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Journal of Astrology Newsletter May 2010

With this 12th Newsletter the series completes a revolution. We began in June, 2009 with the aim to relate the news of the month with astrology and to bring astro thoughts, classical dictas and ideas that emerge from analysis of events to the fore in a modern, debate format. Another utility of the letter that was envisaged was the scope for our readers to respond and react freely on our website. The casual and friendly analysis and your generous and prolific feedback has linked us closer to our readers in several ways. Many of the ideas in these letters have been developed with deeper insights and research into predictive tools. The goal is to generate interest, both among the new converts and the veterans while sharing this divine science. This interactive process will no doubt help the progress of astrology. The theme of this Newsletter is the 2nd house, the one to follow next month will be on the 3rd house and the continuity in this order will remain till we reach the 12th house.

Are Money Spinners the final Winners?

What was infancy is childhood today & the childhood of yesterday is perhaps adulthood today: How soon does a child get attracted to what others have but he doesn’t? The fascination for goodies and the sense of the having or not comes faster to him now, perhaps than ever before, for he watches TV from birth and possibly registers the sounds of mobiles and advertising jingles in his mother’s womb. Earlier, it was a gradual process to the 2nd house stage, governing wealth and possessions, from the 1st house, representing physique and initial period of life in a horoscope. But no longer. The 2nd house, among many areas, importantly governs wealth, the fascination for which perhaps is now activating a child sooner than ever before.

In earlier times, people reached the phase of fascination for wealth only when exposed to youthful pastimes like the cinema. In pre-independence decades, it was perhaps in early youth. We are assaulted with advertising images of goods to be desired from childhood now. We perhaps need to redefine and re-age infancy and childhood.

The stories of rags to riches, pauper to prince and treasure hunts were always popular -be it in the present day idiot box or the books, Hollywood and Bollywood of earlier eras.

The gold always shines to stimulate greed: It is not only for the big and huge haul that the 2nd house of wealth is seen, but for the buffer for difficult times when it comes to the aam admi. A need for security prompts one to accumulate for the rainy day. The desire to acquire, seen from the 2nd house, is a basic instinct, natural and human. Astrologically speaking, the 2nd house is the artha house. It is to be seen for the accumulated wealth of the individual. Third, the following house, besides many attributes is a kaam house and therefore gives an idea of the level of desire in an individual to attain more than what is essential. A peep into others wealth and possessions and the longing to get them also comes from here. The third is also the house of neighbors and neighborhood.

The desperation for wealth and impatience to acquire at life`s cost is ancient and still holds good: The lessons on greed with the story of the hen that laid the golden eggs relates to the 2nd and the bhavat bhavam of it, the 3rd house; or the similar story of the man who was offered to mark the area from sunrise to sunset in exchange of gift of that area of land to him, but his greed made him overestimate his strength and he started to run from sunrise to mark acres and acres of land for himself but before the sunset died of exhaustion in the land which was to be his. Finally, he could get only 6x4 feet for his coffin.

The British came with greed for money but they say it was the spirit of adventure that led them. Both the spirit of adventure and greed are seen from the 3rd house which is bhavat bhavam of the 2nd house.

Family and Death surround Wealth. Is Wealth Death inviting?

As per Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, the second house governs wealth, grains ,family, death, enemies, metals, precious stones. In primitive times the grains and wood was accumulated as a reserve collection. This collection perhaps started to be called treasure with the addition of gems, precious stones, gold and other valuables to it. Going by astrology, the worldly acquisitions and possessions to man are his closest. Even closer than his siblings, therefore, wealth is assigned the 2nd house and siblings the 3rd. The 2nd house is the house of death also. Wealth attaches with it the tension and responsibility to secure it . The pirates, thief, burglars and dacoits, who had an eye on others' wealth were there from time immemorial. They threatened the wealthy. The killing for wealth was common. Linked to wealth is kutumb the family- earlier the joint family and today the nucleus family. The accumulated wealth of the family kept the joint family secured and united . It is said wealth always remains a tension whether you have it or not. If you have it, the tension is to secure it from thieves and tax authorities and if you do not have it, the tension is to get it somehow for survival. It is better for health to remain unconcerned about your wealth as the concern makes one greedy and brings him nearer to death. One should be a Gyani (knowledgeable) to understand the trap of wealth and a Dani (charitable) to come out of the trap.

Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite was of the view that his wealth would spoil his children. He therefore instituted the Nobel Prize by depositing his huge wealth for the good of the humanity. .

Classics on 2nd house matters : Sarvarth Chintmani: The following should be studied from the 2nd house- Those who are dependent on the person, face, mouth, speech, the right eye , accumulated wealth, education eating servants and friends. Phaldeepika: Vitta (wealth) Vidya (Learning) Swa Annapana (riches, food and drinks), Bhukti (eating), Asya (the right eye, face) Patrika (letter or document) Vak (Speech) and Kutumbh ( Family)

The 2nd house also indicates the mission of life: Stationed in between the 1st that represents the self and the third which indicate the desire and self-effort, the 2nd with its neighborhood influence, becomes the house for consolidation and from there emerges a road map for the self which we call the mission of life.

The 2nd house is the house of niyama or the house of ethical conduct. Malefics in it show either no mission or deceipt in the guise of pretension of a mission Dhanashe paap samyukte dhane paapsamanvite (Shloka 13 page 49).

If the second lord is conjunct with malefics and if the second house has malefics such a person indulges in backbiting, is a liar, and becomes patient of vaat roga.Then apply the repeatedly the following shloka from Parashara(pg65 Sitaram Jha) Dashame paap smayukte Labhe Paapsamanvite Dushkitim labhate Martyuh swajanaanam vidushakahindulges. If there are malefics in the 10th house and 11th house the person in lowly deeds and becomes hostile to even his kith and kin. If the 10th lord is debilitated. If there is a malefic in the 10th house, If there is malefic in the 10th from the 10th , there is the performance of lowly deeds Variation of these combinations are many. The significant points being stressed are: a) If the 10th lord is debilitated b) If there is a malefic in the 10th house c) If there is malefic in the 10th from the 10th , there is the performance of lowly deeds.

The 10th lord should not be debilitated The lord should not be associated with malefics.The concept of a mission may differ from nation to nation but, in one word, it can be defined as the determination. Adishankaracharya or Vivekanand toured all over India and fulfil their mission.

How much wealth is there in your destiny?

Mars- Moon conjunction: Phaldeepika opines that the person with
this combination will be a dealer in hammer, ploughs, similar instruments, and earthen pots. He will be disobedient to his mother. Saravali is of the view that the person will be valorous, brave in war, be a boxer, will suffer bloody imbalances or diseases, will manufacture articles of mud, skin and minerals and will be an artisan and a metallurgist. Jatakabharana bereft of conduct, mean- minded, valorous, businessman, belligerent, inimical to mother and sick. This combination has been found in industrialists, traders and entrepreneurs who have generated wealth, are enterprising and unscrupulous. All these attributes are required to be successful in today’s business. Depending on other influences, the presence of Moon in the signs of Mars or Mars in the sign of Moon and the influences through aspect also has been found to be giving entrepreneurship. The positive or negative impact with respect to the character and mindset of the person should be judged after taking into account the dusthana, trishadhaya or the kendra –trikona influence on this combination.

Jupiter-Rahu or Jupiter-Ketu : Guru Chandaal Yoga: Guru is Jupiter and chandaal is Rahu. This combination has also been found in successful businessmen. This also makes one unscrupulous and may give a tinge of megalomania- a psycho- pathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence. An obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions. Ram Kishan Dalmia, the famous industrialist had this yoga strong in the 11th house. During the dasha of Rahu-Rahu he contemplated the idea of forming a world government with him at the helm and all toured all across the globe for the purpose. He had five marriages during this dasha. Jawaharlal Nehru also displayed such tendencies by advocating socialism and non-alignment and promoting the public sector whose control is with the government. Besides he was charged with grooming a dynasty.

Speculation and Gambling : Quick money

Windfalls through lotteries, horse race betting and other ways of gambling has attracted man from time immemorial. We have the example of the wise with uncontrollable gambling instincts in Yudhister that made him loose his kingdom and the wife of five brothers, Draupadi. We have stories of fluctuating fortunes and ruin caused by alcohol and gambling in casinos all across the globe. The latest version is the 20-20 cricket format with IPL dominating it to provide cricket crazy gamblers a platform with their favorite glass of whisky, beer or wine. Heavy stakes are involved in a three hour gambling tamasha called 20-20 cricket.

How to judge gambling tendencies from a horoscope

The 3rd from the 3rd is the 5th house. Being bhavat bhavam it is the house to be seen for knowing the speculative and gambling tendencies in an individual. It is the house of emotions and sentiments and should include the uncontrolled ones also. It has the qualities of the 3rd the kaam and the 9th house of bhagya (fortune) as it is bhavat bhavam for both these houses. Since it is the opposite to the 11th house the potential fructification of the promise of the 11th house (one’s income and gains ) can also be seen from the 5th house. The houses 1,2 5, 9 and 11 in a horoscope are seen to assess the potential to create wealth the type of which and the method of acquisition is revealed by the nature of planets and their associations in a horoscope.

What Caused The Global Meltdown? Clearly, the collective greed of the individuals and the nations. "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed"- Mahatma Gandhi.

How did we get infected by Greed

Call greed the desire to have what the neighbors have but you do not. Call it the craving for habit forming drugs, tobacco, drinks or food. Define it as luxuries that turn into necessities like a limousine instead of a small car or travel by business class instead economy. No doubt, one can justify the modern lifestyle without calling himself greedy. Greed gets into you without your knowing.

Greed can’t do any Good : One can define it as the motivation that leads to success. It can also be described as the stimulus that drives you to achieve. It is alright so far as you do not forget that it is your hard work and slog that makes you afford the needs you get habituated to by the marketers. If today you want to relax your body and mind and give time to your family you cannot as you have a tight budget and the organization you are working for has a budget with a tight schedule where only performance matters. You cannot shed your habits because they have become necessities from luxuries. One could, without realizing, get motivated to work hard to raise the credit in his bank account or boost his ego. Is getting into a fast track with money and achievements of any consequence? We have heard many cases of successful executives and achievers who burnt the mid night oil for success but their health failed and they died early or started to suffer from a chronic disease earlier than normal. Question yourself and decide. Gandhiji perhaps wanted you to limit your greed for the good of humanity, the nation and the society and most importantly for yourself. Had all of us followed Gandhi, nations included we would not have had the melt down.

Paper vs. Plastic: Today one can carry a million in his purse without the fear of loosing it. The modern money lenders, the banks load you with money and equip you to secure it through the plastic credit card. The marketers tempt you to spend beyond your needs. Efficient recovery agents handle the shaky and recover the principal with interest without fail. One is drawn to the unnecessary and the non- essentials subconsciously. It is widely believed the global melt down was caused due to overspending beyond their means by the individuals and nations. European Union and the IMF have given $1 trillion (45 lakh crore) bail out package to Greece this month. The package, almost is the size of India ’s GDP. It will just be able to save a collapse of Greece and the euro presumably.

The mother of all evil is speculation says Gordon Gekko- the biggest gambler.

Can astrology catch the Stock Market: From euphoria to dejection and from dejection to euphoria. Stock market is like roller- coaster The Wall street never sleeps as there is one sensex or the other always clicking across the globe. A rap or rumor anywhere, send ripples to D-Street. Investors keep their finger crossed as uncertainty returns to haunt without a hint. Recently, euro break-up talks sent shock waves across all the stock streets. The stock market perhaps can be caught by astrological analysis of related houses of the horoscope of a nation. Earning from stocks can be predicted to an individual from his horoscope. If we work on 50 authentic horoscopes of the people who have stakes in a particular stock market, we can perhaps catch the pulse of the market. Like longevity, it seems God did not want the astrologers to predict the stock market. Stock are perhaps destined to remain as shaky as life.

The economy of a country is like a patient to an economist: The economist, like a doctor, starts with the diagnosis. It is no accident but a result of a well thought out treatment plan, think both the doctor and the economist. But they both have to admit, at times, that every patient and every situation does not react the same way to  doses as they have their own individuality. The world markets faced turbulence in the wake of euro-zone crisis that seems to threaten a fragile economic recovery. Shares, commodities and crude oil crashed as the euphoria over the $1-trillion bailout plans for debt-laden European nations gave way to concern about their abilities to keep promises on fiscal prudence and survival of the euro. It is the north vs the south in Europe .

Agenda of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars Portend eventful times ahead

On Sunday, the 2nd May at 7.40 a.m. Jupiter changed its sign. It had moved into Aquarius on 19th December, 2009 .On 1st November,2010 it goes back to Aquarius anavakra and on 6th December, 2010 again it enters Pisces. There positioning appears to bringing us to some major events.

Saturn and Jupiter oppose each other in Virgo and Pisces: In 1990 when Saturn and Jupiter opposed each other in Capricorn and Cancer, major changes of total collapse of communism in Europe and in Russia were witnessed. During the opposition of these two major planets, the United States fought the Iraq war after the recession of the eighties. An year after that, Bill Clinton rode the economic and IT boom which spread all over the world. A new form of capitalism came into the world system.

The capitalism in its present form is encouraging individual avarice and therefore cannot survive. It has caused world-wide recession and brought down great economic disaster in south Europe and other countries. The present turmoil is giving way to a future system which is going to be a unique and rare one and will be something in between communism and capitalism. This change would come about while Jupiter opposes Saturn and India will greatly benefit due to its dasha of Sun.

May Majors
The Sun dasha finally brings the correction. India ’s long unattended concerns start getting automatically addressed with events that unfolded in the U.S. recently.

First, David Headley, the Pakistan born American citizen, with multiple visas revealed to the US that Pakistan army work hand in hand with terror factories in Pakistan and unrelenting terrorists still march on with their jehadi spirit in Pakistan. Though this was well known to India and was passed on to US with evidence but was of little value as this was not from American investigators in America. The incident of David Headley was soon followed by the Times Square bombing attempt. In a reaction to Times Square Bomb Plot US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a television interview that there were people in the Pakistan government who knew where Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was hiding. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the issue of Faisal Shahzad,
an American citizen who has reportedly ‘confessed’ to a variety of charges related with the botched Times Square bombing attempt, issued a warning to Pakistan threatening it with "severe consequences" in case a militant attack was attempted against the US in future. Her statement that "I think that there was a double game going on in the previous years, where we got a lot of lip service but very little produced," is indeed a statement the like of which India wanted from the US .

History reveals that during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan, it was the Americans who poured in money along with arms and ammunition to various Islamic groups and glorified them as mujahideen, fighting a ‘just’ war. The Americans also provided these groups with advanced training sessions that enabled them to carry out sophisticated ‘hit and run’ sorties against the Russian troops.

This was followed by training by ISI to trouble India in Kashmir and other border regions. US President Barack Obama endorsed the views of Hillary Clinton when on Wednesday, the 12th May, he said that Pakistan has realized that it is not India but the "cancer" of terrorism emanating from its own territory that is its primary concern as extremists pose a serious threat to the sovereignty of that country. "I think there has been, in the past, a view on the part of Pakistan that their primary rival, India , was their only concern," Obama said at a joint press availability with the visiting Afghan President Hamid Karzai. "I think what you've seen over the last several months is a growing recognition that they have a cancer in their midst; that the extremist organizations that have been allowed to congregate and use as a base the frontier areas to then go into Afghanistan --that now threatens Pakistan's sovereignty," Obama said in response to a question. Russia also recently revealed citing intelligence satellite data. that 40 terror camps near Afghanistan-Pakistan exist which threaten the security of the civilized world.

In our Newsletter of February 2010, based on direction from the Koorma Chakra and the transit of Venus in Gemini we had predicted that the Chinese border problem or the Maoists problem was likely to flare up between15th May, 2010 and the 1st week of June, 2010. This was repeated
in the our April, 2010 newsletter.

News from the eastern sector dominated from May 13th, 2010 both in the Newspapers and the TV channels.

May 13th 2010
Thailand Tensions
:Major-General Khattiya Sawasdipol, 58, was shot by a sniper while he was being interviewed by an overseas reporter near the site of the "red shirt" protests. This trigerred violence leaving 50 dead and another 250 wounded in street clashes till 18th , May, 2010. Armored vehicles were seen smashing barricades in Bangkok with sound of gunfire all around.

May 19th,2010
Three foreign journalists shot. One reportedly died.

May 20th,2010. The crisis intensifies. 

May,15th 2010
Manipur faced its worst-ever fuel crisis due to economic blockade. It continues till 20th of May.

May 15th , 2010 The brutal killings of the five CPI (M) members and supporters in West Midinapore and Purulia districts in West Bengal on a single day.

May 16th , 2010 Suspected Maoists gunned down a police constable in Orissa's Malkangiri district on Sunday.

May 17th, 2010 Maoists blow up private bus in Dantewada, kill 31. A metalled road had been mined 7-8 feet below the surface. The channel Aaj Tak reported that Laskar-e–Taiba has funded, armed and trained the Maoists. The infiltration , it was reported is from Nepal border.

May 18th, 2010 Landmine blast by Maoists on Railway track in West Bengal border between Jhagram and Khatuma stations Engine driver and assistant of the Goods train rushed to hospital.

May 19th,2010. Four CRPF men killed in W.Bengal. Government warehouse blown by suspected Maoists. 

May 15th 2010 The CPI (Maoists) called for a dharna
to protest against government's move to hand over 15,000 acre land to steel maker Posco in Orissa. At least 15 protesters were wounded in the violence as the police was forced to use gas shells and rubber bullets after the protesters started pelting stones and threw crude bombs at the security personnel.

May16th 2010 The Maoist leader, Kishenji has also called for a 48-hour long bandh across five states, including Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa and Chhattisgarh to protest against the handing over of land to Posco,

May 19th, 2010 Maoists kill 4 CRPF  men and an officer in a landmine blast in W. Bengal.

May 20th 2010. Cyclone Laila hits the east coast of  Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Tamil Nadu causing widespread damage. More than 50000 were evacuated. What will they call the next one ? American women protested against all storms being named after them. The Americans changed names of storms to half male and half female to pacify the fair sex. India womenfolk are yet to get this amendment implemented. The delay perhaps is as Indian women are less stormy.

May 18th,2010,NDTV Opinion Poll results telecast : 55% feel Rahul Gandhi will be the next Prime Minister. Isn’t it enough for an astrologer to see that something is brewing against Manmohan Singh?

From 28th June, 2010 India enters the period of Sun-Mars

Mars the 7th and the 12th lord is at 7 degrees and 27 minutes and Lagna is at 7 degrees 46 minutes. Mars would be exactly aspecting the 64th Navamsha which is a dangerous position. In dashamsha, Mars is in the 6th house with Ketu, it shows something like a power struggle. How it affects the Central Government will be worth watching. Major cataclysmal political changes are likely . In 1979 when Mr K. N. Rao was a government servant, he predicted the fall of Morarji Desai party on the basis of a similar planetary configuration.

The horoscope of the Congress party with Meena lagna is going through the dasha of Jup-Jupiter-Venus . Jupiter is the Ascendant lord and Venus the 8th lord therefore a change is likely. Saturn and Jupiter are transiting over the 1/7 axis and Mars is over the natal Mars.
Trends vs Traditions :- 77 percent oppose same gotra marriages as per results of a survey released by the Hindustan Times on 12th May, 2010 but the english dailies instead of respecting the majority view on tradition and values ridicule them. When Naveen Jindal, the high profile educated politician said he and his family has always supported traditions, he was branded as superstitious. A high court decision 65 years ago allowing sagotra marriage was quoted. Are we leading ourselves to a chaotic society in the name of freedom, liberty and human rights? Has it become fashionable to dismiss anything that is traditional as superstition? Mr. Jindal had said that he will take the message of the Khap to the highest level.

The English newspapers reported "The support for these unconstitutional caste councils from a member for the ruling party came at a time when the khap panchayats have been, in flagrant violation of the law, pronouncing death sentences on couples who have married within the same lineage. Party general secretary. Prithviraj Chavan spoke with Mr Jindal about the issue.Sources said that Mr Jindal explained the ‘context’ of his comments. Given the sensitive nature of the subject, Mr Jindal is likely to send a written explanation to party president Sonia Gandhi. The party functionaries clarified that no written notice has been sent to Mr Jindal. Taking a position divergent from that of Congress, Mr Jindal had lauded the khap panchayats for their "yeoman" service to society first in a letter and then as a speaker at the Khap mahapanchayat held at Kaithal. Mr Jindal had said that the Khap panchayats have always given a "new direction" to society. Extending full support to these panchayats, the industrialist-politician said that he would vigorously take up the issues raised by Khap panchayats and their sentiments with the Congress high command. B.S.Hooda , the Chief Minster and the party distanced itself from the Mr Jindal's views. The party has described the Kurukshetra MP’s position as that of "an individual" and "not endorsed by the party."

The support that Mr. Jindal has extended to these caste councils is reflective of the electoral compulsions of politicians from the region. Mr Jindal’s constituency of Kurukshetra has a strong presence of Khap panchayats. Jats account for more than one-fourth of the state’s electorate, making Khap panchayats crucial institutions for politicians in the state. With municipal elections due in the state, no political party can afford to alienate Khap panchayats. The sway that Khap panchayats have over their constituents has resulted in support from politicians across the political spectrum. Mr Jindal is by no means the only Haryana politician who has extended support to these panchayats. Neither is Mr Jindal the only Congress man announcing his support to the Khap panchayats. Senior Congress leader and six-time MLA from Rewari, Ajay Yadav has also supported the diktats of the Khap panchayats on the grounds that there is a "scientific reason" why  marriages within the same gotras should not take place. Chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, who is from the Jat community has sought to play down the diktats of these councils. Taking the path of least resistance, chief minister Hooda has maintained that nobody will be allowed to take law in his own hands. However, his confidant and Rajya Sabha MP Shadi Lal Batra has suggested amending the Hindu Marriage Act to address the issue of same gotra marriage. Former chief minister and INLD chief Om Prakash Chautala has gone out of his way to woo the khap panchayats. He has said that his party will bring a resolution to amend the Hindu Marriage act."

The dailies suggest that Mr. Naveen Jindal is supporting Khap for his own survival like Rajiv Gandhi had supported the primitive Shah Bano case for political reasons.

Making sagotra, gay marriages or living together will encourage activities that are sure to harm the society and the institution of marriage. We should have deterrents in our system so that people are not encouraged to resort to such abnormal options. However, it is the police and legal establishment which should be allowed to punish or decide who is at fault. and not the Panchayat. The Hindu Marriage Act should be amended to incorporate deterrents.

Stephen Spender the English poet

Novelist and essayist who concentrated on themes of social injustice and the class struggles in his work had started started a monthly called Encounter in the fifties of the last century. This was for anti-  communist propaganda by eminent intellectuals of the west. He had come to India to promote his magazine and the anti-communist views . He was addressing a meeting of literary people in Lucknow where he was asked a question about Anglo-Indian writers. He very bluntly answered, "These people were westerners belonging culturally neither to India nor to England but living and breathing guiltily on an island, somewhere between India and England belonging neither to India or to England. It is shame that sixty years later, the journalists of English dailies commenting on Indian values and traditions fully fit into the description of Stephen Spender.

A lifetime isn’t enough

The most important step towards improving your astrology is to get the expert advice as to what to pick up from the vast spread of astrology. If you pick many you will remain ` jack of all’. Astrological research and findings, at the individual level were not shared due to the fear of knowledge and the income going to the rival. This practice perhaps has resulted in numerous researches with their working pointers getting burnt or buried with the body and the mind of n number of dead astrologers. We should discontinue this practice and encourage astrologers engaged in researches at the individual level to come forward and share their findings.This will not only help them but also astrology as well. We should keep in mind that unless God wills no one goes far with misuse of another astrologer’s knowledge. He is bound to be hauled sooner or later and accounted by the Almighty. Remember 1 and 1 do not make 2 , they make 11. We wish to reiterate here that linking the classical text and the situations of the current life should be a continuous process. It is quite logical that with the progress in research new conditions will emerge and to understand them the fundamentals of astrology will have to be stretched but we have to ensure that they are under the umbrella of classical principles.

Mystic India

Hindustan Times on 12th May, 2010 published the story of 81 year old Prahlad Jain who claims to have lived without food and water for the past 70 years. The past two weeks were spent – without eating or drinking – under CCTV surveillance at Sterling Hospital, under medical watch. Doctors say the facts do not lead to any easy explanation. The case can suggest survival strategies for soldiers, who often have to starve for days Unraveling his mystery Jain said Goddess `Amba Mata’ visited him when he was a child , and put her finger in his mouth to suckle. Since then, he’s never has to eat or drink. His pulse beat is like that of a sportsman. His hormone profile is normal and so is his heart condition.

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