, will await such a fate but on a much minor scale in two to three years is what can be seen and predicted on the basis of what the three year old astrology woman had written to me about.

Of course that is remarkable and adds a new dimension totally to mundane astrology. And if I apply this to the horoscope of USA and Pakistan I will predict worse times for both of them in coming years, after two years in one case and four years in another. And it will not fail as I have tested it already on many cases in mundane astrology !  The irony of it is that I taught this and got done research on this on natal horoscopes and I have myself never applied it to mundane astrology.

Astrology is a super science with unfathomable depth. No one can ever master it. It is an ocean which sometimes resembles a rivulet and sometimes a mighty river in flood when it actually is a vast ocean.

In 2004, if the BJP had only secured fifteen more seats it might have staked its
claim to forming the government and even got some allies.

In 2009, if it had got fifty more seats it would still have been far behind the Congress in staking any claim. That secret is well explained if I apply the observation of woman B and the research of the woman A to mundane astrology which I have not done ever!! To say that experienced astrologers and the ones
known for their worse then half baked knowledge, appearing in television channels failed to see is to say that they have still to learn astrology  or will never learn it!!

What is this you will ask me. I will ask you to wait till we produce a substantial
replicable research once again.

I want these women to produce a full scale research individually and disclose it. I
never steal the research of anyone. The credit that is due to our students is what they must get. It is why we have produced so many brilliant researchers writing their books so well in the last few years.

There is so much to learn indeed.

( 20 June 2009)

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